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Fios 100/100 Mbps Internet $39.99/mo for 1yr + $50 Visa Prepaid Card

Expires 05/30/19

Verizon FiOS has Limited Time offer.

  • triple play offer: Fios Gigabit Connection+ TV + Phone - $79.99/month for 2 years. Plus 1 year of Netflix premium on us (auto pay & 2 yr agmt rqd)
  • Fios Gigabit Connection offer: Fios Gigabit Connection $79.99/mo+free router rental for 3 yrs. Plus 1 year of Netflix premium on us. No annual contract (auto pay rqd)
  • Fios 100/100 Mbps Internet Offer: Fios 100/100 Mbps Internet for $39.99/mo for 1 yr with no annual contract (auto pay rqd). Get a $50 Visa Prepaid Card
  • Fios 300/300 Mbps Internet Fios 300/300 Mbps Internet $59.99/mo for 2 yrs with no annual contract plus 6 months of Netflix on us (auto pay rqd)

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The $79 Triply is costing me more than $130 after + taxes, equip. charges & other fees. And there is an installation free of $100 even I already have their setup before.

By Anonymous, 3 days ago

Crossing the darn street Fios!

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

Not available in Herndon Virginia

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

fios is not available in my location. We have requested the service long long long time ago, but never get it.

By nyc777, 2 weeks ago

No and they rarely honor promotional rates for existing customers. You may find out that you only remedy is to cancel and enroll under another household person name. //@anonymous: does this offer apply to existing customer?

By Anonymous, 2 weeks ago

New Fios Offer: Verizon Wireless Unlimited Customer: exclusive $20/mo. discount

Verizon FiOS has New Fios Offer for Verizon Wireless Unlimited Customers: Sign up for a Fios Gigabit Connection Triple Play, get $10 off your Verizon Wireless and Fios Triple Play services $20 saving every month. Check current Verizon Fios offers. (Expired)

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