T-Mobile Connect Prepaid Plan - Unlimited Talk, Text & 2GB Data

$15/Month and more
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  • $15/Month Plan: Unlimited Talk, Text & 2GB Data
  • $25/Month Plan: Unlimited Talk, Text & 5GB Data
  • Metro will also have the same offer + free 8" tablet (via rebate redemption) w/ plan

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Posted March 24, 2020 at 15:13
by Harry


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By anonymous on 03/24/2020, 08:55pm
What happens after 2 months? What would the pricing be then?

By anonymous on 03/24/2020, 05:24pm
Whether or not it's 5G is not dependent on the plan. If your device allows 5G, then the data will be 5G //@Anonymous: Is this 5G data?

By anonymous on 03/24/2020, 04:02pm
This price is only for two months and doesn't start until tomorrow anyway.

By anonymous on 03/24/2020, 03:39pm
Is this 5G data?

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