FREE Android APP: Five Nights at Freddy's 2
FREE Android APP: Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Mar 19 Expired
Amazon has Android APP: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 for FREE.

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03/19/2015 04:08am By Anonymous

The picture is frightening

03/19/2015 01:57pm By Anonymous

No love for the fruit fan?

03/19/2015 06:39pm By Anonymous

for real, this game can be pretty scary for those afraid of jump scares. its a good game though

Free Windows 10 Upgrade from windows 7 or windows 8
Free Windows 10 Upgrade from windows 7 or windows 8, Mar 18 Expired
Microsoft will offer Free Windows 10 Upgrade for windows 7 or windows 8 users (even if you don't have a legit copy).

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03/18/2015 04:06pm By Anonymous

you mean arrrr

03/18/2015 04:15pm By Anonymous

Wait. Where is Windows 9?

03/18/2015 04:19pm By Anonymous

Seven ate nine

03/18/2015 04:22pm By Anonymous

well, they didn't say about non-legal!!
they said "qualified", so not for legit..

03/18/2015 04:23pm By Anonymous

6 turned the 9 upside down

03/18/2015 04:26pm By Anonymous

I want Windows 11 !

03/18/2015 04:29pm By Anonymous

First year is free and than they are charging yearly fee like antivirus software

03/18/2015 04:40pm By Anonymous

NO, it means you need to upgrade in the first year of the release, not service based.

03/18/2015 04:47pm By Anonymous

Can i upgrade from xp? skipped 7 and 8 completely ;)

03/18/2015 04:56pm By Anonymous

will not downgrade, keeping 7.

03/18/2015 05:07pm By Anonymous

Seven ate Nine, so there's no Win9!

03/18/2015 06:04pm By Anonymous

You click the link, he gets paid. Sucks.
The link have nothing to do with Windows 10

03/18/2015 06:05pm By Anonymous

There's no Windows 6, and there's not going to be a Windows 9. However, I have been told the couple will appear in Windows 69.

03/18/2015 07:02pm By Anonymous

There is no Windows 9 because buggy Microsoft engineers use str.startWith("Windows 9") to match "Windows 95" and "Windows 98".

03/18/2015 07:25pm By Anonymous

Why does the above person have to ruin the party with reality?

03/18/2015 07:34pm By Anonymous

Doubt the engineers knew back in 95 that windows would make it this id say its not buggy on their part.

03/18/2015 08:02pm By Anonymous

why not just make it free~~~

03/18/2015 08:42pm By Anonymous

why not skip Windows completely and go with Linux

03/18/2015 09:24pm By Anonymous

How will they make money on this? This is corporation they are not giving anything for free. There will be monthly or yearly fee. U can bank on it. Linux will gain.

03/18/2015 09:36pm By Anonymous

I am going to wait for iPhone 10S to come out, so I might as well wait for Windows 15.

03/18/2015 09:51pm By Anonymous

Is it safe?No back door right now ?

03/18/2015 10:54pm By Anonymous

It is free. Microsoft just use initial users as testers to reports bugs and loopholes for their Windows 10.

03/18/2015 11:22pm By Anonymous

Finally windows catches up with Mac, in version number

03/19/2015 04:43am By Anonymous

They can give it away free to get as many people to win 10 and build up users so developers will make windows apps. The universal apps will lead to greater windows phone adoption. The windows store also makes money (like the apple app store). Cortana uses Bing by default and the built in search uses Bing by default. Bing usage goes up and so does their revenue. Actually a good move to give it away

03/19/2015 01:17pm By Anonymous

Not bad. I have an older Surface Pro, I Can try this Windows 10 on it.

MacID for iOS FREE (reg. $3.99)
MacID for iOS FREE (reg. $3.99), Mar 16 Expired
iTunes has MacID for iOS for FREE.

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03/18/2015 01:39am By Anonymous


tinyCam Monitor PRO $1.99 (50% off)
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Google Play has tinyCam Monitor PRO for $1.99 (50% off).

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Amazon Goldbox has Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 for $49.99. Shipping is free.

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Android App: Facetune $0.10
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Google has Facetune (Android app) - fun and powerful portrait & selfie photo editor, for $0.10.

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03/01/2015 12:46pm By Anonymous

nothing beats meitu

03/01/2015 03:27pm By Anonymous

yeah, get meitu, more powerful and FREE

FREE 9 Month Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Subscription, No Credit Card Needed
FREE 9 Month Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Subscription, No Credit Card Needed, Feb 27 Expired has 9 Month Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Subscription for FREE. No Credit Card Needed.

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03/02/2015 08:45pm By leonlee

Before continuing,we need to remove any other antivirus solutions.


03/02/2015 09:02pm By Anonymous

upper walle tere maa ki chut, kaise 2-2 antivirus khathe chal sakte hai bhosde walle!

03/02/2015 09:13pm By Anonymous

Do you trust antivirus developers from Romania?

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Free After Rebate
Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Free After Rebate, Feb 26 Expired
Newegg has software on sale. Shipping is free.

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02/28/2015 02:57pm By Anonymous

It sucks in CA.

02/28/2015 04:38pm By gvr

Rebates are just a door to get more sales... 90% of rebates don't come..

02/28/2015 06:09pm By Anonymous

Big company's rebates will come.

03/01/2015 12:03am By Anonymous

Also NJ

03/01/2015 10:20am By Anonymous

I don't believe in rebates, its been 3 months but still didn't get the rebate

Norton Security (For 5 Devices) [Download] $25
Norton Security (For 5 Devices) [Download] $25, Feb 26 Expired
Amazon has Norton Security (For 5 Devices) [Download] for $25. [pricechart]

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03/02/2015 10:26am By Anonymous

shows $40

Printer Pro on iTunes for Free
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iTunes has Printer Pro for Free.

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H&R Block Tax Software $17 - $37
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Amazon Gold Box of the Day has H&R Block Tax Software on sale for $16.99 - 36.99. Shipping is free on orders $35+ or with prime (30-Day Free Trial).

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03/01/2015 11:23am By Anonymous

Got 1, thanks!

Free Microsoft Office 365 Personal with new PC, Mac, iPad or select Windows tablet Purchase
Free Microsoft Office 365 Personal with new PC, Mac, iPad or select Windows tablet Purchase, Feb 17 Expired
Best Buy offers Free Microsoft Office 365 Personal with new PC, Mac, iPad or select Windows tablet Purchase.

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02/17/2015 10:23pm By Anonymous

it's only for 1 year

02/17/2015 10:50pm By Anonymous

Bad deal considering libreoffice and openoffice has always been free and do not have spyware, runs faster on your computer.

02/17/2015 10:56pm By Anonymous

r u could you compare office 365 with libreoffice and openoffice, cheepos like you pick always pick free stuff over quality. Office 365 is the best out there.

02/17/2015 11:06pm By Anonymous

why you always need the best. most ppl dont even know how to use all the functions. so who cares.. libreoffice is good enough for daily use.

02/17/2015 11:07pm By Anonymous

I prefer Linux, I like open office. Micro$oft $ucks.

02/17/2015 11:09pm By Anonymous

me too. dont want to be a slave to microsoft and intel.... you will need an i7 and 16GB of ram just to run their s/w

02/17/2015 11:10pm By Anonymous

11:06pm makes a point. Even google drive works for most people in most situations.

02/17/2015 11:13pm By Anonymous

Google Drive+1

02/17/2015 11:27pm By Anonymous

i wont upload everything to google drive tho. if you are an admin or a superuser, you will know. there is something called root access. be warned.

02/17/2015 11:35pm By Anonymous

How about One Drive?

02/17/2015 11:40pm By Anonymous

local encryption is the key!!!

02/17/2015 11:49pm By Anonymous

office 2007 is the best. none of that weird UI of newer office and its a one time activation

02/17/2015 11:55pm By Anonymous

they want to milk you. untill you are bone dry. they want you become addicted to them. so you must pay them money for the rest of your life.

02/18/2015 12:02am By Anonymous

these days slow milking is the money making business. Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon Prime...countless of them. Microsoft is actually late to the game.

02/18/2015 12:18am By Anonymous

I like Office 2003 better. Just too complex now. Some are unnecessary.

02/18/2015 12:29am By Anonymous

microsoft's monopoly on the os give its office and McAfee's antivirus lots of technical advantages. first it creates an os with lots of security holes on it, then they sell you antivirus. isnt that smart or what?

02/18/2015 03:54am By Anonymous

Lol, people use Office 2003 and 2007 and compare them to (and badmouth) 2013?!! Some of you are old farts who have no clue about technology.

02/18/2015 07:48am By Anonymous

I am doing just fine as an old fart using Windows 98 thank you. Has never let me down. Remember - if it's not broke don't fix it! The only thing getting broke by the sound is the people buying all the new stuff that I question is any better for what most people's needs are. Maybe some need to return to DOS and start over and learn to exist in a world without "smart" phones that have dumb-downed so many. From an old fart geezer's perspective, that is.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 $9.95, Office for Mac 2011 $9.95 (for Qualified Emails)
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 $9.95, Office for Mac 2011 $9.95 (for Qualified Emails), Feb 10 Expired
Microsoft has Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office for Mac 2011 for $9.95.
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    • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, Lync

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06/16/2013 01:28pm By Anonymous works

06/26/2013 10:57pm By Anonymous works. Thanks for sharing!

07/01/2013 08:55pm By Anonymous

@exxonmobile works

07/02/2013 01:30pm By Anonymous

I think the point with edu emailbox is it has to be @***.edu, but not @***.***.edu

07/02/2013 03:35pm By Anonymous doesn't work

07/09/2013 07:32pm By Anonymous

is it expired already?

08/02/2013 06:40pm By Anonymous

company mail address works.

08/02/2013 06:40pm By Anonymous

company mail address works.

08/02/2013 06:40pm By Anonymous

company mail address works.

10/20/2013 06:37am By Anonymous

how can i make these emails like that

02/10/2015 03:13pm By Anonymous

works for

02/10/2015 03:23pm By Anonymous

CAD$11 for Canadians, less than $9 if you have a no foreign transaction fee credit card

02/10/2015 03:28pm By Anonymous

not a deal! Office 2016 will be out soon!

02/10/2015 04:15pm By Anonymous

it doesn't work for my university domain

02/10/2015 04:24pm By Anonymous

to 04:15PM

yours should be

02/10/2015 05:03pm By Anonymous

works for

02/10/2015 05:08pm By Anonymous

works for but then can't find any servers to complete the transaction.

02/10/2015 05:51pm By jj0915

Got it from work and just upgrade yesterday. Huge mistake! Will be restoring tonight. I use mostly Outlook for emails and Outlook 2013 just SUX big time. Wasted $10 bucks.

02/10/2015 06:42pm By Anonymous

Works for

02/10/2015 06:54pm By Anonymous

site license. make sure your company/school has it.

02/10/2015 08:04pm By Anonymous

Not working with IBM email/domain (

02/10/2015 09:18pm By Anonymous

Worked, but why only Visio is available with that price?

02/10/2015 09:28pm By Anonymous

Works for

02/11/2015 09:13am By Anonymous

What is the Program code? Thanks.

02/12/2015 01:18am By Anonymous

works for

FREE DxO Optics Pro 8 Software (PC Digital Download)
FREE DxO Optics Pro 8 Software (PC Digital Download), Feb 02 Expired has DxO Optics Pro 8 Software (PC Digital Download) for FREE. (Software reviews). Instruction:
  1. Click this link here
  2. Enter your email address in the box provided and submit the CAPTCHA text
  3. Free license for DxO Optics Pro 8 will be emailed to you

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02/02/2015 08:55am By Anonymous

Will this support canon T5i ?

02/02/2015 09:04am By Anonymous

DXO 10 is coming....

02/02/2015 10:53am By Anonymous

DxO 10 is selling for quite a long time, dumb ass

02/02/2015 11:31am By Anonymous

Please be professional guys. howcome you can scold some one like this.

02/02/2015 12:01pm By Anonymous

So they're throwing an old old version for free but you'll have to upgrade to the latest version to get all the upgrades. Not sure it's totally free.

02/02/2015 02:43pm By Anonymous

This should work with most DLSR and lenses, e.g., T5i and your kit lens from Canon. I'm not sure about the very recent ones.

Google Earth Pro for free
Google Earth Pro for free, Jan 31 Expired
Google offers Google Earth Pro for Free.

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01/31/2015 03:56pm By Anonymous

Once $399 A Year

01/31/2015 03:58pm By Anonymous

The image on the left says "Google Hearth|pro"?

01/31/2015 03:59pm By Anonymous

Google Earth is free, Google Earth PRO is not... The only difference between these two is: The Google Earth PRO has 3 MORE LETTERS...

01/31/2015 05:07pm By Anonymous

I redid, and got it.

01/31/2015 05:08pm By Anonymous

Account Registered

Thank you for signing up for Google Earth Pro. You should receive an email containing your License Key and login information shortly.

Download Google Earth Pro for Windows or Mac

If you forget your login information, you may check here for assistance.

Return to Support Portal Home

01/31/2015 05:54pm By Anonymous

What's the hell....????

Uncompleted License Key request

Error! Your sign up can not be completed due to We're sorry. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.. You can try re-registering the product with an alternative email address. For other issues with Log In, please refer to our Login Help page Happy travels, Google Earth Team

01/31/2015 06:50pm By Anonymous

Not able to register to get the key.Waste your time and they get your private information for free.

01/31/2015 07:13pm By Anonymous

I was able to get it using my gmail as user name.

01/31/2015 07:33pm By Anonymous

Google Earth Pro (Discontinued in 2015)

All Pro features are available in Google Earth Free Edition as of January 2015

01/31/2015 08:54pm By Anonymous

"Error! Your sign up can not be completed due to We're sorry. "

01/31/2015 09:01pm By Anonymous

Third time's the charm. Keep trying.

01/31/2015 09:13pm By Anonymous

(1) I had tried using my mailbox but didn't work. Not sure why but perhaps Google treated me as already registered instead of new.

(2) I then tried using a new email address as a brand new registration that does work and got the key within seconds!

(3) I downloaded the software and am able to sign in using the 2nd email address and the key!

(4) I plan to use a 3rd (or 4th?) email address so can have another key(s)! Perhaps I could sell it to someone later! :-)

01/31/2015 09:24pm By Anonymous

(5) Have just SUCCESSFULLY got another key using a mailbox in oversea!

(6) I will try again for the 3rd Key but use the If anyone is able to get the key using the please let us know!

01/31/2015 10:48pm By Anonymous

(7) Changed to a different and able to get 2 more code using address!

(8) Will be interesting to see if can sell the codes on eBay or else! :-)

01/31/2015 10:51pm By Anonymous

Correction to the (7) => Changed to a different LAPTOP and able to get 2 more code using address!

01/31/2015 11:00pm By Anonymous

Doesn't work:
"Error! Your sign up can not be completed due to We're sorry. "

01/31/2015 11:34pm By Anonymous

same here: due to they are sorry!

02/01/2015 12:49am By Anonymous

i used my yahoo email. no issues.

02/01/2015 05:06pm By Anonymous

who will buy these codes if you can get it for free?

Plex for Android - FREE
Plex for Android - FREE, Jan 26 Expired
Google has Plex for Android for FREE.

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01/26/2015 10:33am By Anonymous

sweet.ness !!!

01/26/2015 10:42am By Anonymous

Thanks Cheetah!

01/26/2015 11:22am By Anonymous

$4.99 to activate

01/26/2015 11:33am By Anonymous

This is not a deal. Plex simply merged their free and paid apps together. You still have to pay $4.99 to stream to mobile.

01/26/2015 11:58am By Anonymous

Ples is terrible. Switch to MediaBrowser.

01/26/2015 11:58am By Anonymous


01/26/2015 01:32pm By Anonymous

thanks for mention of media browser, will try

Free Windows 10 Upgrade for First Year from Win 7 and Win 8.1
Microsoft - Free Windows 10 Upgrade for First Year from Win 7 and Win 8.1, Jan 21 Expired
Microsoft will offer upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 for FREE for first year.

Comments (43)  Add Comments

01/21/2015 02:50pm By Anonymous

First year its free. After that win 11 will be free , like wise it will go on

01/21/2015 03:17pm By Anonymous

The title is very confusing. First year of what? First year after Windows 10 releases? First year after you upgrade? or first year you activate your Windows 7 or 8.1?

01/21/2015 03:44pm By Anonymous

The win10 will be free forever if you upgrade from win7, win8/8.1 during the 1st yr when win10 is released, and after one yr you will have to pay for it.

01/21/2015 04:01pm By Anonymous

Can I down grade windows 10 to xp?? Windows is straight downhill after xp..

01/21/2015 04:30pm By Anonymous

Hey Cortana!
Hey Chief!

01/21/2015 04:31pm By Anonymous

whats wrong with windows 8.1. I love it.

01/21/2015 05:11pm By Anonymous

where is the free download link?

01/21/2015 05:45pm By Anonymous

01/21/2015 05:11pm By Anonymous

where is the free download link?

Later this year

01/21/2015 07:02pm By Anonymous

Windows 8 (or 8.1) + Start Button = Windows 10

01/21/2015 07:04pm By Anonymous

They still don't know what user really want.

01/21/2015 07:32pm By Anonymous

And half the people here don't know spelling and about an OS!!!!

01/21/2015 07:43pm By Anonymous

We announced that a free upgrade for Windows 10 will be made available to customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 who upgrade in the first year after launch.*

01/21/2015 07:58pm By Anonymous

Those crying about the start menu just get Start8 by stardock. Perfect replica.

01/21/2015 09:14pm By Anonymous

@7:32pm- Sounds like you're the one who needs some lessons in grammar.

01/21/2015 09:19pm By Anonymous

You don't need a degree in English Language to see that the MS announcement is ambiguous. I guess we'll know their full intention in the coming days/weeks.

01/21/2015 09:53pm By Anonymous

Way to Go Sathya . we are very proud of you. Jai hind

01/21/2015 10:16pm By Anonymous

Can I run Windows 10 on my Macbook?

01/21/2015 11:27pm By Anonymous

The window 10 is much faster than win7. so I am going to update my PCs

01/21/2015 11:52pm By Anonymous

What actually "free for first year" mean? Do you need to pay in second year to retain that? Little confused.

01/22/2015 12:11am By Anonymous

where is windows 9?

01/22/2015 09:47am By Anonymous

Not so sure it will still be free after the first year. From what I read, it could be "subscription based" so you might need to pay for updates after the first year.

01/22/2015 10:25am By Anonymous

By anonymous on 01/21/2015, 01:49pm
Indians are cracking down Microsoft! just like BELL Lab. Indians go! Then only / or next Google, Apple ....

01/22/2015 10:30am By Anonymous

Yo, wassup with Indians? Black lives matters!

01/22/2015 12:28pm By Anonymous


01/22/2015 08:33pm By Anonymous

I'm confused for the words,it's that mean free for 1st year,and must pay for after first year?who knows?

Kaspersky Internet Multi-Device (1 Year / Up to 5 Devices) FREE AR
Kaspersky Internet Multi-Device (1 Year / Up to 5 Devices) FREE AR, Jan 20 Expired
Newegg has Kaspersky Internet Multi-Device - 1 Year / Up to 5 Devices for $70 - $15 w/ code "EMCAKNA225" - $55 rebate = FREE. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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01/20/2015 11:34am By Anonymous

The rebate form says limit 1 per person, not per household. Is that possible to submit more than one rebates for the same household?

01/20/2015 12:47pm By Anonymous

yes, I did 3 total

01/20/2015 02:35pm By Anonymous

how good is newegg's rebate track record?

01/20/2015 03:41pm By Anonymous

I did not get the rebate last time...

01/20/2015 04:13pm By Anonymous

Rebate is not from Newegg. I did get it without any issue.

01/24/2015 02:46pm By Anonymous

Once you see rebate, hahaha...

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Learn to Code in Java with Minecraft (PC & Mac) $150, Jan 20 Expired
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FREE Weather Ex for Android
FREE Weather Ex for Android, Jan 11 Expired
Amazon has Weather Ex for Android for FREE.

Comments (1)  Add Comments

01/13/2015 09:32pm By Anonymous

my ex would love it

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FREE APP: Triple A by SungLab, Jan 11 Expired
Amazon has Triple A by SungLab for FREE. 4/5 stars on 350 reviews.

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01/11/2015 09:00am By Anonymous

Thank you!

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FREE Android App: Mediabrowser
FREE Android App: Mediabrowser, Jan 06 Expired
Google / Amazon has Android App: Mediabrowser for FREE.

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FREE iPhone, iPad, & Android App: Photo Editor Pluggins by Aviary
FREE iPhone, iPad, & Android App: Photo Editor Pluggins by Aviary, Jan 05 Expired
iTunes / Google Play has Photo Editor Pluggins by Aviary for FREE.
  1. Download the app
  2. Open app and choose a photo to edit
  3. Click Effects, Scroll left and open the "Shop" (you may have to login to your Adobe profile to see this. If you don't have an account, you can register here)
  4. Download each of the Effects
  5. Repeat for Frames, Stickers, and Overlays

Comments (3)  Add Comments

01/05/2015 09:16pm By Anonymous

Not free a

01/06/2015 09:17am By Anonymous

Worked for me, free

01/06/2015 01:50pm By Anonymous

You are giving away your pics and personnel info to these crooks. Nothing is FREE. Get a life.

51% off select H&R Block 2014 Tax Software from $17
51% off select H&R Block 2014 Tax Software from $17, Dec 31 Expired
Amazon Deal of the Day is offering 51% off select H&R Block 2014 Tax Software, from $17.

Comments (9)  Add Comments

01/02/2015 07:50am By Anonymous

Was waiting for this. Thx Dealsea

01/02/2015 09:50am By Anonymous

warning, the $16.99 one doesn't come with state tax.

01/02/2015 10:00am By Anonymous

last year was more cheaper than today.

01/02/2015 11:10am By Anonymous

good deal. Thanks a lot

01/02/2015 11:34am By Anonymous

State e-file will cost $19.95, i.e., the total cost will be: Base price + 19.95/state/e-file

01/02/2015 11:40am By Anonymous

The closer you wait to 4/15, the cheaper the tax softwares will be. I will just wait

01/02/2015 12:08pm By Anonymous

Did anyone get free deluxe and one state from HR by mail? I got one and was told to install by Feb 13. They also offer matching refund thru gift cards.

01/02/2015 04:20pm By Anonymous

It is not cheaper as you get closer...

01/02/2015 06:43pm By Anonymous

do your self a favor and get TurboTax.
Any version.
Much better.

Up to $220 Free Apps: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Five Nights at Freddy's, Angry Birds, and more
Amazon - Up to $220 Free Apps: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Five Nights at Freddy's, Angry Birds, and more, Dec 24 Expired
(Alive!) Amazon offers up to $220 free Apps starting from 12/24/14. See News Release.

Comments (3)  Add Comments

12/24/2014 11:15am By Anonymous


12/24/2014 06:13pm By Anonymous

Looks like Android only!

12/24/2014 07:35pm By Anonymous

nice! I am glad that changed from ios to android, more free games, thanks!

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 12 - MAC / PC $30
Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 12 - MAC / PC $30, Dec 23 Expired
BuyDig has Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 12 - MAC / PC for $30 (add to cart to see the price). Shipping is free. [amazon]

Comments (2)  Add Comments

12/18/2014 10:18pm By Anonymous

Hot! All in.

12/24/2014 09:53am By Anonymous

The page you've requested can no longer be found on our website.

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