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Verizon FiOS - $50/month (No Contract) for Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet (50/50 Mbps) + Local  TV + Choice of HBO or SHOWTIME
Verizon FiOS - $50/month (No Contract) for Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet (50/50 Mbps) + Local TV + Choice of HBO or SHOWTIME, Oct 01
Verizon has new offers: offering FiOS Quantum Internet (50/50 Mbps) + Local TV + Choice of HBO or SHOWTIME.
  • $50.00/month for 1 year with no term contract required
  • Activation fee waived
  • Limited time offer

Verizon offers FiOS Triple Play Offer (25/25 Mbps FiOS + Prefererd HD TV + Phone) $89.99/month (no contract). Or get $300 prepaid card (2 year term required)

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04/25/2014 02:56am By Anonymous

They do not care how long you are with them, all they wanted to do is to add more customer base. Loose one old customer, get 10 new customer is a better deal for them. The only thing that can save this madness is more provider play the google fiber. There is only 1 telephone company/1 cable company in a neighborhood. This have to change!

04/27/2014 09:53am By Anonymous

all these for new customer's, good. But what about the existing customer's who was with verizon. Do you want us to switch to comcast. I don't see any difference in the service.

04/29/2014 05:00pm By Anonymous

To 04/27/2014 09:53am
Swtich to Comcast. Their service used to suck, but now they seem to have put their act together. I switched from Verizon and haven't had a problem for 4 months. When Comcast raises your fee, you switch back to Verizon as a new customer. Keep doing it. That's how the market economy is supposed to work, right?

04/29/2014 11:45pm By Anonymous

verizon server is down

05/08/2014 11:57pm By Anonymous

@09:48am, did you have activation fee?

05/14/2014 08:09pm By Anonymous

Will Comcast match services? Did anybody had success?

05/27/2014 09:41am By Anonymous

The TV box costs an additional $14/month. Router is $5 more per month for rent. There's always a catch.

05/27/2014 07:51pm By Anonymous

Wish there was FiOS service in my area. I'm keep on moving away from FiOS covered area right after fiber installations are done. :(

Stuck with 1 ISP, and won't give me much discount. Only way to get good price is to become a new customer, but new customer price is not honored unless I have closed account more than 6 months ago.

If there were at least 2 ISPs, I could play that game.. :(

05/31/2014 11:15am By Anonymous


06/04/2014 09:21pm By Anonymous

Good deal. Stay away from Comcast. They suck.

06/04/2014 10:54pm By Anonymous

In one year, I have called 3 times, still can't get them to send me the $300 they promised, shitty company

06/13/2014 05:04pm By Anonymous

Beware. Just got this deal installed. Remote stopped working 2 hrs after VZ tech left. Call for new one, said we need to pay $15 to get new one. I explained that the first one is faulty, it's not like we used it for years then broke it, the tech says "let me repeat myself again"...SCAM!!

06/23/2014 07:32pm By Anonymous

How can i sign up for 15/5 for 29.99 ? I don't care about TV. I am looking for better deal on Verizon FiOS internet.

06/26/2014 07:04am By Anonymous

In Richmond VA, "1 Set Top Box is for $11/mo." and "$4.99 rent for router will be extra on the $50 price.", + , "total taxes and surcharges typically average 10-15%" So total is about $75/Mo

06/27/2014 01:02am By Anonymous

screw verizon. i was paying $50 for 15/5, and eventually they added a $1 surcharge.. then some months pass and they just hiked the price by $8 out of nowhere! i canceled my service with verizon that very same month. it's open season on customers whose price guarantee period expires. i'm lucky i'm in an area where i can choose between broadband providers.

06/27/2014 09:45am By Anonymous

worst customer service

07/03/2014 10:34pm By Anonymous

You guys are lucky for whom can pick between FIOS and comcast, in my home area, we only have comcast because Verizon & comcast made deal and Verizon is not going to come the area.

07/09/2014 11:30pm By Anonymous

New customer about to get fios installed tomorrow. They gave me a price of 89.99 for 2 yrs with 50/25 and preffered tv w sports channels. How can I get this deal? Plz help

07/20/2014 06:39pm By Anonymous

I had 25/25, my contract expired, and negotiated with Verizon and because they were not offering 25/25 anymore they bumped me to 50/25 at the same price. When this offer came for just $5 extra, they added the necessary discounts, and has now bumped me to 75/35 with just $5 extra. i was at 44.95(plus tax) with 25/25, paid the same 44.95(plus tax) for 50/25 and now charging me 49.95(plus tax) for 75/35.
btw, today there is another deal where they are bumping you up to symmetric speed for free, so they bumped me to 75/75 at the same price. Only thing you have to do is sign up for the Rewards program, which is also free.
You just need to negotiate. I have been with Verizon and its predecessor company for almost 14 years now. They do honor loyal customers. I have choices of comcast in my area, but have chosen to continue with Verizon..

08/22/2014 09:47am By Anonymous

Quantum has "symmetrical" connections, upload speed = download, go for one

09/17/2014 08:08am By Anonymous

Can we return the top box to save $12/month?

09/24/2014 02:58pm By Anonymous

Use code VEMUR001VZ when ordering.
You will get points worth 15$ for double play
25$ for triple play.
Code never expires and can combine with all offers.

09/24/2014 07:41pm By Anonymous

This is posted on 4/8,
tried to sign up, through internet, expired, not able to.
Tried to sign up through phone calls, sorry expired.
Please do not post this expired adz.

09/25/2014 03:40pm By Anonymous

The deal has been off and on several times recently. Works for me.

09/28/2014 07:56pm By Anonymous

Got Verizon excellent deal, trip plan $29.99/mo for 2 years, best deal ever

FreedomPop: Free Refurbished Photon Hotspot + Free Internet (500MB/Month) + Free Shipping
FreedomPop: Free Refurbished Photon Hotspot + Free Internet (500MB/Month) + Free Shipping, Sep 29
FreedomPop is offering Free Refurbished 4G Mobile WiMAX Hotspot + Free Internet (500MB/Month) Free + Free shipping. Read and follow carefully in order not to get charged.
  • There will be a temporary authorization charge of $29.98 applied to your credit card upon signing up. This authorization is cancelled immediately. Funds back to your account within a few business days. (Note: if you opt out of Premier when you order, then the authorization will be $19.99).
  • After signup, cancel following non-free stuff services:
  • 1) Cancel Premier trial: You might opt-out at sign-up, if not go to "My Account" (password in your email) > Services > Premier service > Deactivate near bottom right corner
  • 2) Downgrade data plan: Go to My Account > Plans and click on link for your current plan in the "My Plan" section. On details page, look a tiny downgrade link ("To downgrade your plan, click here") at the bottom.
  • 3) Cancel Auto Top Up: My Account > Billing > Billing Settings > Auto Top-up > Edit > Off
  • 4) Turn off "3rd party email contacts": My Account > Update Account Settings > go to bottom > e-mail preferences

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07/28/2014 05:07pm By Anonymous

LMAO, freedom pop?? More like freedom poop!

07/28/2014 07:16pm By Anonymous

They sent me the device three weeks later and started to charge me 24.99 one week after I got it and another 24.99 for initiation fees. I argued and they asked to send the device back and took me three calls to get money back.

07/28/2014 09:37pm By Anonymous

this is not a deal at all.

I don't understand why dealsea posted it here!

Please DO NOT mislead us!

07/28/2014 09:54pm By Anonymous

I was going to get this but your comments have scared from away. Thanks to those who took one for the team

07/28/2014 10:00pm By Anonymous

I guess not many out there can follow instructions! Been using freedompop for over 7 months! Completely free of charge!

07/28/2014 10:35pm By Anonymous

Got trick with some charges by freedompop when I signed up over a years ago, i think it was like $3 or $4... learned my lesson, canelled all the extra and I've been using it free of charge for over a year! The only concern i have is that sprint is shuting down the wimax 4g service at the end of 2015, and i dont want to pay for the expensive 4g lte device!

07/29/2014 12:30am By Anonymous

This carrier is awful. I bought a cell phone and received it after 3 months. The phone was not even working properly. I returned it.

07/29/2014 01:59am By Anonymous

It tooks 2 weeks for my device to arrive, once i received it, I disabled both auto top off and the premier service. The service is spotty but it did help me get connected several times. Its been 3 months and it is still free. No complain.

07/29/2014 08:08am By Anonymous

I could turn off the premier service. Do I also need to turn off the Premium Data Plan? looks like there will be a $19.99 monthly charge for the data plan.

07/29/2014 09:24am By Anonymous

beware, if you don't use it for 1 month, they charge you $0.99 automatically. So you have to keep using it every month.

07/29/2014 01:20pm By Anonymous

freedompoop is a notorious company...

07/29/2014 01:25pm By Anonymous

yes, be sure to downgrade your plan to the basic free 500MB/mth plan. I have been using it free of charge ever since.

07/29/2014 01:32pm By Anonymous

also, remember to turn off auto top off. otherwise, they will automatically precharge your account for extra data once u hit 400mb usage.

07/29/2014 01:39pm By Anonymous

great deal. it is truely for people who can read and follow instructions. remember, it is a company who need to make money hense all this restrictions... etc.

07/30/2014 04:48pm By Anonymous

I don't see deactivate on the premium servies page. can some one help? Thanks.

07/30/2014 10:01pm By Anonymous

Very small print on the bottom right corner! Took me awhile to see it

08/28/2014 08:54am By Anonymous

Tell ya - NO free lunch in the whole world.

Do NOT waste your time to get anything for free. Spending those time to make more money.

08/28/2014 09:57am By Anonymous

I like dealsea. Please do not post this kind of items anymore...

09/03/2014 05:31pm By Anonymous

Followed steps 1 3 4,not sure how to follow step 2, probably because the data limit is 500 MB. After doing these steps, my voice plan is still unlimited for $10.99 per month, which confuses me. Maybe it will downgrade automatically after the first trial month? Does anybody have suggestions?

09/03/2014 11:03pm By funk222

to: upstairs
I cannot do this either!
Seems have to pay at less $7.99/moth

Premium 500

Talk: 500 Minutes

Text: Unlimited Messages
$799 /mo


Talk: Unlimited Minutes

Text: Unlimited Messages
$1099 /mo

09/09/2014 04:19pm By Anonymous

To upstairs, The step 2 can be performed now.

09/26/2014 07:55am By Anonymous

This is really cool as this is 100% free. You have to call them to cancel any additional paid services that this device comes with. I have both free data 500MB month and also free 200 mins every month. Great but this phone sucks as it gets discharged within 2 hours.

09/29/2014 08:57am By Anonymous

the company is cheating. after you downgrade to free plan. they would change it back to a discounted fee based plan. And you cannot change it back to free. Actually they will charge your credit card first. And each time you call, it is at least 1 hour hold time.

09/29/2014 08:50pm By Anonymous

the unit is *not* free. it costs 29.99+tax

09/29/2014 09:14pm By Anonymous

i've bought 3 and it works fine

Angie's List - Annual Membership $6
Angie's List - Annual Membership $6, Sep 28 Expired
Sign up Angie's List is offering 40% off an Annual Basic Membership with code. Pay $5.99. Offer ends 9/30/14. Use coupon code: AUTUMN40.

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09/18/2014 02:54pm By Anonymous

Why do you need Angie's list if there are Yelp and FourSquare. They are free and have much more reviews.

09/18/2014 03:02pm By Anonymous

Why not us SAVE50 to bring it down to 4.99

09/18/2014 06:06pm By Anonymous

people who talk about the alternatives are talking out of their head - AL vendors give out some cool deals once in a while - used them like 5 times already

09/18/2014 09:52pm By Anonymous

Vendors charge angie's service charges back to their customers, get a local vendor and compare the prices. I'd prefer word of mouth rather than these anonymous lists.

09/19/2014 09:23am By Anonymous

got angies list subscription 6 months ago. yet to see a good deal; local referrals and word of mouth is the way to go, at least for me.

09/19/2014 09:32am By Anonymous

Angie's List is a middleman trying to add value by compiling information and other stuff to the already available public information.

09/20/2014 01:05am By Anonymous

Dealsea loses credibility by posting Angie's list as if it's worth anything. Look into how Angie's makes money, folks... a fool and his money...

09/20/2014 08:31am By Anonymous

Used Angies List several times - NEVER was dissatisfied with the companies I used - definitely worth the $5.99 price if you plan on using their services. I do value several recommendations from friends over reviews, but I don't know anyone that had a custom desk built recently, and I got two very good (not great) deals (house tinting and window/gutter cleaning) within the past year.

09/23/2014 01:46pm By Anonymous

Thank you for all the commends guys...
It really help me to decide if I want to sign up for Angie's list or not.
Mostly likely not...

09/24/2014 12:17am By Anonymous

Pay with Paypal to save 20%, and I got 3 years for $10.07

09/24/2014 07:29pm By Anonymous

never buy this deal or any other deal on angie's list. they don't give you access to anything. you have to buy services one by one after you pay them to get on their website and then they ask more and more money by every locality, type of service etc... it's ridiculous and it's a rip off!

09/27/2014 12:09pm By Anonymous

Maybe if you read about what you got before paying for it, you would have realized it. Most of us only want things nearby where we live. Maybe it's ridiculous and a "rip off" for you, but not for the majority of us that plan on using it in our area for the next year.

09/30/2014 04:37pm By Anonymous

50% off with code RENEW95

09/30/2014 05:19pm By Anonymous

Pretty much useless... Same reviews that I can read for free on HomeAdvisor etc. Instead - just ask people around you - neighbours etc. That's how I found good services, nothing from angie's list

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AT&T U-verse Coupons
AT&T U-verse - A year of Amazon Prime For Max Plus + U-basic & HBO included $39/mo for 12 mos, Sep 24
AT&T U-verse: A year of Amazon Prime For Max Plus + U-basic & HBO included $39/mo for 12 mos

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09/23/2014 09:25pm By Anonymous

Not valid for existing U-verse customers :(

09/23/2014 09:37pm By Anonymous

We wish we had better news, but Pennsylvania isn't in our service area.

09/23/2014 09:40pm By Anonymous

Man, sounds like a good deal. Too bad I am an existing U verse customer, and have prime already

09/23/2014 09:53pm By Anonymous

why the max speed I can choose is 18 mbp?

09/23/2014 10:21pm By Anonymous

same here. max speed is 18mbp

09/23/2014 11:34pm By Anonymous

damn!no uverse in my town

09/24/2014 12:09am By Anonymous

also the same speed for max 18Mbps. still checking with AT&T customer services.

09/24/2014 12:14am By Anonymous

h we had better news, but New York isn't in our service area.
Our wired services, like U-verse, are offered in select areas of 22 states, mainly in the mid-west, southeast, southern plains, Nevada, California, and Connecticut.

09/24/2014 05:29am By Anonymous

Done with U-verse and AT&T in general. Had service for just over a year and switched...extremely poor and unreliable speeds, and absolutely horrible customer service!

09/24/2014 08:30am By Anonymous

ATT charges $100 installation and $100 device fee on the first bill?

09/24/2014 10:37am By Anonymous

They do charge for installation and modem but they reimburse after one month. yes that is true that we cannot get more then 18 mb speed.

09/24/2014 11:09am By Anonymous

Just talked with a Rep. and was told the installation fee $99. Plus, there's additional $7 monthly fee for the TV (when you setup your TV) even if you don't choose anything.

09/24/2014 11:11am By Anonymous

Just talked with a Rep. and was told the installation fee $99 couldn't be waived or reimbursed, even I have a very recent U-verse modem. Plus, there's additional $7 monthly fee for the TV (when you setup your TV) even though you don't choose anything.

09/24/2014 01:41pm By Anonymous

more chances you won't get any reimbursement back even att said it

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$50 Gift Card (Dominos or Aeropostale) for $40, Sep 23 Expired
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09/23/2014 01:05pm By Anonymous

Is it a e-card or physical card?

09/23/2014 01:24pm By Anonymous

no Lowe's card

09/23/2014 01:24pm By theoso

Lowe's OOS

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09/23/2014 02:04pm By Anonymous

Bing is still alive. Surprise.

09/23/2014 02:05pm By volcomvenom

So stupid you have to search to get points. I'll stick to google search.

09/23/2014 02:09pm By Anonymous

no free lunch :)

09/23/2014 02:16pm By Anonymous

only for English language mode

Free Extra 15GB OneDrive Space w/ iOS, Android or Windows Phones
Free Extra 15GB OneDrive Space w/ iOS, Android or Windows Phones, Sep 20 Expired
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09/20/2014 09:47am By Anonymous

This is a joke.
baidu free 2TB, tencent free 10TB, and qihu360 free 36TB, MS free 0.002 TB. MS lives in stone age???

09/20/2014 09:58am By Anonymous

@ 09:47am

09/20/2014 10:06am By Anonymous

@ 09:58am

09/20/2014 10:38am By Anonymous

Two SBs

09/20/2014 11:09am By Anonymous

what is SB? super brothers?

09/20/2014 11:37am By Anonymous

>>what is SB? super brothers?
short for South Balance, in contrast to NB (North Balance(some call it NiuBee or Cow Virgxna)

09/20/2014 12:08pm By Anonymous

baidu is slow in usa. so is qihu

09/20/2014 01:00pm By Anonymous

Qihu rocks.

09/20/2014 01:00pm By Anonymous

Qihu rocks.

09/20/2014 01:31pm By Anonymous

If it comes to sharing my data with governments I choose to share my photos with uncle Sam rather than uncle Mao ...

09/20/2014 02:01pm By Anonymous

You fobs are all SBs.

09/20/2014 02:04pm By Anonymous

i fully agree with 09/20/2014 01:31pm By Anonymous

09/20/2014 02:08pm By Anonymous

OneDrive lost data... I don't recommend to use it.

09/20/2014 02:40pm By Anonymous

Love onedrive. Never list any data! Over last month they have increased upload limit per file to 10 gb and also increased throughput.

09/20/2014 04:32pm By Anonymous

Why do you need so much space? You have so much porn?

09/20/2014 06:44pm By Anonymous

yeah one more thing you coul do is hand over your files to chineese

09/20/2014 09:36pm By Anonymous

you guys know baidu cloud is different from onedrive(or dropbox), right?

onedrive and dropbox will create local folders, and sync with the cloud server. sharing files with your colleagues are also a lot easier with onedrive/dropbox. Baidu/360/tencent cloud are good at storing and sharing movies and so on. not too much on personal files.

09/20/2014 09:42pm By Anonymous

Who wants to share data with Mao and companies that have no respect for Intellectual property and cannot innovate, but merely copy other technology by stealing? I'd rather trust a company that developed the product and does not have government cronies behind the scenes.

09/20/2014 10:15pm By Anonymous

Upstairs, what are you blaming for?

09/21/2014 06:22pm By Anonymous

Thank you for the post. Love One drive especially Google drive hogs computer memories and hard on computers.

FreedomPop: Free Refurbished 4G Bolt USB Modem + Free Internet (500MB/Month) + Free Shipping
FreedomPop: Free Refurbished 4G Bolt USB Modem + Free Internet (500MB/Month) + Free Shipping, Sep 15 Expired
FreedomPop is offering Free Refurbished 4G Bolt USB Modem + Free Internet (500MB/Month) Free + Free shipping. Refer to this post and follow carefully in order not to get charged.

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09/19/2014 06:02pm By Anonymous

I signed up last time but never received the modem; instead they kept taking monthly fee from my credit card! not honest merchant.

09/19/2014 07:34pm By Anonymous

i agree with 6:02pm, freedompop is more like a scam they got so much fine prints on the contract.

09/19/2014 08:13pm By Anonymous

Deal is over.

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09/12/2014 03:10pm By Anonymous

Pass. BP gas prices are always higher than Shell in our area.

09/12/2014 03:33pm By tt100871

Are you kidding me? can save $50 just by filling you vehicle at Kroger..Who cares the $10 Amazon GC?

09/12/2014 04:38pm By Anonymous

and do 50 situps and 5 flips in 50 seconds.

09/13/2014 12:07am By Anonymous

Should not use the word "FREE"

Free 1 year AllClear PRO Identity Protection
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09/08/2014 06:51pm By Anonymous

Hmm.. What if AllClear gets compromised as well?

09/08/2014 07:01pm By Anonymous

Aha... Good question ! THEN Home Depot will sell you SuperUltimate protection for only $19.99

09/08/2014 07:27pm By Anonymous

So the hack is a prelude to selling protection? Nice!!!

09/08/2014 07:52pm By Anonymous


09/08/2014 11:15pm By Anonymous

How is this a "Deal"?? Congrats to whoever had his/her data breached and got this deal.

09/09/2014 01:11am By Anonymous

now, someone invades the home depot credit card database.

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09/05/2014 07:17pm By Anonymous

Will this work for international delivery too?

09/05/2014 11:39pm By Anonymous

code didn't work

09/06/2014 07:03am By Anonymous

is it worth? we get 24 roses for $11.99 or $13.99 from Costco

09/06/2014 08:29am By Anonymous

Guys it was only valid till yesterday 4 pm

09/06/2014 10:40am By Anonymous

still works.. I just placed an order. if it doesn't work use chat box to talk to someone. That's what I had to do.

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08/28/2014 02:22pm By Anonymous

How to use coupon online.Please advice. Thanks

08/28/2014 02:26pm By cheetah

Click "Get Offer" to receive coupon code in email.

08/28/2014 02:38pm By Anonymous

i see no online code sent to email. Only in-store bar code

08/28/2014 02:53pm By Anonymous

there is no online code

08/28/2014 02:57pm By cheetah

Copy the unique code on the email for your online purchase or print the email for in-store purchase.

08/28/2014 03:17pm By Anonymous

Well, bar code number is used online as well. Thanks cheetah

08/28/2014 09:25pm By Anonymous

worked for me. thanks

08/29/2014 10:00am By Anonymous

Bar code? Why do I have to use this for bar-related items? I don't even drink alcohol.

Amazon Coupons
$10 Amazon credit when you change 1-Click Settings to eligible Citi credit card, Aug 28
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08/26/2014 04:48pm By Anonymous

what do you mean? amazon is a fishing site?!

08/26/2014 05:00pm By Anonymous

Phishing Website. Careful..! It does not mean it is an amazon website, it means the link provided takes you to a phishing website )

08/26/2014 05:21pm By Anonymous

it takes you to an / ... website

08/26/2014 05:48pm By Anonymous

Easy money. It's amazon's mobile site.

08/26/2014 06:19pm By Anonymous


08/26/2014 06:29pm By Anonymous

citi bank sucks

08/26/2014 06:42pm By Anonymous

I've tried several times using my two Amazon Account. Still not working.

08/26/2014 08:07pm By Anonymous


08/26/2014 08:32pm By Anonymous

when I clicked the link it took me to the account settings but nothing was mentioned about the promotion.

08/26/2014 09:30pm By Anonymous

Doesn't work on Citi platinum select dividend Visa card. Wasted my time ordering and canceling because I didn't get the $10 discount.

08/27/2014 10:07am By Anonymous

Soon you will have somebody hijacking your amazon account and order giftcards ...

08/27/2014 10:27pm By Anonymous

citi bank killed this deal. Pass.

08/27/2014 10:44pm By Anonymous

tried last time and $10 was NOT honored by Citi.

08/27/2014 11:05pm By Anonymous

works for me.

08/27/2014 11:07pm By hanwuji319


08/27/2014 11:29pm By Anonymous

worked. thx

08/28/2014 12:56am By Anonymous

Thanks. It works when placing order in my phone.

08/28/2014 02:02am By Anonymous

great, works for me, thanks dealsea!

08/28/2014 02:14am By Anonymous

Thanks! Worked!

08/28/2014 08:04am By Anonymous

Didn't work before. Try again and now I have a credit of $10.00.

08/28/2014 09:23am By Anonymous

It worked. The product needs to be sold and shipped by Amazon.

08/28/2014 11:27am By Anonymous

It works for me and my girlfriend's Amazon accounts. Actually, once you add the promotion, you can checkout by your PC, not have to on your mobile phone.

08/28/2014 10:53pm By Anonymous

spend half an hour and did not get the credit

08/28/2014 11:08pm By Anonymous

Does it work for Citi Forward Credit Cards?

08/29/2014 11:22am By Anonymous

Can anyone comment on where exactly the credit shows up? Thanks!

LastPass Premium 1-Year Subscription for FREE
LastPass Premium 1-Year Subscription for FREE, Aug 25 Expired is offering a LastPass Premium 1-Year Subscription for FREE (reg.$12).
  • LastPass is a password-managing app that supports multiple operating systems, web browsers, and devices

Comments (4)  Add Comments  More @OthersAtDealsea

08/25/2014 09:09am By ac007

thanks dealsea

08/25/2014 09:14am By Anonymous

added a year to my sub, thanks

08/25/2014 10:51am By Anonymous

is this safe? give your password to someone else to keep? I think I will pass. Thank you.

08/25/2014 05:37pm By Anonymous

i am paying $12/y...
get it, it is a good service.

30% Off Skype Credit: $10 Credit for $7, $25 for $17.50 or $50 for $35
30% Off Skype Credit: $10 Credit for $7, $25 for $17.50 or $50 for $35, Aug 16 Expired
eBay has 30% OFF $10, $25 or $50 Skype Credit. Shipping is free.

Comments (1)  Add Comments  More @eBay

08/17/2014 05:38pm By Anonymous

connection fee? really?

AMEX Cashback Deal -  $10 back with 5 purchases of $10 or more between 8/15 and 9/13
AMEX Cashback Deal - $10 back with 5 purchases of $10 or more between 8/15 and 9/13, Aug 15 Expired
At American Express, YMMV
  • Log into your account at American Express, Go to "Account", scroll down to "Offers for you", Save offer into your account. YMMV

Comments (16)  Add Comments  More @American Express

08/15/2014 11:22am By Anonymous

Don't see it

08/15/2014 11:28am By Anonymous

American Express card tests its customer's tolerance.

08/15/2014 11:34am By Anonymous

Didn't see this offer in my blue cash account.

08/15/2014 11:36am By Anonymous

I saw 20 off $20 + purchase. Not this one though. yumm

08/15/2014 11:45am By Anonymous

don't see it on my costco one

08/15/2014 11:57am By Anonymous

no luck for me

08/15/2014 12:07pm By Anonymous

Any time you see YMMV, most likely is not gonna be a deal for you....

08/15/2014 01:22pm By Anonymous

Would be awesome.

08/15/2014 01:24pm By Anonymous

no deal for costco ae, never!

08/15/2014 01:57pm By Anonymous

Any reward cards better than Amex? Our case - We charge about 50k/year and always get 1+k cash back, that's more than 2% ...

08/15/2014 03:14pm By Anonymous


So true.

08/15/2014 03:27pm By Anonymous

didn't see it on my Amex

08/15/2014 04:45pm By Anonymous

Chase freedom visa card better than AMEX. For example, if you use the reward points to pay, one dollar needs 100 point at Chase, however, AMEX needs 166 points.

08/15/2014 07:06pm By Anonymous

didn't see such deals on my Amex for a long time.

08/16/2014 09:11am By Anonymous

re - 04:45pm
Not true at least for Blue Cash

08/16/2014 04:33pm By Anonymous

This is only for Amex Serve

Shutterfly - 2x 8"x10" Prints $3, 1 set of Address Labels $3, Magnet $4
Shutterfly - 2x 8"x10" Prints $3, 1 set of Address Labels $3, Magnet $4, Aug 14 Expired
Shutterfly is offering 2x 8"x10" Prints, 1 set of Address Labels or 1 Custom Magnet for Free with code through 8/17. Shipping is $2.99, $2.99 and $3.99, respectively. Use coupon code: SWEETPICK.

Add Comments  More @Shutterfly

Amazon: $10 Promotion Credit for $50+ Gift Card Purchase (YMMV)
Amazon: $10 Promotion Credit for $50+ Gift Card Purchase (YMMV), Aug 14
Amazon offers $10 Promotion Credit for $50+ Gift Card Purchase.
  • Surprise someone with an Gift Card, and get a $10 promotional code to spend on yourself in September
  • This offer might be for select customer only. Login your account, then click on the link to see if you are eligible

Comments (29)  Add Comments  More @Amazon

08/14/2014 11:20am By Anonymous

got one.

08/14/2014 11:24am By Anonymous

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.

08/14/2014 11:33am By Anonymous

Got one. Thanks Dealsea

08/14/2014 11:34am By Anonymous

Got one. Dealsea is great!

08/14/2014 11:45am By Anonymous

what am I missing, where is the link to find out, I have logged in but don't see it, thanks

08/14/2014 11:50am By Anonymous

amazon is not attractive anymore since it starts collecting tax in my state.

08/14/2014 11:52am By cheetah

After login, click the link on the post. You will see the offer if you are eligible (then just following instruction there). Otherwise you will see the message "not eligible for the offer". Good luck.

08/14/2014 11:52am By Anonymous

no deal for me.....

08/14/2014 11:53am By Anonymous

no for me.

08/14/2014 11:58am By Anonymous

Got one, thanks!

08/14/2014 12:01pm By Anonymous

Not for me either, but have to agree w/ others that Amazon is less competitive on pricing and delivery now. I start shopping elsewhere....

08/14/2014 12:06pm By Anonymous

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.

08/14/2014 12:15pm By Anonymous

No dice! Thanks for encouraging loyalty AMZN!

08/14/2014 12:43pm By Anonymous

I never received the 10 dollars credit back when in July they had this deal.

08/14/2014 12:49pm By Anonymous

Amazon sucks!

08/14/2014 12:51pm By Anonymous

Give $50 in Amazon Gift Cards, Get a $10 Promotional Credit for Yourself
Thanks dealsea.

08/14/2014 12:53pm By Anonymous

thanks Cheetah, but looks like its a no for me

08/14/2014 12:59pm By Anonymous

I believe its only for Students with a .edu email account. Not for me..

08/14/2014 01:19pm By Anonymous

my account is not .edu and I still get the promo

08/14/2014 01:34pm By Anonymous

I tried previously but Amazon did not honor $10 credit even though my account was eligible. Their said you order it before the promotion actually started.

08/14/2014 02:14pm By Anonymous

Got it thanks, LAks

08/14/2014 02:19pm By Anonymous

I have a student's account but don't have the deal.

08/14/2014 02:42pm By Anonymous

I got the offer but after I ordered the gift card, the confirmation email doesn't say anything about the $10.

08/14/2014 06:49pm By Anonymous

Got one. Anyone tried multiple purchases?

09/17/2014 09:27am By Anonymous

Can we purchase like $30 + $20?

TwoSmiles - 15% Off Gift Cards from Kohl's, Toys R Us/Babies R Us, Forever 21, Sephora & more
TwoSmiles - 15% Off Gift Cards from Kohl's, Toys R Us/Babies R Us, Forever 21, Sephora & more, Aug 08 Expired
TwoSmiles is offering 15% off Select Gift Cards with code valid 8/8 - 8/10. Only valid for these merchants: Aeropostale, AMC, Banana Republic/GAP/Old Navy, Bass Pro Shops, Forever 21, GameStop, Kohl's, Sephora, Sports Authority, Southwest Airlines, Toys R Us/Babies R Us. Use coupon code: SUMMER15.

Comments (8)  Add Comments  More @TwoSmiles

08/08/2014 03:16pm By Anonymous

always transaction error

08/08/2014 04:23pm By Anonymous

Code not valid

08/08/2014 04:48pm By Anonymous

not working on GameStop

08/08/2014 04:53pm By Anonymous

tried a few times, with a few cards, always transaction error

08/08/2014 05:07pm By Anonymous

Worked for me, thanks.

08/08/2014 07:19pm By Anonymous

i open the link with google chrom,

08/08/2014 09:26pm By Anonymous

it said the code is invalid

08/09/2014 05:43pm By Anonymous

not valid on Sephora

AMEX Cashback Deal - $25 Statement Credit w/ $75+ Verizon Fios payment, $5 Off $25 at Bed Bath and Beyond
AMEX Cashback Deal - $25 Statement Credit w/ $75+ Verizon Fios payment, $5 Off $25 at Bed Bath and Beyond, Aug 06 Expired
At American Express, YMMV
  • Log into your account at American Express, Go to "Account", scroll down to "Offers for you", Save offer into your account. YMMV
  • Enroll your eligible Card by 9/20/14 and pay your Verizon FiOS bill of $75+ at by 2/28/15 and get $25 back. Limit 3 statement credits.

American Express also has $5 statement credit for $25+ purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Comments (6)  Add Comments  More @American Express

08/06/2014 01:54pm By Anonymous

Don't see it, did see the BBB deal though

08/06/2014 02:24pm By Anonymous

same here, dont see the FIOS offer, but BBB is there

08/06/2014 02:26pm By Anonymous

selected card holders.I have 4 Amex cards only 2 have the offers

08/06/2014 02:37pm By Anonymous

which card has it? I have bluecash, I dont have it

08/06/2014 03:36pm By Anonymous

specific to the cardholder usually not the card ... One person may see it, but another on the same type of card won't.

08/06/2014 04:55pm By Anonymous

I wonder what is the definition of verizonfios. Does that include monthly payment to Verizon internet bill?

Free $5 Verizon Gift Card for Reward Members
Free $5 Verizon Gift Card for Reward Members, Aug 04 Expired
Verizon Wireless Daily Deal has $5 Verizon Gift Card for Reward Members for FREE. Register/Login to see daily deal. Deal ends today or until sold out.

Comments (3)  Add Comments  More @Verizon Wireless

08/08/2014 02:47pm By Anonymous

Ringtone gift card

08/08/2014 02:50pm By Anonymous

Can I resale Ringtone on ebay?

08/08/2014 03:26pm By Anonymous


PayPal Here Credit Card Reader Free AR
PayPal Here Credit Card Reader Free AR, Jul 24 Expired
TigerDirect has PayPal Here Credit Card Reader on sale for $14.99 - $4 promo code "NMK135340" - $15 Rebate = Free. Shipping is free. The Reader comes with $15 redeemable code that can be redeemed here. [amazon]

Comments (4)  Add Comments  More @TigerDirect

07/25/2014 07:18am By Anonymous

Seems like one can make $4 on this deal. Correct ?

07/25/2014 10:10am By Anonymous

Shipping is not free. All my options show $4.99 or more for shipping , is this correct??

07/25/2014 10:22am By Anonymous

How do you get the free shipping?

07/25/2014 04:58pm By Anonymous

I saw shipping cost, but when I logged in and checked out, I found no shipping at all, you can even choose the second day shipping, it's free too.

Verizon Fios Free Symetrical Upgrades
Verizon Fios Free Symetrical Upgrades, Jul 20 Expired
Verizon FiOS offers Free Symetrical Upgrades. If you had 15/5 you would get 25/25 at the same price, etc. Log in to My Verizon, go to My Services and then Add/Upgrade Services. You might need to join My Rewards+ or call customer service.

Comments (16)  Add Comments  More @Verizon FiOS

07/20/2014 05:31pm By Anonymous

they said it's 15/15

07/20/2014 05:36pm By Anonymous

upgrade from 50/25 to 75/75 for $3 more per month. Thanks dealsea.

07/20/2014 05:55pm By Anonymous

we have 75/35, can't upgrade higher,only upgrade to 75/75, no meaning

07/20/2014 06:28pm By Anonymous

Cable companies upgraded their customers, now everyone follow suit. US broadband speed ranking might look better next year.

07/20/2014 06:45pm By Anonymous

Thanks, Dealsea!
I just changed my 15/5M internet to 75/75M. Monthly rate is even $10 lower..... Unbelievable!!!

07/20/2014 08:44pm By Anonymous

Did not work for me, most likely it wouldn't work for NY / NJ customers.

07/20/2014 08:48pm By Anonymous

Same here, upgraded the speed and saved money, plus no contract!

07/20/2014 09:46pm By Anonymous

Is it a free upgrade?
I have 50/25

07/20/2014 10:51pm By Anonymous

I upgraded mine from 50/25 to 75/75 and the price drops from $50 to $35. Too good to be true?

07/21/2014 01:41am By Anonymous

i am using 50/25, after loin my rewards, they aoto. upgrade to 50/50, how can i upgrade to 75/75 for $3, i saw they have $10 more if upgrade to 75/75, do i need to call them over the phone?

07/21/2014 07:55am By Anonymous

Only free for one month!

07/21/2014 10:02am By Anonymous

It's a joke!!! I'm contracted for the next 21 months. I were to do this, I would have to pay extra $65 monthly for the last three months of my contract. It's like you getting an interest-free loan installment-free loan but you would have to pay the principal when the loan matures.

07/21/2014 01:45pm By Anonymous

Nothing is for free with bloodsuckers like Verizon and Comcast! Haven't we learnt that by now?

07/22/2014 12:33pm By Anonymous

I think this whole deal may be a pricing mistake, but I got the benefit from it. I originally got that 50/25 Fios plus local cable TV + HBO family package @ $50 deal. By signing up for the rewards, they upgraded my connection to 50/50 for free, and then I upgraded the internet to 75/75 and for some reason the monthly bill comes out to $35 for the first 12 months and $55 for the 2nd 12 months! I hope Verizon never figure this out if it was a mistake!

07/25/2014 12:13pm By Anonymous

Verizon has corrected this price error. And my bill resumed to the original price without noticing. Good job, Verizon!

08/06/2014 12:00pm By Anonymous

For those who lost old discounts after this upgrading, call 8554815512. Just tell the costumer service the situation and they will help you to add back your old discounts.

OneDrive Cloud Storage 15GB for Free
OneDrive Cloud Storage 15GB for Free, Jul 18 Expired
Microsoft OneDrive has is offering several plans for cloud storage.
  • 15GB Free, 100GB $1.99/month, 200GB $3.99/month
  • Office 365 Home + 1TB per user (up to 5 users) + 60 Skype World Minutes $9.99/month

Comments (26)  Add Comments  More @Microsoft

07/18/2014 05:49pm By Anonymous

Microsoft? haha

07/18/2014 05:54pm By Anonymous

@05:49pm It's actually a very stable and well-designed experience, even with my Mac and iPhone. Ever tried it or are you just guessing?

07/18/2014 05:57pm By Anonymous

What a joke of microsoft, guess too many people are signing up?

We're unable to complete your request
Microsoft account is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later.

07/18/2014 06:02pm By Anonymous

My question is how long? I subscribe Dropbox for 100GB @$9.99/mo. This is definitely a much better deal.

07/18/2014 06:09pm By Anonymous

Microsoft is really garbage

07/18/2014 06:51pm By Anonymous

FWIW, there is no time limit. 15GB forever.

07/18/2014 06:53pm By Anonymous

Or until MSFT folds, which is what some folks seem to want

07/18/2014 07:01pm By Anonymous

I got 25 GB free last year, works great!

07/18/2014 07:12pm By Anonymous

the main problem is too many of my colleagues use dropbox.

While it is a good deal, this is not very useful for sharing files with others.

07/18/2014 07:40pm By Anonymous

for the people who worry about how long. It's permanent. Actually future promotion will likely to bump it up. I started using OneDrive (old name SkyDrive) with 2 GB free, then they bumped it up to 5GB, then 8GB, now 15GB.

07/18/2014 07:51pm By Anonymous

M$ should be more generous in the future, as I know some competitors offer 2TB or more for free. But better than nothing.

07/18/2014 07:53pm By Anonymous

I am not MS fan, but one drive is much better than other cloud drive

07/18/2014 08:33pm By volcomvenom

What about Google Drive guys, I love google drive.

07/18/2014 09:00pm By Anonymous

i didnt even know i had 25GB already..

07/18/2014 09:17pm By Anonymous

I have everything synced up on OneDrive. Works perfectly! Moved away from Dropbox, they're a rip off!

07/18/2014 10:40pm By Anonymous

I am using both Dropbox and OneDrive. My OneDrive has 25GB and Dropbox only 2GB. But from my experience, Dropbox is much faster than OneDrive syncing files.

07/18/2014 11:04pm By Anonymous

@07/18/2014 10:40pm
So you play with your 2GB everyday, upload, download, upload download.... Got much fun, hah?

07/18/2014 11:33pm By Anonymous

got 30TB free from qihu

07/18/2014 11:51pm By Anonymous

@07/18/2014 11:04pm

What do you do with your Dropbox then if you don't upload and download?

07/19/2014 07:09am By Anonymous

I to onedrive from dropbox after using dropbox for three years. dropbox does not allow me to edit files.

07/19/2014 08:23am By Anonymous

What's so funny about offerings from Microsoft? Tim Cook's factories use windows OS.

07/19/2014 07:11pm By Anonymous

Thx, got it.

07/24/2014 11:10am By Anonymous

Just beware that OneDrive is EXTREMELY slow. I've been using over a week and UNIMAGINABLY slow compared with Dropbox. In the same network (WiFi), Dropbox takes a few seconds to update whereas OneDrive takes several MINUTES TO half an hour to update!

07/25/2014 10:25am By Anonymous

Slow, Slow, Slow.... I'd rather pay more money than using this SUPER slow sucker..

07/30/2014 10:07am By Anonymous

Takes almost forever...

Give $50 in Amazon Gift Cards, Get a $10 Promotional Credit (YMMV)
Give $50 in Amazon Gift Cards, Get a $10 Promotional Credit (YMMV), Jul 17 Expired
Amazon offers $10 Promotional Credit for giving $50 Amazon Gift Cards. YMMV. Offer ends 7/31/14.

Comments (8)  Add Comments  More @Amazon

07/17/2014 04:36pm By Anonymous

Unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.

07/17/2014 04:36pm By Anonymous

how does it work

07/17/2014 04:39pm By Anonymous

Can i buy $50 " Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery" to get this offer?

07/17/2014 04:40pm By Anonymous

What's "YMMV"? Thanks.

07/17/2014 05:39pm By Anonymous

Your Mileage May Vary
Which basically means this won't work for everyone, it may or may not work for you, you will just have to try it and see.

07/18/2014 01:24am By Anonymous

It works!

07/18/2014 09:50am By Anonymous

I saw this "Important Notification: This offer is valid ONLY to eligible customers. To qualify, you must purchase the Gift Cards using the account to which you are currently logged in."
Does that mean I am qualified?

07/18/2014 10:30am By Anonymous

I bought it but how do I know that I will have the $10.00?

$10 iTunes Gift Card for $5
$10 iTunes Gift Card for $5, Jul 16 Expired
PC Game Supply has $5 off an iTunes gift card with code itunesjuly. One code per registered phone number. Minimum gift card purchase $10.

Comments (2)  Add Comments  More @PC Game Supply

07/18/2014 04:14pm By Anonymous

Just fishing for your information

07/18/2014 11:51pm By Anonymous

This is not a valid code

TigerDirect - $15 off $100 one-time use discount
TigerDirect - $15 off $100 one-time use discount, Jul 16 Expired
TigerDirect has $15 off $100 Back to School offer. Enter your email to get a one-time use link for the discount.

Comments (2)  Add Comments  More @TigerDirect

07/16/2014 01:00am By theoso

You may need to use another email if you have redeemed a similar offer before.

07/16/2014 11:06am By Anonymous

bought two items, only receive one

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