T-Mobile - 10GB High-speed Smartphone Mobile Hotspot Data

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T-Mobile is offering an extra 10GB of high-speed smartphone mobile hotspot data per bill cycle for the next 60 days. Login to your account to activate this offer, it is available for everyone and all lines in the account.

Posted March 25, 2020 at 3:31
by pacer


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By anonymous on 03/25/2020, 01:14pm
You have to add 10Gb/Month costing $10 from May. Its not worth it.

By anonymous on 03/25/2020, 01:08pm
I second that. TM not a great great company. But without TM we are probably still paying 40 per line for basic services.

By anonymous on 03/25/2020, 12:50pm
It is very generous that T-Mobile is giving this offer but in a way you don't really need it since we are supposedly need to stay home now.

By anonymous on 03/25/2020, 11:09am
Agree, the kindness shown in such tough times win the customers for life //@Anonymous: This is a kind gesture of Tmobile during these time

By anonymous on 03/25/2020, 09:22am
This is a kind gesture of Tmobile during these time

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