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American Express Coupons
American Express - Spend $15, get $15 back at Amazon, YMMV, Aug 13
American Express has new offers: get $15 credit back when you make $15+ qualifying purchase at Amazon.com. Expires 9/30. Log in to your account and go to "Amex Offers & Benefits" section to find the offer. YMMV.

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08/13/2015 09:18am By Anonymous

buying Amazon Prime qualify?

08/13/2015 09:21am By Anonymous

not for me

08/13/2015 09:40am By Anonymous

No such offers at AmeX. Their representative couldn't find such offers either. BTW, I am the prime member.

08/13/2015 09:40am By Anonymous

These are targeted offers that will only appear to customers that have not used or barely use their AMEX cards to buy in Amazon. I do have 2 different AMEX cards and frequently buy in Amazon, so this offer is not showing up on any of my accounts.

08/13/2015 09:43am By Anonymous

Thanks! It does appear on one of my two AmEx cards.

08/13/2015 09:53am By Anonymous

Thanks. Got on one of my cards.

08/13/2015 09:56am By Anonymous

Thanks. Got from Amex Blue Cash.

08/13/2015 10:02am By Anonymous

yes, this also works for me

08/13/2015 10:13am By Anonymous

I have 15$ off on $30 in one of my card.

08/13/2015 10:16am By Anonymous

not for me

08/13/2015 10:33am By Anonymous

I have 5 cards for this offer.

08/13/2015 10:36am By Anonymous

anyone tried using it for gift card? the term says it cannot be used for corporate gift card, what about personal?

08/13/2015 10:50am By Anonymous


08/13/2015 11:35am By Anonymous

Premier Rewards Gold - 0

08/13/2015 11:36am By Anonymous

1/4, $15 back on $30 or more purchase.

08/13/2015 11:40am By Anonymous

Got it. thanks dealsea. going to order fire stick

08/13/2015 12:22pm By Anonymous

gift cards included, got the email right away.

08/13/2015 01:15pm By Anonymous


08/13/2015 01:24pm By oldwife

Nothing for both personal & business card :(

08/13/2015 02:22pm By Anonymous

where to check m eligible or not, plz advise?

08/13/2015 04:15pm By Anonymous

No such offer exists when I logged into my AMEX account.

08/13/2015 05:02pm By Anonymous

I only saw "Spend $30 or more, get $15 back"

08/14/2015 09:52am By Anonymous

Discover has 5% cash back on Amazon purchases this quarter, this may be a tactic to combat that, by getting people into habit of thinking of using AmEx when making Amazon purchases.

08/14/2015 05:12pm By Anonymous

Cannot find the offer

American Express Coupons
American Express - Spend $75 or more, get $25 back at GAP, Aug 09
New Amex Offer: log into your American Express account and check offers near bottom to find: Get a one-time $25 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $75 or more in-store at Gap by 9/7/2015. Twitter also works #AmexGap if not found in your account (follow here).

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08/11/2015 12:03pm By Anonymous

Does it work for gap outlets store?

08/11/2015 12:58pm By Anonymous

in store only? can we do it online?

08/11/2015 02:08pm By Anonymous

In store only, no outlet stores..

08/11/2015 03:33pm By Anonymous

Buy Giftcard in store?

08/12/2015 03:50pm By Anonymous

Valid in-store only

American Express Coupons
AMEX rewards offer: Williams-Sonoma, Reebok and more, Aug 03
American Express has has new offers: get credit back when you make qualifying purchase. Log in to your account and click "Amex Offers For You".
  • $5 off $25 at Yelp Eat24. Expires 9/30
  • $10 off $50 at Williams-Sonoma or online at williams-sonoma.com. Expires 9/15
  • $25 off $100 at Reebok.com. Expires 10/3
  • $10 off $50 at Diapers.com. Expires 9/30
  • $10 off $50 at Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen. Expires 9/15
  • $10 off $50 at Pottery Barn. Expires 9/15
  • more...

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08/03/2015 12:42pm By Anonymous

Sending corresponding tweets also works

American Express Coupons
American Express - $75 back on $300+ Airline Tickets Purchase (AmEx cards - YMMV), Jul 13
New Amex Offer: log into your American Express account and check offers near bottom to find: $75 back on $300+ Airline Tickets Purchase. (NOTE: YMMV, exact amount of credit and purchase may vary). Expires: 09/15/2015

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07/13/2015 10:10am By Anonymous

$50 for me

07/13/2015 10:18am By Anonymous

75 for me, not bad

07/13/2015 10:38am By Anonymous

I have 100 off on 600 spend

07/13/2015 10:40am By Anonymous

100 off 600 need to go through amextravel

07/13/2015 10:41am By Anonymous

I have $100 off $600 for hotel stay only, not airline.

07/13/2015 10:55am By Anonymous

$400 off $2000 on qantas.com. Not bad if you are planning a trip between AU and US

07/13/2015 10:59am By Anonymous

My bluecash card has it.

07/13/2015 11:02am By Anonymous

Can you use this to purchase airline gift cards?

07/13/2015 11:26am By Anonymous

did not got this offer again!!!

07/13/2015 11:37am By Anonymous

100 off 600 for hotel only through amex travel portal

07/13/2015 11:53am By Anonymous

Spend $2000 or more, get $400 back

07/13/2015 01:06pm By Anonymous

Blue Sky doesn't have it. Has this instead: $100 off $600 for hotel stay only, not airline.
Sucks! I would've booked a flight right now had I gotten this offer.
Is it random?

07/13/2015 01:36pm By Anonymous

I have Delta Airline Golden membership Amex card but didn't get the offer. Sigh.

07/13/2015 01:49pm By Anonymous

Couldn't find in any of the 6 delta amex card's

07/13/2015 04:09pm By Anonymous

I have been an AMEX gold premium rewards cardholder for more than 4 years, and I've been feeling that in the last 2 years I never got these kind of "better" offers and only get crappy ones that I'll never use. I still like the card, despite the $195 annual fee, which is $20 higher than before starting this year. But I used to love this card. I just feel like AMEX is only catering to newer customers and they don't care much about older ones. I don't know if it's just me or those that don't see this offer are also older customers.

07/13/2015 05:21pm By Anonymous

Spend $2000 or more, get $400 back Select to View Details of Offer from Qantas

no air ticket

07/13/2015 07:46pm By Anonymous

Not on Costco Amex

07/13/2015 08:29pm By Anonymous

I do not get any

07/13/2015 11:45pm By Anonymous

none here

07/14/2015 12:15am By Anonymous

which airline or any airline is ok?

07/17/2015 05:18pm By Anonymous

Not on the JetBlue Amex either :(

$200 Visa Gift Card for $197 + Free shipping
$200 Visa Gift Card for $197 + Free shipping, Jun 27 Expired
Staples has $200 Visa Gift Card for $200 + $5.95 Purchase Fee + $1.00 Shipping Fee - $10 off = $197. Shipping is free.

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06/29/2015 07:40am By dealsea.com

Note, if you dont know the value of the deal, please move on and don't leave nonsense comments.

06/29/2015 07:54am By Anonymous

so what is the value of this deal

06/29/2015 08:02am By Anonymous

limit 3 per account?

06/29/2015 08:04am By Anonymous

it is dead. so lame.

06/29/2015 08:12am By Anonymous

I'm curious about the value of the deal as well. Being serious. Am I missing something other then saving $3 on a $200 gift card?

06/29/2015 08:18am By Anonymous

$200 visa gift card = $200 cash, math retards, lol!

06/29/2015 08:26am By Anonymous

Guys this deal is great for credit card points, especially if you have the chase ink, 5-1 points at staples. So $200 card is actually 1000 points, plus no fee on GC

06/29/2015 08:33am By Anonymous

3000 ink chase point = $30? not a killer deal, guys, you missed nothing

06/29/2015 08:59am By Anonymous

super deal. Dead already

06/29/2015 09:27am By Anonymous

If you earn $8/hr, $30 means something. If you earn 1 mortgage/10 min, $30 means nothing.

06/29/2015 10:40am By Anonymous

For credit card sign up bonus, this is good.

06/29/2015 02:36pm By Anonymous

Staples sucks, canceled orders, don't waste your time

06/29/2015 02:39pm By Anonymous

Nobody missed anything. infact u saved 200 dollars of your hard earned money

06/29/2015 02:54pm By Anonymous

18.5k ink points can get you a one way ticket to Hawaii. That worth $500+ for those who live on the east coast. As for the gift card, you can use it to pay your utility and phone bill. Too bad the deal is dead.

06/29/2015 03:00pm By Anonymous

They should put an article/information about "churning" on the top of the page so people stop asking why things are a deal. It's not a hard concept to understand.

Note last week, Chase Freedom card. $200 cash back on first $500 spent. Buy 3 of these cards, make 9 dollars, use cards to buy what you were going to buy anyway/use Softcard/googlewallet or whatever to funnel money to pay your credit card.

Congrats you just made $209 for maybe 10 mins of work.

06/29/2015 03:55pm By Anonymous

hehe hehe he he he
what a deal, it would have been, had it been not dead ;-)

06/29/2015 08:40pm By Anonymous

opening accounts to ear bonus money will hurt your credit score. This issue aside, buying VISA cards from Staples is not safe/reliable

06/30/2015 08:31am By Anonymous

to 06/29/2015 08:40:

How will this hurt your credit score? A credit application is a soft credit check, as long as you're not applying for a lot of soft credit checks, it won't hurt anything. Credit score = On Time Payments+age of credit lines+utilization, and a small amount of "recent inquiries"

2015 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin Lot of 20 $373.20
2015 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin Lot of 20 $373.20, Jun 20 Expired
ebay has 2015 1 oz Silver American Eagle BU (Lot, Roll, Tube of 20) for $373.20. Shipping is free.

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06/20/2015 07:39pm By Anonymous

Why so expansive??

06/21/2015 10:23pm By Anonymous

"expensive", guess that's what u mean.

06/22/2015 09:29am By Anonymous

Not another En-Lesh

06/22/2015 06:58pm By Anonymous

yes, it's expansive, expands to 10 coins. I want one 10 ounce coin :)

American Express Coupons
American Express - $75 back on $250+ purchase at Staples, Home Depot (Business AmEx cards - YMMV), Jun 19 Expired
New Amex Offer: log into your American Express account and check offers near bottom to find: Stock Up and Save for Your Business - Spend $250+, get $75 back. Up to 5x Expires: 08/14/2015

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06/19/2015 05:17pm By Anonymous

Don't see this offer in my Amex account saving offer.

06/19/2015 06:05pm By Anonymous

I didn't see the offer in my Costco and Everyday cards.

06/19/2015 06:07pm By Anonymous

For business card only

06/19/2015 06:14pm By Anonymous

I did not see it in my two business cards.

06/19/2015 06:38pm By Anonymous

not on costco true earnings card

06/19/2015 07:57pm By Anonymous

Thanks! Its in my business card!

06/19/2015 11:59pm By Anonymous

This is typically for consumer behavior experiment. By targeting specific or a small random members but not all, AMEX can observe one's shopping behavior and response to incentive, so that it can target future marketing on specific population.
So definitely not all AMEX card member will have the offer

06/20/2015 06:38am By Anonymous

my card has $30 back on $100+ purchase at Target or Walmart up to 5 times, better than this offer!

$50 eBay Gift Card $45
Gyft - $50 eBay Gift Card $45, Jun 15 Expired
Gyft has $50 eBay Gift Card for $45 with promo code "EBAYDAD". Note, you must sign up first and validate your email in order to apply the promo code.

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06/17/2015 12:14am By Anonymous

Avoid this service. They try to cancel everything.You spend more time rather then get reward.

06/17/2015 12:15am By Anonymous

Got it and my credit is frozen because of the untrusted site.

06/17/2015 01:07am By Anonymous

the website is rubbish...

06/17/2015 01:08am By Anonymous

They do not even have $50 ebay giftcard

06/17/2015 07:51am By Anonymous

I got a $50 card for $45, no problem, email delivery.

06/17/2015 10:04am By Anonymous

i got the card with no problems now. better deal than ebay.

eBay Coupons
20% off eBay ($100 eBay Gift Card for $80, $100 BP Gift Card for $72, more), Jun 11 Expired
(Back again) eBay has 20% off Gift Cards, Computers & more with code "CTWENTY". Maximum discount is $75. Must pay via PayPal. Email Delivery / Free Shipping.

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06/15/2015 06:10am By Anonymous

Paypal digital card seems like doesnt want to accept the code. But you can use it with other sellers selling ebay gift card.

06/15/2015 06:23am By Anonymous


06/15/2015 06:33am By Anonymous

code does not work with gift card

06/15/2015 07:01am By Anonymous

now maximum discount is 75.64, instead of 80

06/15/2015 07:09am By Anonymous

MAX: $75.64
Im not able to see full max of $80

06/15/2015 07:26am By Anonymous

Expired or reached limit to most of the cards

06/15/2015 07:45am By Anonymous

It works! Ordered 400$ cards

06/15/2015 07:49am By Anonymous

Expired, please update

06/15/2015 08:07am By Anonymous

There is no balance left on this redemption code

06/15/2015 08:22am By Anonymous

Doesn't work

06/15/2015 08:38am By Anonymous


06/15/2015 08:51am By Anonymous

Oh, no. transaction cancelled. hmm... this is how ebay and paypal trustworthy. never buy anything from there again.it's a scam

06/15/2015 08:58am By Anonymous

ebay sucks! cannot pay with paypal. But paypal works for other websites.

06/15/2015 09:10am By Anonymous

Code not working. it show "There is no balance left on this redemption code"

06/15/2015 10:01am By Anonymous

maximum is 75.xx now. So ordered 350 instead of 400

06/15/2015 04:41pm By dealsea.com

Working again now!

06/15/2015 04:43pm By Anonymous


06/15/2015 04:52pm By Anonymous

placed 3 orders, the first one deducted $20, but the other two charged me $100 when they showed up in the email. I guess the deal is dead.

06/15/2015 04:53pm By Anonymous

Only can bought one card?

06/15/2015 04:53pm By Anonymous

Code not working. it show "There is no balance left on this redemption code"

06/15/2015 04:53pm By Anonymous

There is no balance left on this redemption code .

06/15/2015 04:53pm By Anonymous

There is no balance left on this redemption code

06/15/2015 04:54pm By Anonymous

It's not working for me, said no balance

06/15/2015 05:00pm By Anonymous

The redemption code can't be used for your purchase

06/16/2015 12:08pm By Anonymous

CODE does not work! Expired??

20% off Selected $50 Gift Cards: JCPenney, TGI Fridays, Jiffy Lube, Logan's Roadhouse, Steak n' Shake and more
Amazon - 20% off Selected $50 Gift Cards: JCPenney, TGI Fridays, Jiffy Lube, Logan's Roadhouse, Steak n' Shake and more, Jun 09 Expired
Amazon has Selected $50 Gift Cards for 20% off.

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06/09/2015 06:48am By Anonymous

how to get $10 amazon gift card if buying logan road house gift card please?

06/09/2015 10:54am By Anonymous

JCP gift card.. in cart still shows $50..

06/09/2015 11:46am By Anonymous

Discount is deducted at the Checkout page.

$100 T-Mobile Refill Card, Verizon Prepaid Card, AT&T GoPhone Top-Up Prepaid Card $85
$100 T-Mobile Refill Card, Verizon Prepaid Card, AT&T GoPhone Top-Up Prepaid Card $85, Jun 06 Expired
Bestbuy via eBay is offering $15 Off Orders $100+ with promo code "C15FATHERSDAY"

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06/08/2015 07:26am By Anonymous

Sales tax for calling cards? There are websites where you do not pay sales tax. $100 card adds to $107.5

Is this normal?

06/08/2015 09:57am By Anonymous

it is normal. you pay the tax as well if you buy it at wal-mart

06/08/2015 10:38am By Anonymous

Thanks. It's hard to get discount on t mobile refill cards nowadays.

06/08/2015 01:57pm By Anonymous

Can you use the tmobile refill to pay your monthly bills? On their simple choice family plan?

American Express Coupons
American Express - Spend $5, Get $5 back at Google Play (YMMV), Jun 05 Expired
New Amex Offer: log into your American Express account and check offers near bottom to find: Get a one-time $5 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $5 or more on Google Play by 8/31/2015.

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06/05/2015 11:11am By Anonymous

this is for one time purchase only.

06/05/2015 11:15am By Anonymous

@above: Are you expecting this for your whole life?

06/05/2015 11:32am By Anonymous

@ 2-storey above: are you expecting this for generation after generation

06/05/2015 11:32am By Anonymous

I think s/he meant to ask if it can be multiple purchases totaling to $5

06/05/2015 01:19pm By Anonymous

In my opinion the first one ment it as a statement try and read it as such. Good luck

06/05/2015 04:37pm By Anonymous

for all of the above storey, thank you for making contributions to the dealsea party

06/05/2015 10:41pm By Anonymous

itune offer can be multiple purchases while this one has to be one time purchase.

American Express Coupons
American Express - $15 Credit with $75 Purchase at Home Depot, $10 credit w/$75 purchase at Whole Foods Market, May 18 Expired
  1. Check offer in your Amex account. If not there, Sync: HomeDepot / Wholefoodsmarket
  2. From Twitter: tweet "#AmexHomeDepot" / "#AmexWFM" to add the offer to your synced Amex Card
  3. Make sure you get an "@ reply" message from @AmexSync
  4. Make a purchase of $75+ at Home Depot by 6/15/2015, or $75+ at wholefoodsmarket.com by 7/17/2015
  5. A statement credit should be issued within 90 days after 6/15 or 7/17

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05/18/2015 05:57am By Anonymous

It is #AmexWFM, not #AmexWholeFoodsMarket.

05/18/2015 07:02am By Anonymous

Am I qualify for this offer if I buy gift card in the store?
I see the term & condition states that "All gift card purchases made online, gift cards sold by third parties and corporate gift cards are excluded", not sure if gift card sold by store will be qualify for this.

05/18/2015 08:12am By Anonymous

Not valid for e-gift card purchases. Gift cards purchased online, phone orders for gift cards and Gift card reloads are excluded.

05/18/2015 08:32am By Anonymous

yes you can buy gift card

05/18/2015 09:27am By Anonymous

Just login to your Amex a/c and add it. No need to bother with tweeting, syncing, etc.

05/18/2015 09:30am By Anonymous

Says limit 1 per statement; so if I time it right, I can get two before the deal ends? But one now for current cycle and get another after 12th but by 15th June during the next billing cycle.

05/18/2015 10:04am By Anonymous

can i buy homedepot gift cards in store?

05/18/2015 10:44am By Anonymous

I got..
You've already enrolled in the #AmexWFM offer. If this is an error, please contact @AskAmex
Does this mean i'm not eligible??

05/18/2015 01:24pm By Anonymous


05/18/2015 08:42pm By Anonymous

N+ purchases by 6/15 with total of $75+, will this work? just curious.

American Express Coupons
American Express - $20 Credit with $20 Purchase at samsclub.com, May 16 Expired
American Express offers $20 Credit with $20 purchase at samsclub.com.
  1. Click here to sync your card
  2. From Twitter: tweet "#amexsamsclub" to add the offer to your synced Amex Card
  3. Make sure you get an "@ reply" message from @AmexSync
  4. Make a purchase of $20 or more at Sams Club by 9/30/2015
  5. A statement credit should be issued within 90 days after 9/30/2015

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05/01/2015 01:55pm By Anonymous

The "here" link is incorrect, it directed you to the Smart & Final offer which I don't know what that is

05/01/2015 02:24pm By Anonymous

Valid only at samsclub.com. Not valid in Club. Which means this is online only.

05/01/2015 02:40pm By Anonymous

Every order is online photo. Awful deal!

05/01/2015 02:51pm By Anonymous

get 4 sam's club gift card. easy deal.

05/01/2015 03:39pm By Anonymous

Got similar offer for amazon.com. They credited the account instantly
Amex is best for these kind of offer.

05/01/2015 05:23pm By Anonymous

wrong link!!! please correct it. It's smart and final, not Sams club.

05/01/2015 05:45pm By Anonymous

can we buy Sams Gift Card???

05/01/2015 06:50pm By Anonymous

You need Sams Club membership to buy online.

05/01/2015 08:08pm By Anonymous

Amex freaking rocks. They are very quick to credit - couple days max. Worth the annual fee!

05/01/2015 10:10pm By Anonymous

to those who ordered sam's club gift cards, have you received american express confirmation email that tells you already redeemed the deal?

05/01/2015 10:17pm By Anonymous

you can check out as guest if you don't have Sam's club membership. Pay 10% extra.

05/01/2015 10:19pm By Anonymous

Can we use Sam's club's gift cards to buy other gift cards? Want to combine several Amex cards to buy visa gift cards as we have no Sam's club nearby...

05/01/2015 10:26pm By Anonymous

It shows up as online photo for gift card purchase. So not qualified. Not sure why SAM's club codes this way.

05/02/2015 07:55am By Anonymous

No offer on American Express thru Costco!

05/02/2015 08:50am By Anonymous

They are divorced.

05/02/2015 12:46pm By Anonymous

I just placed an order (some household items) and on my credit card there is a pending charge from sam's club online photo, which is not qualified for this offer according to the terms&conditions. This is really like a scam.

05/02/2015 01:07pm By Anonymous

How is it a scam when you are not using as per the terms? I love Amex.

05/02/2015 01:23pm By Anonymous

Anyone confirms gift cards eligible? I purchased one but posted as Sam's club photo, which should not be eligible as stated...

05/02/2015 02:41pm By Anonymous

Not only for gift cards. It always shows " sam's club online photo" no matter what you've ordered. Really scam!

05/02/2015 10:12pm By Anonymous

I just ordered a box of baby wipe, and it's shown as "SAMSCLUB COM ONLINE PHOTO", which is excluded from the deal. Yeah, this is a scam!

05/08/2015 10:35am By Anonymous

anybody get anything?

05/08/2015 06:20pm By Anonymous

Im not saying way to pay online , it's not showing pay option, it says place order and pay at store.
how to pay online with my american express card

05/08/2015 09:29pm By Anonymous

I Received the gift card in mail today but never got promotion redeemed email from American express.

05/11/2015 04:56pm By Anonymous

sams club website is so bad

05/18/2015 01:01pm By Anonymous

I bought a Sam's club gift card using this offer and got the credit in my statement successfully! It was shown as a "photo" purchase in the email confirmation but it didn't matter :)

2015 1 oz Gold American Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated $1222 and more
2015 1 oz Gold American Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated $1222 and more, Apr 24 Expired
Apmex@eBay has select gold coin on sale. Shipping is free.

Comments (10)  Add Comments

04/25/2015 05:24pm By Anonymous

Eagle gold coin is only 95% gold, unlike canadian maple leave gold coin, which is 99.99% gold.

04/25/2015 06:00pm By Anonymous

thanks for the heads up.

04/25/2015 07:02pm By Anonymous

The American Eagle is NOT pure gold but it has the equivalent amount of gold to the Canadian Maple Leaf (1oz). The Eagle has more metal overall (silver and copper added) to increase coin durability.

04/25/2015 08:10pm By Anonymous

Is it good deal?

04/25/2015 08:49pm By Anonymous

The best choice by far is the Mexican cactus coin. 99.999% gold, with just a touch of stainless steel for good measure. It's the only coin true collectors will buy.

04/26/2015 12:32am By Anonymous

Yes, it has equivalent amount of gold, according to wikipedia.

04/26/2015 12:47am By Anonymous

that's 1 troy oz = 1.097 oz, which means it has 1 oz pure gold and 0.097 other metal.

04/26/2015 06:41am By Anonymous

Gold will go to $800/oz in couple of months.

04/26/2015 10:01am By Anonymous

Pls don't invest your money in gold at this point of time. It's going to go lower

04/27/2015 07:29am By Anonymous

Gold is real money. Best way is to cost average ur investment. Buy equal amounts every month regardless of the price

2015 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Brilliant Uncirculated $1202 and more
2015 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Brilliant Uncirculated $1202 and more, Apr 24 Expired
apmex@eBay has select Silver and Gold coin on sale. Shipping is free.

Comments (7)  Add Comments

04/30/2015 04:27pm By Anonymous

Is it Troy Oz or just Oz?

04/30/2015 04:30pm By Anonymous

Oh Canada, why are you even a country?

04/30/2015 05:52pm By Anonymous

At least we don't have riots everyday^

04/30/2015 06:03pm By Anonymous

Riots are what make us strong. Without riots, we would be just like Canada, aka, the France of North America.

04/30/2015 11:25pm By Anonymous

^ encourage your kid participate in riot to be strong

05/01/2015 09:36am By Anonymous

Yes, my Queen!

05/01/2015 11:58am By Anonymous

You're welcome democrat!

TaxACT Coupons
TaxACT Ultimate Bundle (Deluxe Federal + State) $11.99, Apr 15 Expired
TaxACT has TaxACT Ultimate Bundle (Deluxe Federal + State) for $11.99.

Comments (59)  Add Comments

03/01/2015 07:11pm By Anonymous

Filed online simple joint return federal + state for $11.99. Same refund shown by Turbo Tax but less expensive.

03/10/2015 08:10am By Anonymous

It won't work for State of Indiana partial year resident.

03/10/2015 11:17pm By Anonymous

Just finished both Fed and State, it even did the locality (city) one but I have to mail that one in. Pretty comprehensive in itemized deduction. I like it and much cheaper than other competitors.

03/30/2015 03:21pm By Anonymous

BTW, it still works, even for existent user. You don't need to create a new user name. Just use the old one and follow through the process and you will be all set.

04/03/2015 03:44pm By Anonymous

I thought everyone still goes to HRBlock and have them read off tax questions from their computer to you....

04/03/2015 08:47pm By Anonymous

i am a returned customer. just filed tax refund today. didn't get this promotion price.

04/04/2015 09:57am By Anonymous

Do you have to complete right now? If you start now and finish in 2 weeks, do you still get 11.99 deal?

04/04/2015 02:23pm By Anonymous

For those that commented that TaxAct resulted in the same refund as TurboTax, did you guys run the numbers through both software?

04/04/2015 02:26pm By Anonymous

Yes. It is a locked price for 2014 return. Does not matter you file it now or later.

04/04/2015 09:43pm By Anonymous

I tried turbotax and taxact, Federal is exactly the same but states are not.

04/04/2015 10:54pm By Anonymous

How to get the promotion price? It show up $21.99

04/06/2015 01:55pm By Anonymous

Both Federal and State exactly the same with Turbotax Deluxe, with equity investments, dividends and interest. Both State and Federal with efiling was just under 12 dollars! Thanks for the great deal. Also, I find that some interface of TaxAct were actually better than turbotax.

04/07/2015 12:21pm By Anonymous

I don't see the 11.99 either

04/09/2015 02:06am By Anonymous

Tax Act sucks. very little explaination comparing to Turbotax.
I did not fill in address for my dependent care then it does not count the deuction at all! I need to pay 3000$ more tax if I did not find this bug!

04/09/2015 09:20am By Anonymous

Not $3000 more tax. it is $3000 *(-.35 ~ 0.2) ~ $600 to $1050 more tax.

04/09/2015 03:37pm By Anonymous

Tried to use it. It did NOT pull in my brokerage info like TT did.

04/11/2015 01:49am By Anonymous

Why people didn't get free Turbo Tax a couple of months ago? It was a downloadable version.

04/11/2015 02:04am By Anonymous

The fee is still $24.99. ??

04/11/2015 01:42pm By Anonymous

I ran my tax by turbo, taxact and h r block. turbo and taxact generated the same federal tax refund number, H R block came out with a higher federal refund number, but I found H R block is wrong because the income accounts less. I like taxact because the same easiness and much less expensive. The only problem with taxact is the state taxes, the numbers are not right after I checked the tax credits. too much credits.

04/11/2015 10:54pm By Anonymous

Dang it wish I knew about this one befpre! I bought TurboTax Premier for like $60, and they charged me additional $40 for my second state, and they charge $24x2 to file state taxes electronically! Screw them, they ripped me off! :(

04/11/2015 11:08pm By Anonymous

just filed my return for this year. It has some improvement. However, I cannot print all forms like before

04/12/2015 01:59pm By Anonymous

Will try next year.

04/14/2015 04:04pm By Anonymous

Hey, dealsea, this s/b marked an AD, 'cause you continually are posting it!

04/15/2015 08:10am By Anonymous

Tax deadline is here, people. It is now or never. You got this!

04/15/2015 02:33pm By Anonymous

When i finished filing , the filing fee was $24.99 ( $14.99 fed, + $10.00). I send a support request to them with this link, they refunded $13.00. Awesome deal

American Express Coupons
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  5. A statement credit should be issued within 90 days after 6/30/15

Comments (8)  Add Comments

04/15/2015 07:53am By Anonymous

No smart&final, I wanna go to silly & start market!!!!

04/15/2015 07:59am By Catty

No smart&final

04/15/2015 09:01am By Anonymous

really. i search nyc zip and return me AZ stores. thanks

04/15/2015 09:30am By Anonymous

No locations were found using your search criteria

04/15/2015 10:06am By Anonymous

West coast folks are getting up and see this deal....

04/15/2015 12:15pm By Anonymous

no twitter account

04/15/2015 12:30pm By Anonymous

3x credit. so spend $150 on each card ($50 per transaction) and get $75 back!

04/16/2015 02:29am By Anonymous

Can we buy GC from smart&final and got the credit?

Spend $20 or more, get $20 back at Amazon.com, YMMV
American Express - Spend $20 or more, get $20 back at Amazon.com, YMMV, Apr 14 Expired
American Express has new offers: get $20 credit back when you make $20+ qualifying purchase at Amazon.com. Expires 06/6/2015. Log in to your account and click "Amex Offers For You".

Comments (40)  Add Comments

04/14/2015 09:50am By Anonymous

Got 1 from a blue sky rewards card, thanks

04/14/2015 09:58am By Anonymous

Don't have it on my COSTCO card.

04/14/2015 10:02am By Anonymous

Can I purchase Amazon gift card with this credit?

04/14/2015 10:08am By Anonymous

Available in my Blue Cash Everyday, thx!

04/14/2015 10:16am By Anonymous

Got it on both my cards. Thanks

04/14/2015 10:27am By Anonymous

why i don't have in my blue cash everyday?

04/14/2015 11:10am By Anonymous

thanks. Found it in both amex cards

04/14/2015 11:35am By Anonymous

found it on Amex Everyday, thanks!

04/14/2015 12:16pm By Anonymous

no luck!

04/14/2015 12:53pm By Anonymous

got it, thanks.

04/14/2015 01:07pm By Anonymous

no in my amex

04/14/2015 02:01pm By Anonymous

got 2 for HHilton and blue cash

04/14/2015 02:07pm By Anonymous

Got 14 out of 15, thanks

04/14/2015 02:12pm By Anonymous

Can you purchase Amazon gift card?

04/14/2015 02:44pm By Anonymous

Is there a twitter code pleasE?

04/14/2015 03:12pm By Anonymous

No trust in Amazon.

04/14/2015 05:29pm By Anonymous

so this offer is only if you have blue card or white card too. please advise me anyone.

04/14/2015 06:16pm By Anonymous

not on my card. Why? Is there a lottery here?

04/14/2015 07:57pm By Anonymous

not on my costco amex.

04/14/2015 09:14pm By Anonymous

Not found on my green card. Bummer...

04/14/2015 11:26pm By Anonymous

No wonder that Costco serves the tie with AMX. AMX doesn't give Costco AMX card holders any promotion offers.

04/15/2015 01:38am By Anonymous

Gift cards-Yes, you can. I did it last year with the AMEX Blue Cash. No one in my family got this offer this time

04/15/2015 02:21am By Anonymous

not happening on AMEX Blue Cash

04/15/2015 11:17am By Anonymous

Is it available on amex delta skymiles card?

05/13/2015 10:33am By Anonymous

Have multiple different Amex Accounts Ie: Gold-Blue-Gold for Bus.-Blue for Bus.-BlueSky-Costco-Lowes etc. This offer is not on ANY of them.

TD Ameritrade Coupons
TD Ameritrade - Up to $600 in Cash when you Open & Fund TD Ameritrade IRA, Apr 03 Expired
TD Ameritrade offers Up to $600 in Cash with Open & Fund Your TD Ameritrade IRA. Offer valid for one new Individual, Joint or IRA TD Ameritrade account opened by 4/30/15. See terms and conditions for details.

Comments (5)  Add Comments

04/03/2015 02:01pm By Anonymous

hahahaha this is a big joke
you have to fund $250,000 to get $600 !!!
and you get this money back when you reach 65 years age !!

04/03/2015 02:14pm By Anonymous

just for laughs

04/03/2015 02:49pm By Anonymous

It is like if you deposit 1000$, they will give you 2$ 40 cents
after 65 ?.

04/03/2015 02:57pm By Anonymous

Not bad for roll-over. Otherwise no

04/03/2015 04:14pm By Anonymous

Not worth even for rollover. Too much hassle.

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scottsdalesilver@eBay has 2015 1oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin Brilliant Uncirculated for $1185. Shipping is free.

Comments (12)  Add Comments

03/31/2015 01:51pm By Anonymous

Not sure if this is a good deal. Gold price is $1182/ Oz anyways.

03/31/2015 01:54pm By Anonymous

I think it is a good deal... if you buy in store you end up paying 20-30$ extra then the gold price

03/31/2015 02:05pm By Anonymous

No Return. What if they ship to you a wood or some kind of crappy:)

03/31/2015 03:18pm By Anonymous

spot price now is $1182. normally this bar cost $50-$80 over spot. They are willing to sell it at a lost?? Why?? Because the big boys know that gold is going SOUTH !! Dont buy.

03/31/2015 03:32pm By Anonymous

Thanks Dealsea. Bought one.

03/31/2015 03:35pm By Anonymous

gold is falling, better off buying lumber liquidator stock or pork belly

03/31/2015 03:43pm By Anonymous

Saving $20-$30 on $1200 product, not a deal.
Similar deal was found on ebay.
People are trying to sell gold because its price is falling.
NOT a deal again. Dealsea, please don't fool us.

03/31/2015 03:57pm By Anonymous

I'm waiting for their dented and scratched clearance sale!

03/31/2015 04:57pm By Anonymous

I read on the Interweb the Swiss Pamp Bar is an alloy of recycled Swiss Watches. so it does contain some Swiss Movement which is often a combination of gruyere cheese and muesli that will require Pampers. That is why they call it a Pamp bar.

03/31/2015 05:30pm By Anonymous

Can it be used for cavity fillings?

03/31/2015 09:04pm By Anonymous

I'm in. I'm gonna be the first Asian gangster with grillz.

04/05/2015 10:25am By Anonymous

I will wait for B1G1F !!!

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Comments (4)  Add Comments

03/30/2015 07:17pm By Anonymous

Apmex not Amex

03/30/2015 08:29pm By Anonymous

Whenever seeing gold on sale on dealsea, it is time to short gold and make money.

03/30/2015 10:03pm By Anonymous

@03/30/2015 08:29pm By Anonymous -

yes, wait for it. going down and better sale price in a few months.

03/30/2015 10:54pm By Anonymous

@03/30/2015 10:03pm By Anonymous
Buy DGLD and make quick money lol

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Apmex via eBay has 1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin Random Year $25 OVER SPOT for $1213.60. Shipping is free.

Comments (3)  Add Comments

03/30/2015 06:57pm By Anonymous

should be 35 bucks as before

03/30/2015 11:59pm By lorelei

this is gold, not gold plated

03/30/2015 11:59pm By lorelei

this is 2015, not 1815

TurboTax Coupons
TurboTax Federal Free Edition: Prepare, print & e-file your simple return Free, Mar 27 Expired
Tax day is 4/15! TurboTax has a Federal Free Edition: Prepare, print & e-file your simple return Free.

Comments (7)  Add Comments

03/27/2015 02:42pm By Anonymous

So crippled it isn't useful

03/27/2015 02:50pm By Anonymous

i did my state thru ftb.gov.ca
got more than what TurboTax said

03/27/2015 03:03pm By Anonymous

How do I live forever?

03/27/2015 03:33pm By Anonymous

I got turbotax premier back in december for $10.

03/27/2015 03:50pm By Anonymous

Bet you got it thru a subsidized program, such as Flagship

03/27/2015 03:58pm By Anonymous

used turbotax for last 5 years, switched to taxact this year...$80 for turbotax charge VS $12 for taxact...

03/28/2015 08:03pm By Anonymous

How I miss those days of a simple return.

American Express Coupons
American Express - $5 Credit w/Purchase at Chevron Gas Station (Pump Only), $10 Credit w/Purchase at Lowes, Mar 16 Expired
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  3. A $5 statement credit should be issued within 90 days after your qualifying purchase.
  4. Similar offer: $10 Credit on $50+ Lowes Purchase when tweet #AmexLowes

Comments (6)  Add Comments

03/16/2015 09:49am By Anonymous

Great deals, Thanks

03/16/2015 10:37am By Anonymous

no minimum purchase requirement?

03/16/2015 10:42am By Anonymous

$25 min by 5/15/2015

03/16/2015 10:59am By Anonymous

Great, 6 of 6 cards have all of these.

03/16/2015 11:46am By Anonymous

Found the offer in the benefits section of the credit card without the need to sync with twitter

03/16/2015 02:34pm By Anonymous

No Chevron in IL?

Receive $20 Visa® Prepaid Card when you Buy $250 worth of Visa® Gift Cards (In Staples store only) Valid 3/15/15–3/21/15
Receive $20 Visa® Prepaid Card when you Buy $250 worth of Visa® Gift Cards (In Staples store only) Valid 3/15/15–3/21/15, Mar 15 Expired
Staples has a Visa Gift Card Deal.
  • Max it out with certain credit cards which can earn 5% back in points like Chase Ink Plus Card and Amex Simply Cash Business Card
  • In store only, Valid 3/15/15–3/21/15
  • $200 GC + $50 GC = $261.90 + $20 Visa Card + 1310 points
  • $200 GC + $100 GC = $312.90 + $20 Visa Card + 1564 points
  • 2X $200 GC = $413.90 + $20 Visa Card + 2070 points

Comments (13)  Add Comments

03/14/2015 11:22am By Anonymous

what are these points, is this introduced by staples?

03/14/2015 12:04pm By dealsea.com

5% back in points from your credit card, if you have one.

03/14/2015 01:03pm By Anonymous

dont forget the activation fee

03/14/2015 01:07pm By Anonymous

Limit 1 rebate per household

03/14/2015 01:43pm By Anonymous

Great deal.

P.S. If you don't the value of this deal, please act like an educated people and be silent. Don't show your ignorance.

03/14/2015 02:15pm By Anonymous

Your equations are messed up. Should be like
$200 GC + $50 GC + $20 Visa Card + 1310 points = $261.90

03/14/2015 02:31pm By Anonymous

in store only! ouw

03/14/2015 08:48pm By Anonymous

Great deal, but any proof for it? Like a flier? Is the $20 card through instant rebate? Thanks!

03/15/2015 07:56am By dealsea.com

You can find the sale on the weekly ad on their site.

03/15/2015 08:22am By Anonymous

At the end of the day you are saving 8$ when you spend 250$. That's a 3.2% saving (assuming you don't have a 5%cash back card.

03/15/2015 12:16pm By Anonymous

didn't see this deal in weekly ad. could someone share the link?

03/15/2015 05:52pm By Anonymous

6.95 purchase fee??? Why?

03/18/2015 01:11pm By Anonymous

Don't see this in the weekly ad. Can someone show us exactu where?

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2015 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin - Lot of 20 $373, Mar 07 Expired
MCM@eBay has 2015 1 oz .999 Silver American Eagle Coin - Lot of 20 for $372.95. Shipping is free.

Comments (2)  Add Comments

03/07/2015 05:08pm By Anonymous

Don't buy, silver will drop more!

03/08/2015 04:11pm By Anonymous

make rings out of it and sell for $250 a piece

2015 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin Lot of 20 $381 & more
2015 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin Lot of 20 $381 & more, Feb 24 Expired
ebay has Silver Bars & Rounds on sale. Shipping is free.

Comments (1)  Add Comments

02/28/2015 07:55am By Anonymous

Just got my social security check--I'm in!

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Comments (10)  Add Comments

02/11/2015 04:53pm By Anonymous

I logged into mine approx 2/11/15 1:45PM PST, and I do not see this offer yet

02/11/2015 05:09pm By Anonymous

Just checked and got it . Thanks

02/11/2015 05:35pm By Anonymous

No luck for my Blue Cash Everyday card

02/11/2015 06:04pm By Anonymous


02/11/2015 06:27pm By Anonymous

not for me :(

02/11/2015 09:06pm By Anonymous

bad link

02/11/2015 10:07pm By Anonymous

nothing :(

02/11/2015 10:27pm By Anonymous

There're no bloomingdales in this disgusting state of Texas

02/11/2015 11:27pm By Anonymous

What to buy?

02/12/2015 08:26am By Anonymous

two out of four cards have it but don't have anything to buy.

TurboTax Coupons
$0 for simple filers ($0 for federal, $0 for state, and $0 to file), Feb 11 Expired
TurboTax is allowing simple filers to complete their federal and state taxes at absolutely no cost to them—$0 for federal, $0 for state, and $0 to file with TurboTax Federal Free edition. Ends 2/16/2015.

Comments (20)  Add Comments

01/09/2015 01:50pm By Anonymous

Hot...in for 1.

01/09/2015 02:04pm By Anonymous

If it is simple like 1040NR, do you still need turbotax?

01/09/2015 02:11pm By Anonymous

you cannot use turbotax for 1040NR

01/09/2015 02:17pm By Anonymous

I think this is free for people who are either:

Have no children, or home

Not sure double check.

01/09/2015 02:43pm By Anonymous

I have w-2, and 1099, which version I should use?

01/09/2015 04:06pm By Anonymous

this is for people with miserable life...

01/09/2015 04:41pm By Anonymous

its for me!

01/09/2015 05:39pm By Anonymous

Yes, I am one of those people.
1. living in paid off house.
2. No car payment, No debt
3. High enough salary makes me out of child care credit

Standard Tax deduction only applicable.
Therefore, it works for me in every year.

01/09/2015 09:17pm By Anonymous

Plus no any kind of investment

01/30/2015 03:32pm By Anonymous

Paid off house still needs to pay property tax. You do not have a house, do you?

01/30/2015 03:48pm By Anonymous

Who qualifies?

If you're one of the 60 million Americans who file a 1040A/1040EZ, then you qualify. That means you have a taxable income of $100,000 or less and you claim the standard deduction rather than itemizing deductions. It also means you can be a first-time filer, single or married, rent instead of own, have kids, or are currently a student. A few examples of people who won't qualify include: homeowners, independent contractors, or those with medical expenses.

01/30/2015 04:02pm By Anonymous

Use excel

01/30/2015 04:15pm By Anonymous

I filed my returns a week back with (free) turbotax.
Married filling jointly with two children.
Federal return deposited into my checking account already.

01/30/2015 05:08pm By Anonymous

Hum. Standard deduction vs itemizing to deduct property tax. Who doesn't own a house here?

01/30/2015 07:15pm By Anonymous

He said he is living in a paid-off house, the owner paid it off, and he is just renting it, so no, he does not pay property tax, and he does not get any tax credit from mortgage interest either, so he does qualify for the free version!

01/31/2015 12:31am By Anonymous

it work alright,
I have mortage, rental income and itemized deduction due to the tuition cost.

01/31/2015 10:42am By Anonymous

worked for me too.
full-time emplyee

01/31/2015 01:59pm By Anonymous

Are you kidding me? you itemized solely because of tuition cost?
You better ask a CPA to do your tax return bro -.-"

01/31/2015 02:55pm By Anonymous


if you are in graduate school and pay lots of tuition, you will itemized deduction, plus I got mortgage interest.

01/31/2015 04:07pm By Anonymous

oh, didnt realize that you have mortgage interest.
For tuition only, I would suggest to take a tax credit instead of itemized. Because you will get the benefit of Standard deduction PLUS the credit.

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