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One-way Flight from $44
Southwest - One-way Flight from $44, May 25
Southwest has flight Sale: from $44/One Way. Book by June 2, 2016.

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05/25/2016 12:25pm By Anonymous

for flights after August 23rd. You should write that in the description. I wouldn't have even bothered.

05/25/2016 12:49pm By Anonymous

Not familiar with marketing tactics, I assume.

05/25/2016 08:01pm By Anonymous

dealsea gets income from our clicks

05/25/2016 08:17pm By Anonymous

And outcomes from our vnagias

15% off $200 or more Select Airline and Cruisel Gift Cards (Southwest, Delta, Carnival Cruise and more) - Ends 5/18
eBay - 15% off $200 or more Select Airline and Cruisel Gift Cards (Southwest, Delta, Carnival Cruise and more) - Ends 5/18, May 15 Expired
eBay has 15% off Select Airline and Cruise Line Gift Cards codes of $200 or more. Ends 5/18/16.

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05/17/2016 09:51pm By Anonymous

Good deal?

05/17/2016 10:54pm By Anonymous

can't check out

05/17/2016 11:00pm By Anonymous

can't check out too

05/17/2016 11:05pm By Anonymous

cannot process my paypal account...

05/17/2016 11:09pm By Anonymous

can not check out

05/17/2016 11:12pm By Anonymous

paypal sucks. it has ridiculous security mechanisms, which block tons of legit transactions. counting down its bankrupcy...

05/17/2016 11:13pm By Anonymous

can't use paypal to check out

05/17/2016 11:23pm By Anonymous

Just called paypal. It is not paypal problem. It is already sold out.

05/17/2016 11:29pm By Anonymous

No way to checkout, Paypal sucks.

05/17/2016 11:35pm By Anonymous

my paypal has been suspended. it really sucks.

05/17/2016 11:39pm By Anonymous

It should not be soldout yet. The number of sold item was ~5000 and it's 6300 now. It keeps increasing.

05/17/2016 11:41pm By Anonymous

cannot checkout.
Paypal will ask you verify your information by text message every time when you try to login, and eventually lock up your account after 3 tries.

05/17/2016 11:41pm By Anonymous

Bought a few, though have to switch to a very old paypal account to check out. Thanks dealsea.

05/17/2016 11:49pm By Anonymous

3 of my paypal accounts not working.

05/17/2016 11:57pm By Anonymous

bought $200 delta gift card. Thank you, dealsea

05/18/2016 12:05am By Anonymous

trying to check out then paypal limited my account

05/18/2016 08:24am By Anonymous

im not seeing the 15% discount, where to get it?

05/18/2016 11:18am By Anonymous

Scam. My Paypal account is locked and there is no discount gift card available.

All-Inclusive Trip (6-Nights) to Playa del Carmen, Mexico + Nonstop Air from Vacation Express from $449 per person
All-Inclusive Trip (6-Nights) to Playa del Carmen, Mexico + Nonstop Air from Vacation Express from $449 per person, May 12 Expired
Groupon has All-Inclusive Trip (6-Nights) to Playa del Carmen, Mexico + Nonstop Air from Vacation Express from $499 - 10% w/ code "RUNWAY" = $449/p. New customer can get 20% off with code "SANDY".

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05/12/2016 08:15pm By Anonymous

is this a good deal?

05/12/2016 10:11pm By Anonymous

better do some researh on this hotel on tripadvisor. Good reviews on google reviews but the reviews on tripadvisor tells you more.

Air Canada: New York – Hong Kong, Roundtrip, including all Taxes $380
Air Canada: New York – Hong Kong, Roundtrip, including all Taxes $380, May 05
Air Canada is offering New York – Hong Kong, Roundtrip, including all Taxes for $380. Valid for travel on the outbound from late August – early December for Monday through Thursday departures and returns
  • Sample Travel Date: September 20th – 28th

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05/06/2016 12:05am By Anonymous

Unfortunately, no flight results were found for the search criteria you have entered.

05/06/2016 12:15am By Anonymous

nothing available

05/06/2016 12:16am By Anonymous

Unfortunately, no flight results were found for the search criteria you have entered.

05/06/2016 12:38am By Anonymous

try LGB instead of JFK, it shows $380

05/06/2016 01:49am By Anonymous

The deal is pretty good. Lucky for you, people of New York City.

05/06/2016 04:21am By Anonymous

If you are between 18-30, single female, and willing to sit next to me for the however many hours on the plane, I will pay for your ticket. Business class even...if you are pretty.

05/06/2016 07:45am By Anonymous

I am pretty guy. Can you pay for me too.

05/06/2016 09:54am By Anonymous

i'm a pretty gay , can you pay for me too

05/06/2016 12:23pm By Anonymous

Just see $612. Who can specify a date fro 380?

05/06/2016 03:15pm By Anonymous

I'm pretty, married, unofficially seperated with my kid's daddy. I'm smart too.... only if you pay for my ticket.

05/06/2016 05:15pm By Anonymous

I am pretty, single and smart.......25 years ago. Will you pay for my ticket?

05/07/2016 04:34am By Anonymous

anonymous on 05/06/2016, 04:21am needs a deal for eHarmony.

Hilton Hhonors Promotion - Double Points
Hilton Hhonors Promotion - Double Points, May 03
Hilton Hhonors Promotion: Earn Double Points when you sign up and stay at any hotel between May 1 and August 31, 2016. Free to sign up.

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Los Angeles – Dubai, Roundtrip, Nonstop, including all Taxes $707
Los Angeles – Dubai, Roundtrip, Nonstop, including all Taxes $707, Apr 22
Emirates has Los Angeles – Dubai, Roundtrip, Nonstop, including all Taxes for $707. Sample Travel Date: November 14th – 21st.
  • Valid for travel on the outbound from late August – early December or January, 2017 – March, 2017 with a 7 day minimum stay
  • Must purchase at least 3 days in advance of departure

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Extra 10% Off (up to 3) Getaway Deals (3/22 only)
Groupon - Extra 10% Off (up to 3) Getaway Deals (3/22 only), Mar 20 Expired
Groupon has extra 10% off getaway deals with code "TRAVEL10" (up to 3 times). Max saving $50. Valid 3/22 only.

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03/22/2016 01:22pm By Anonymous

10%??? is it cashback?

03/22/2016 07:37pm By Anonymous

It says 10% (Up to $50) off. That means you pay 10% (Up to $50) less. How difficult is that to understand?

5-Day Iceland Northern Lights Vacation with Airfare from $599, 2-Nights Bahamas Cruise from $279
5-Day Iceland Northern Lights Vacation with Airfare from $599, 2-Nights Bahamas Cruise from $279, Mar 15 Expired
Groupon has select vacation/travel deals.

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03/15/2016 05:49pm By Anonymous

Include tax, 400 per person

$50 Prepaid Visa Card for Subaru Test Drive (YMMV)
$50 Prepaid Visa Card for Subaru Test Drive (YMMV), Mar 10 Expired offers $50 prepaid visa card with test drive of a new Subaru at a participating dealer's site. Certain models excluded.

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03/12/2016 06:49pm By Anonymous

Bring 10 people, you will get $500. Good deal.

03/12/2016 07:30pm By Anonymous

one of the best cars years after years period

03/12/2016 07:58pm By Anonymous

college field trip, i will assign all my students to go there

03/12/2016 07:58pm By Anonymous

How ? please advise ? see nothing about 50 gift car on website

03/12/2016 08:21pm By Anonymous

I got the $50....
But spend $35000 for a new outback. .......

03/12/2016 08:47pm By Anonymous

@07:58pm choose menu Shopping Tools-Special Offers, then click View Retailer Special Offers (goes to local dealer website).

03/12/2016 09:21pm By Anonymous

is that the new 2017 forester?

03/12/2016 09:58pm By Anonymous

my retailer has 25$....

3 Day Lucky You Sale: from $44/One Way
Southwest - 3 Day Lucky You Sale: from $44/One Way, Mar 10 Expired
Southwest has 3 Day Lucky You Sale: from $44/One Way. Book by March 10, 2016.

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$19 Select One Way Flight
Frontier - $19 Select One Way Flight, Mar 06 Expired
Frontier has select One Way Flight for as low as $19. Select dates and cities only. Book by 3/9. Fly between 3/29/2016 - 5/24/2016.

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03/08/2016 04:08pm By Anonymous

Frontier is good if you are single and aren't travelling far. They tack on a TON, and I mean A TON of extra fees for little conveniences. If you travel without a bag (just carry-on) and don't mind small seats, you can definitely fly for cheap.

03/08/2016 09:10pm By Anonymous

It's an absolutely acceptable option. If you are fine with traveling in the weekdays, you may get $29 per person each way. If it's a family of 3-4, you can check a bag for $25 each way. Total roughly 60*3+50=230

You get proper seats for free too if the plane isn't running at full occupancy.

This is not the only option, but definitely something that I have myself bumped into multiple times. Good luck fellow DSers.

New York to Milan Roundtrip $499
Emirates - New York to Milan Roundtrip $499, Mar 04 Expired
Emirates has 4 Day FLASH Sale through 3/7. For example: New York (JFK) to Milan Roundtrip for $499 for travel between 3/11 - 11/30. Choose departure city first.

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03/04/2016 01:04pm By Anonymous

Why Milan? I'd rather go to Dubai.

03/04/2016 01:36pm By Anonymous

You can go wherever you want.

03/04/2016 01:36pm By Anonymous

Dubai is good, just don't go during Ramadan :/

03/04/2016 02:04pm By Anonymous

The lowest I got is $767, not too high, but not close to $499.

03/04/2016 02:04pm By Anonymous

I will pay $500 to Dubai.

03/04/2016 02:35pm By Anonymous

Fuel Surcharge kills the deal . Not sure why we are stilling paying this when oil is at 30 bucks

03/04/2016 03:25pm By Anonymous

In Dubai oil is free what the h... Overpriced middle eastern airline. I'll fly American so I don't support terrorism. Thanks

03/04/2016 05:41pm By Anonymous

Uninformed jerk.

03/04/2016 09:57pm By Anonymous

To 03/04/2016 05:41pm;

If you think using Emirates terrorism, talk to your government and let them stop accepting planes from Emirates in to the country. Besides, tell the companies here not to make business at middle east. Ohh also, tell government not to play game over middle east countries and not to steal middle east oil.

You are just moron.

03/04/2016 11:31pm By Anonymous

Trump is, not us.

The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express - Earn 35K Starpoints
The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express - Earn 35K Starpoints, Mar 03 Expired

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03/03/2016 08:45am By Anonymous

Is 35K good? It seems low to me, with other hotels offering 75-80K. I'll sign up since I use Marriott and they are going to merge.

03/03/2016 08:57am By Anonymous

SPG hotels take as less as 3000 points, while others take at least 15000. SPG points are considered the most valuable by many.

03/03/2016 09:09am By Anonymous

spg will be merged into marriott, which has 80k points offer

03/03/2016 09:10am By Anonymous

Marriott's offer is much better, plus there are more Marriott properties in the U.S., and Marriott had already acquired SPG a few months ago

03/03/2016 09:29am By Anonymous

I'd recommend churning this card first. The points will be converted to MR points after the merger and will likely have at least a 2:1 redemption value (i.e, 70k MR points). No one knows for sure, but it's highly likely that it won't be a 1:1 conversion. Then you can churn the MR card for the 80k.

03/03/2016 09:38am By Anonymous

Got one last month, can I get a match for this new offer?

03/03/2016 10:40am By Anonymous

This is the best credit card I ever had, and I have had it for almost 10 years now. This is my primary credit card. I only use other credit cards if they don't accept Amex. SPG points are much more valuable. And Amex's customer service is simply unbeatable. I used the purchase protection feature once when a store charged me 15% restocking fee for return, and used the extended warranty once when my 2 year-old laptop's battery went bad. Both times, the call took only 2-3 minutes, and Amex quickly reimbursed me the money after I emailed them only a copy of receipt. I have other cards that claim to have the same feature. But when you actually call them to use the feature, it's whole different story. (Ex. Capital One). I feel Amex customer service assumes everyone is honest and decent, while other credit card customer service assumes you are a thief or someone who game the system.

If SPG no longer partners with Amex after the merger, I will get a different Amex card. Their customer service is worth paying $100/year for.

03/03/2016 09:14pm By Anonymous

When you talk about credit card customer service, try discover too, it's always tied to or slightly better than Amex

04/18/2016 12:33pm By Anonymous

I saw this on Dealsea and signed up for it. After 2 months I spent 3,500 and didn't see the bonus. I chatted with them. They inform me that because I had a similar card in 2012, I am not eligible for the bonus. I said that they should have made that clear when i signed up, and they responded that it was in the agreement. Needless to say I am unhappy, and I can't recommend this card. They don't even let you get a transcript of your chat, you have to screenshot it. Very shady bunch.

Flight Los Angeles to Stockholm (one-way) $47.90 via SAS
Flight Los Angeles to Stockholm (one-way) $47.90 via SAS, Feb 22 Expired
SAS has Flight Los Angeles to Stockholm, one-way, for the dates March 14,15,16,17, 20, 21, 22 and 23 for $47.90.

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02/23/2016 10:15pm By Anonymous

SOS Airline??

02/23/2016 10:16pm By Anonymous

Return trip super expensive

02/23/2016 10:24pm By Anonymous

then fly Norwegian back

02/23/2016 10:28pm By Anonymous

return trip must be expensive

02/23/2016 10:32pm By Anonymous

they want you to stay there till the return fare comes down so that you can enjoy

02/23/2016 10:37pm By Anonymous

return by cargo ship!

02/23/2016 10:44pm By Anonymous

They make sure you guys never return. ;-)

02/23/2016 10:45pm By Anonymous

They already predicting that Trump is going to be the president?

02/23/2016 11:00pm By Anonymous

Return? Come on boys, It's Sweden. Hot blondes everywhere

02/23/2016 11:15pm By Anonymous

maybe last year, this year refugee is everywhere.

02/24/2016 12:17am By Ripery

Just one-way flight ,lol . Wonder how much it takes for the return flight

02/24/2016 12:19am By Anonymous

see you guys no more... bye!

02/24/2016 12:34am By Anonymous

One way trip only. You have no more chance to come back. Danger people everywhere in Europe right now. When you arrive in Stockholm, you will be out of freedom.

02/24/2016 12:41am By Anonymous

What are u doing there in March? Hide in an ice cave?

02/24/2016 07:26am By Anonymous

>02/23/2016 10:45pm By Anonymous

Thank you for good laugh this morning :) You made my day :)

02/24/2016 07:36am By Anonymous

nah, to cold for refugees :) By the way, if you move there, make sure you "stay on welfare", income tax rate is about 50% :)

02/24/2016 09:15am By Anonymous

Just stay there - this country is going downhill fast with an old, narcissistic reality TV star who is a 1%-er our next Prez? Good Lord! Use that 1-way tkt and GET OUT!!

02/24/2016 09:24am By Anonymous

>>> anonymous on 02/24/2016, 09:15am

He is just helping democrats to win again (I hope). Otherwise he will rename USA to United state of Trumpiania...

Extra 10% off Hotel & Travel (Max $50)
Groupon - Extra 10% off Hotel & Travel (Max $50), Feb 05 Expired
Groupon is offering an extra 10% off Hotel & Travel Deal with promo code "HOTEL10". Max 3 uses per customer. Max $50 discount per deal. Deal ends 2/7.

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3 or 4 Nights Bahamas Cruise (Freeport, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Cay) from $249
3 or 4 Nights Bahamas Cruise (Freeport, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Cay) from $249, Feb 02 Expired
Groupon has Bahamas Cruise from - Freeport, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Cay from $249 per person.

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02/02/2016 01:00pm By Anonymous

its always that price, even in july/aug

02/02/2016 01:29pm By Anonymous

why disney charges 1000+ for this

02/02/2016 01:37pm By Anonymous

Disney has Mickey, priceless.

02/02/2016 01:59pm By Anonymous

Now they all have Zika virus

02/02/2016 02:17pm By Anonymous

Zika virus! CDC has issued warnings. not a good idea to travel to those regions in a ship packed with others.

02/02/2016 02:32pm By Anonymous

Don't worry about Zika if you are not going to have a baby in 1 year.

02/02/2016 03:12pm By Anonymous

Disney cruise is for family with little kids, others might be more suitable for adults, especially in honey mood...

02/02/2016 04:21pm By Anonymous

@2:32 PM - They don't know how long the virus can stay in your system. So 1 year is not really a good guideline.

02/02/2016 06:11pm By Anonymous

Zixa is in Texas now. Wear deet but don't go if PG.

02/02/2016 09:24pm By Anonymous

Don't worry. Donald Trump has promised to have the zika virus deported.

02/02/2016 09:30pm By Anonymous

Is he going to ask Mexican to build Great Wall of America?

02/02/2016 09:54pm By Anonymous

Zika is believed to be mosquito and sexually transmitted. So a little care, and you will be fine. No sex with insects. Other illnesses could ruin your trip, however.

Virgin Airlines - Los Angeles to Hawaii for $169 One Way
Virgin Airlines - Los Angeles to Hawaii for $169 One Way, Jan 31 Expired
Virgin America Airlines is offering Los Angeles to Hawaii for $169 One Way. Book by 2/2 for travel during Monday through Thursday from 5/5 - 10/5, .

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02/02/2016 06:49pm By volcomvenom

Best deal I've seen in a while.

02/02/2016 06:52pm By Anonymous

5/5 - 10/5 is off season

02/02/2016 06:52pm By volcomvenom

I may book a one way trip and never come back!

02/02/2016 06:59pm By Anonymous

^good idea if you've got winter blues. Buy one-way at the airport, loose your ID on the plane, and claim you are Syrian when you arrive.

02/02/2016 07:20pm By Anonymous

only a deal if you are not coming back

02/02/2016 09:44pm By Anonymous

$340 round trip....not a huge deal.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas - $39 One Way
Virgin America Airlines - Los Angeles to Las Vegas - $39 One Way, Jan 26
Virgin America Airlines is offering Los Angeles to Las Vegas - $39 One Way on Tuesday and Wednesday's flights from Feb to Jun.

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01/26/2016 07:18pm By Anonymous

pass. VERY limited options

01/26/2016 08:13pm By Anonymous

booked jet blue last year from IAD to vegas for $19, $38 R/T

01/27/2016 11:31am By Anonymous

The worst airline ever

Round Trip Flight between New York / Chicago / Seattle / Los Angeles and HongKong by Asiana $549
Orbitz - Round Trip Flight between New York / Chicago / Seattle / Los Angeles and HongKong by Asiana $549, Jan 26 Expired
Orbitz has Round Trip Flight between New York / Chicago / Seattle / Los Angeles and HongKong by Asiana (Connecting in Seoul) for $549 (including Taxes). See [sample itinerary]

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01/26/2016 12:32pm By Anonymous

Is this the airline that crashes plane into sea wall in San Francisco? the pilot did know how to fly?

01/26/2016 12:36pm By Anonymous

Yes, that's the same airline.

01/26/2016 12:42pm By Anonymous

Asiana is the worse airline in East Asia

01/26/2016 12:49pm By Anonymous

it's rediculous you have to stay in Seoul 15hrs for connection.

01/26/2016 12:55pm By Anonymous

Asiana is fine. i had a great experience with them.

01/26/2016 12:55pm By Anonymous

everything is fine for this airline except that its pilots don't really know how to fly

01/26/2016 01:11pm By Anonymous

They don't speak English?

01/26/2016 01:12pm By Anonymous

W.T.F. +2 on flight time to HongKong, that's insane.

01/26/2016 02:01pm By Anonymous

They are all okay until they are not okay.

01/26/2016 02:13pm By Anonymous

Going to HongKong!!! Thanks.

01/26/2016 02:25pm By Anonymous

my comments has been removed

01/26/2016 05:34pm By Anonymous

My experiences of flying with Asiana were all great. They were very friendly, spoke good English and helpful.

01/26/2016 05:50pm By Anonymous

Never take Asiana, but they are the only airline (Fly from LAX) with A380, which giving very generous 33" leg room (the other 33" alternative is EVA B777) Most inter-continental flight only offer 31". If you are a talk guy, that's a big plus.
However, no comment on layover hours and pliot quality.... Take it on your own risk....

01/26/2016 07:11pm By Anonymous

Asiana Airlines has been rated as a 5-star airline for a decade in a row, based on Skytrax. The service quality cannot be compared to all US carriers and other foreign carriers.

01/26/2016 08:24pm By Anonymous

Asiana is terrible? What are you comaring to? Or what things are you considering? I have been taken flights to Asian countries many times and can surely tell you Asiana is one of best for services and airplane conditions.

01/27/2016 12:04am By Anonymous

The service was good, the flight attendants may look the same... However, talking about the safety...You may take it after buying some life insurance...

2X RoundTrip Tickets from New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP) for $899 (Book by 1/27 for travel 2/1 to 11/30)
Emirates - 2X RoundTrip Tickets from New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP) for $899 (Book by 1/27 for travel 2/1 to 11/30), Jan 25 Expired
Emirates is offering 2X RoundTrip Tickets from New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP) for $899* in Economy Class, $3,999* in Business Class and $7,999* in First Class. Book by January 27 for travel from February 1 to November 30, 2016. Blackout dates apply.

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01/25/2016 10:55am By Anonymous

This is not a great deal, last April i travelled for 450 between JFK and Milan in economy class

01/25/2016 10:57am By Anonymous

How could this price be considered as a deal? Half of it may be.

01/25/2016 10:59am By Anonymous

for two roundtrip tickets.

01/25/2016 10:59am By Anonymous

Yah.. No Deal!

01/25/2016 11:03am By Anonymous

no deal, not even a regular price!

01/25/2016 11:03am By Anonymous

This is a great deal, IMO. 2 Tickets for 899$.

01/25/2016 11:28am By Anonymous

Morons, its for 2 roundtrip ticket. per person it is $450

01/25/2016 11:33am By Anonymous

It is a very good deal!

01/25/2016 11:41am By Anonymous

That's normal fir business class

01/25/2016 12:00pm By Anonymous

this is the fare for 2 passengers so the airfare per person needs to be divided by 2. Actually it is a great deal!!!

01/25/2016 12:22pm By Anonymous

Not that great of a deal, considering that any member of the crew at any moment can decide to wage jihad... Many bargain hunters discovered this too late, while traveling to Egypt, Tunisia etc. If you disagree - by all means, go for it, just don't expect anybody to be sorry for you when you are slaughtered

01/25/2016 12:26pm By Anonymous

That's a very ignorant comment, pea-sized brain!

01/25/2016 12:35pm By Anonymous

@12:22, no, Emiratis don't work, all their skyscraper building labor is foreign and the planes are flown and staffed usually by Westerners.

01/25/2016 01:26pm By Anonymous

I checked the website, do not see the price shows up, for 2 the prices is 2300+. Anyone has an idea on who to book it?

01/25/2016 02:54pm By Anonymous

I just booked 2 pax from JFK/MXP, dept date 2/1-2/9 for $897

01/25/2016 04:30pm By Anonymous

its perfect deal i flew last year and had Amazing experience!!!

01/25/2016 05:40pm By Anonymous

Count me in for 2 first class tickets. 16k. wahoo!!!!

01/26/2016 06:30am By Anonymous

Bought 4 for $1777, great deal

01/26/2016 11:41am By Anonymous

Are drink serving ladies there all wrapped in black ? Are they accompanied by male relative ?

Earn a Free Night with Two Stays
Marriott - Earn a Free Night with Two Stays, Jan 21 Expired
Marriott has Earn a Free Night with Two Stays promotion. Offer ends 4/15/16.

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01/21/2016 07:14pm By Anonymous

Wish for one more week

01/21/2016 11:23pm By Anonymous

Marriott bought Starwood hotels so they're my first pick then Hilton. Last is IHG brands.

01/21/2016 11:55pm By Anonymous

Cool, I just booked at the one in London.

01/22/2016 02:19am By Anonymous

If I book my two nights with my rewards, can I still get the one night free promotion?

01/22/2016 02:55am By Anonymous

You need 2 stays within a given period.

01/22/2016 06:38pm By Anonymous

i clicked, it said this offer has ended Dec 31st. Is it exclusive for Gold or Platinum members?? i am not one

Flight Sale: SFO-Vegas roundtrip $38 and more
Frontier - Flight Sale: SFO-Vegas roundtrip $38 and more, Jan 21 Expired
Frontier has select trips on sale. Many Flights are under $50.

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01/21/2016 10:50am By Anonymous

Too bad they don't have my area on sale (MD) :(

$19 Select One Way Flight
Frontier - $19 Select One Way Flight, Jan 19 Expired
Frontier has select One Way Flight for as low as $19. Select dates and cities only. Book by 1/20/16. Fly between 1/19 - 2/14.

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01/19/2016 04:20pm By Anonymous

Carry-on for $35

01/19/2016 08:10pm By Anonymous

carry a backpack, free

FREE 1,000 Spirit Airlines Miles
FREE 1,000 Spirit Airlines Miles, Jan 14 Expired
Spirit offers its members (free to join) 1,000 Spirit Airline Miles for FREE. Miles will be posted to your account within 14 days.

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01/15/2016 02:26am By Anonymous

Who would want to fly Spirit? Carry On - Fees, Baggage Fees, Snack Fees..all fees

01/16/2016 11:53am By Anonymous

I wouldn't fly spirit even if it gave me million free miles.

Select One-Way Flight Between Chicago (MDW) and Los Angeles (LAX) for $41
Southwest - Select One-Way Flight Between Chicago (MDW) and Los Angeles (LAX) for $41, Jan 06 Expired
Southwest offers One-Way Flight between Chicago Midway (MDW) to Los Angeles (LAX) for $41 each way. Valid on select dates in April and May. See Example.
  1. Go to
  2. Choose Flexible dates to see the flight price for each date (April and May)

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01/08/2016 04:23pm By Anonymous

it is a BSSS.......didn't see anything blow $150~

01/09/2016 12:09pm By Anonymous

Hello BSSS, check flexible days option to see it. Only 6 or 7 days over 150 and rest is around 120 or less. April 10th is 79.

Extra 10% Off Spring Break Getaways
Groupon - Extra 10% Off Spring Break Getaways, Jan 06 Expired
Groupon has Extra 10% Off Spring Break Getaways with code "BREAK10". Max saving $50. Valid 1/10/16 only.

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United Airline Chicago - Beijing Round Trip $559
Orbitz - United Airline Chicago - Beijing Round Trip $559, Dec 24 Expired
Orbitz / Priceline / United Airline offers United Airline Chicago - Beijing Round Trip for $559. Bookable in March 2016. see Sample itinerary.

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12/24/2015 07:39pm By DisgusMan

Travel from the windy-city to the you-cant-breathe city. YAY!

12/24/2015 07:54pm By Anonymous

Bring the wind to the smog

12/24/2015 08:13pm By Anonymous

that is why we call that city BJ, dude

12/24/2015 09:56pm By Anonymous

United ! Very bad food and service ( they served COLD bread roll)

12/24/2015 10:15pm By Anonymous

perfect. Just when US and British embassies issued threat warnings in Beijing today!

12/24/2015 11:06pm By Anonymous

bookable in March --- does it mean that you can only book the flight in the coming March or the flight has to be in March?

$50 Off with $100+ Hotel Stay
Orbitz - $50 Off with $100+ Hotel Stay, Dec 14 Expired
Orbitz offers $50 Off with $100+ Hotel Stay with code "MASTERPASS" using your MasterCard in MasterPass. Qualifying hotels are labeled "Promo Code Eligible". Book by 12/31/2015 (12:00 p.m. CT) and travel by 06/30/2016.

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12/14/2015 01:55pm By Anonymous

Can I use it multiple times?

12/15/2015 11:57pm By Anonymous


12/16/2015 11:15am By Anonymous

not expire yet

Delta Airlines: Los Angeles – Shanghai, non-stop RT $640
Delta Airlines: Los Angeles – Shanghai, non-stop RT $640, Nov 11 Expired
Expedia has Los Angeles – Shanghai, non-stop RT for $640.

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11/11/2015 02:12pm By Anonymous

Is that a deal? Don't think so

11/11/2015 02:17pm By Anonymous

Delta = expensive, unfriendly!!
They won't let Emirates, Qatar and others start service from Detroit, Wish this company soon dies!!!

11/11/2015 02:21pm By Anonymous

Invalid link for expedia

11/11/2015 02:25pm By cheetah


11/11/2015 02:50pm By Anonymous


I think Detroit will die sooner than Delta

11/11/2015 02:52pm By Anonymous

@ 02:50pm

At least, I'll strive to be alive to see delta go down after Detroit :)

11/11/2015 03:01pm By Anonymous

Apple car will die infant.

11/11/2015 03:04pm By Anonymous

Be nice, be friendly, be respectful, DELTA will accept your attitude.

11/11/2015 03:46pm By Anonymous

and pay more...

11/11/2015 05:02pm By Anonymous

it is a good deal

11/11/2015 07:20pm By Anonymous

Why it is a deal?

11/12/2015 05:07pm By Anonymous

because it's cheaper

11/12/2015 09:55pm By Anonymous

If you travel btw 12/04 - 12/28, the fare will be less than $530, check it out on

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