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Expires 05/25/17

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Get Out of the Red (Verizon) Promo (Starting May 31st) - Switch to T-Mobile, Keep Your Phone

Expires 08/23/17

(Starting 5/31) T-Mobile will offer to pay off Verizon Customer's device and you get to keep device. Requires $15 device protection plan. Additional terms and conditions may apply. See T-Mobile News.

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I am a t mobile customer for many years. The international coverage is a big deal. But the coverage here is so-so, I only got better signals outside of the building. I got one year unlimited data promotion for referring a friend several years ago, but I needed to call them EVERY month for the discount, it was so annoying so I had to cancel the promotion after 4 months. I got a FREE line several months ago, it is NOT a really free($4 fee and tax).

By Anonymous, 9 hours ago

T-mobile customer service is bad. reps are all pretty nice. 'your credit is waiting, give it a few days, it will show.. do i address all your concern?' of course it never shows, no matter how sincere they sound like. There should be CLASSACTION SUIT to correct their a$$

By Anonymous, 14 hours ago

Dude, you are just speaking my mind. It's unbelievable with their billing system when there's a BOGO or add a free line service. I had to call them every month to correct the bill. I am paying over $220 for 7 lines, but they keep throwing a bunch of fee and they said the system would just reimburse later but never did. It's super annoying with their cust service.

By Anonymous, 17 hours ago

T-Mobile is sucks. Since I get T-mobile service last year Christmas special promotion, I am calling to make the correction my monthly charge every month. Really. It is not just 1 time call. I have to talk with at least 2 supervisors to make it happened. Even they corrected monthly bill, a few months later, they throw the huge bill again. Never ending billing war. Unfortunately, I took free phones when I signed up. So I cannot cancel my service for 2 years.

Believe me. you might not have my case, but if u got the same trouble like me u will suffer like me for 2 years. I don't know what to do, now. Every each supervisor promised the problem is fixed, but never fixed for 5 months so far. Don't get T-Mobile.

By Anonymous, 18 hours ago

I have had tmobile for 3 years and people stopped calling me ever since.
I had lots phone calls when I used att.
Thank tmobile for giving me peaceful life

By Anonymous, 19 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Buy One Get One Free

Expires 05/26/17

T-Mobile has Samsung Galaxy S8 Buy One Get One Free.

  • Activate at least one new line of service on a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited plan.
  • Submit the offer code Show Code"17SAM8BOGO" @ T-Mobile Promotions Center
  • You’ll receive a rebate in the form of a $750 MasterCard card

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LG G6 BOGO (Buy 2 Get $500 MIR)

Expires 06/08/17

T-Mobile: Get a $500 electronic rebate check by email when you purchase two (2) LG G6 devices between May 10, 2017 and June 8, 2017, and submit your rebate request in accordance with the official Terms and Conditions of this offer by July 8, 2017 (see below). Purchase/lease must be made at an authorized, participating T-Mobile location in the US/D.C.

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On this on not sure which is worse T-Mobile or LG
Went to T-Mobile store and was told that LG pulled the promo. Went home and called T-Mobile and was told that the LG puled it but they give the number of LG customer support. Called LG and found out that only some T-Mobile locations will honor it and I needed to speak with T-Mobile to find our witch locations. Was transferred beck to T-Mobile where I was told that T-Mobile will not give a list of locations.

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

the terms and condition does not say we will need a t-mobile plan?

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

Is this for everyone or u need to have t-mobile one plan

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

s8 may be better, but you're paying $150 per phone after taxes. I rather have the g6 at $300 than $450. //@Anonymous: Galaxy S8 BOGO betterhttps://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone/samsung-galaxy-s8

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

Galaxy S8 BOGO better


By Anonymous, 1 week ago

LG G6 Smartphone + $50 Prepaid Refill Card + Sim kit $560 + Free Google Home

Expires 05/30/17

T-Mobile has LG G6 Smartphone (Black) + $50 Prepaid Refill Card + Sim kit on sale $560. Shipping is free.

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iPhone price

By Anonymous, 3 weeks ago

Extra 1GB of Data for T-mobile customers

T-Mobile offers Extra 1GB of Data for T-mobile customers To thank you for being a loyal customer. Offer ends February 28, 2019.

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By Anonymous, 5 months ago

I have tmobile service, but it is based on usage, i selected no data, text/call 10cents/min, but you know what? T-mobile give me 1GB free LTE data. Hope i can donate the data to someone in need. But t-mobile refused me to do the charity

By Anonymous, 8 months ago

Surely pre paid customers are still T Mobile customers, we are still paying T Mobile for a service (if you can call it that at times) so why don't some of these promotions go to the pre paid folks too. I've been with T Mobile for over 2 years now.

By Anonymous, 8 months ago

Our you could get unlimited data with Sprint and not have to worry.

By Anonymous, 8 months ago

same here //@anonymous: I have the 10gb plan and just got a text today saying I'm upgraded to unlimited data until feb 2019!

By Anonymous, 8 months ago

Switch to T-Mobile and get ready for unlimited everything with T-Mobile ONE

Expires 09/21/17

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited coverage in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited international coverage in over 140+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited video streaming at DVD quality
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • One hour in-flight data and unlimited text messaging with Gogo®
  • WI-FI Calling available
  • We'll pay your Switching fees up to $650 per line, with trade-in

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone (Buy 1 Get 1 Free + Entertainment Bundle)

T-Mobile is offering Buy One Get One Free on Samsung S8 Cell Phone.

  • Buy One Get One Free on Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Plus get Samsung National Entertainment Bundle:
    • For a limited time, get 6 months of Netflix, a Clear View standing cover and a 64GB EVO+ memory card with purchase of Galaxy S8 or S8+
    • Customer purchases a Galaxy S8 or S8+ via any purchasing method (JOD/EIP/FRP)
    • Customer goes to http://Samsung.com/us/Promotions by 5/30/17: enters information including device IMEI/Wi-Fi MAC, uploads receipt
    • For Netflix, customer goes to https://promos.samsungpromotions.com/netflixredeem and follows the instructions. Must redeem by 6/30/2017

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It is not going to be smooth. Same thing happened to me. I called to confirm but unfortunately I was not eligible. Basically rep lied to me and sold the phone to increase his sales numbers //@anonymous: Got this deal with simple choice plan. Hope rebate process goes smooth.

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

Got this deal with simple choice plan. Hope rebate process goes smooth.

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

In details: For well-qualified customers. Fin. agmts for both devices, qual’g credit, & a new line of qual’g service req’d.

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

i called t-mobile and they give me different info. they said it does not require new line, but it requires t-mobile one plan. we don't have the plan obviously.

By Anonymous, 1 week ago

to really get the benefit of this offer you need to order at least 2 lines //@Anonymous: I called T-mobile. They ask me to add a new line in order to get this offer

By Anonymous, 1 week ago