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Chase Freedom 2nd Quarter Cashback - 5% on Restaurants and Lowe's Home Improvement
Chase Freedom 2nd Quarter Cashback - 5% on Restaurants and Lowe's Home Improvement, Mar 15
Chase Freedom: activate your 2nd Quarter Cashback - 5% Cashback on following categories when you shop with your Chase Freedom credit card, April - June, 2014.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Restaurants

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03/15/2014 10:20am By Anonymous

thanks for reminding me.

Citi ThankYou® Premier Card
Citi ThankYou® Premier Card, Mar 03
Citi ThankYou® Premier Card.
  • Earn up to 50,000 bonus ThankYou® Points. Bonus points are redeemable for up to $500 in gift cards, up to $625 for airfare or other great rewards
  • Earn 20,000 points after $2,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening
  • Earn an additional 30,000 points after another $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of your second year of being a cardmember
  • Earn 3 ThankYou Points for every $1 spent on purchases for dining at restaurants and entertainment
  • Earn 2 ThankYou Points for every $1 spent on purchases for airfare and hotels
  • Earn 1 ThankYou Point per $1 spent on other purchases
  • Points do not expire and earn unlimited Thank You Points
  • Travel with ease and enjoy chip based technology

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02/13/2014 07:31pm By Anonymous

" first 3 months of your second year of being a cardmember", is the year mean calendar year or circle year? thanks

02/13/2014 10:21pm By

"your second year of being a cardmember"

02/14/2014 09:46am By Anonymous

still confused. If I am a cardmenber since last November, should this Febuary be my second year? or should be untill this December.

02/16/2014 01:54am By Anonymous

This is chip and signature not chip and pin

02/22/2014 11:03am By Anonymous

Second year starts one year from the day you get your card, that is 12 months later.

02/22/2014 03:19pm By Anonymous

$125 fee after one year to get 30,000 points

Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card
Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card, Mar 01
Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card:
  • Get 25,000 points for 1 ROUNDTRIP FLIGHT after you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months of opening your account. Government fees as low as $5 not included.
  • Get 6,000 points after your Cardmember Anniversary.
  • Earn 2 points per $1 spent on Southwest Airlines® and AirTran® Airways purchases made directly with the airlines and on Rapid Rewards Hotel and Car Rental Partner purchases.
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • Redeem points for gift cards, car rentals, cruises, hotel stays, and international flights to over 800 Destinations on 50+ global carriers.
  • No foreign transaction fees

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Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card - Earn $100 cash back after $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening
Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card - Earn $100 cash back after $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening, Feb 27
Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card
  • Earn $100 cash back after $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening
  • Earn 5% cash back every quarter in must-have categories. Right now, on purchases at The Home Depot®, home furnishing and home and garden stores from 4/1/14 through 6/30/14.
  • Enrollment each quarter is quick and easy
  • Earn 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • The total cash back earned with the card is $300 per calendar year, excluding the $100 cash back with this offer. See Citi Dividend Card Reward Program Information.
  • 0% Intro APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers for 12 months. After that, the APR will be 12.99%-22.99% variable based on your creditworthiness*
  • No Annual Fee*
  • Click Apply Now to see pricing details

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02/27/2014 09:40pm By Anonymous

Balance Transfer Fee: Either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card offers 50,000 miles after $1,000 spend
The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card offers 50,000 miles after $1,000 spend, Dec 14
The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card (Bank of America) offers 50,000 miles after $1,000 spend. You earn 25,000 Bonus Miles upon approval and an additional 25,000 Bonus Miles after making at least $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days of the account open date. To see how much their ticket costs by miles, click here.

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12/14/2013 06:09pm By Anonymous

Nice if it was without yearly fee

12/14/2013 06:17pm By Anonymous

Second that

12/14/2013 06:28pm By Anonymous


12/14/2013 07:26pm By Anonymous

Credit card companies already make so much charging fees to the merchants and other fees to card holders (late fees, interests, etc), charging annual fees just seem a bit overboard.

12/14/2013 07:49pm By Anonymous

You must be very careful! You could get nothing if you do not receive invitation from them.

This one-time promotion is limited to new customers opening an account in response to this offer and is valid for a limited time by invitation only.

12/14/2013 08:01pm By Anonymous

Issued by BofA - BofA is a CRAP Bank, I would never get s*** from them folks..

12/14/2013 09:22pm By Anonymous

How about the risk of ending up with nothing after spending $1000 and a hard pull.

Chase Freedom 2014 Bonus Categories Calendar
Chase Freedom 2014 Bonus Categories Calendar, Dec 04
Chase Freedom 2014 Bonus Categories Calendar. First quarter sign up starts Dec. 15.
  • Chase Freedom Card required
  • Q1
    • Gas stations
    • Movie theaters
    • Starbucks stores
  • Q2
    • Restaurants
    • Lowe's home imporovement stores
  • Q3
    • Gas stations
    • Kohl's
  • Q4
    • Select Department stores

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12/04/2013 12:56pm By Anonymous

Sorry to say this but the selections are becoming very limited! US banks cash+ card offers much better options. Even Discover card is better.

12/04/2013 12:58pm By Anonymous

Agree with above. Discover is much better. Last quater online shopping bonus was fully used.

12/04/2013 01:13pm By Anonymous

also the amex blue cash

12/04/2013 01:15pm By Anonymous

Discover is not accepted everywhere.

12/04/2013 01:48pm By Anonymous

Discover is now using Master's network. If a merchant doesn't accept it, tell them and ask them to swipe as master card

12/04/2013 01:52pm By Anonymous

No grocerry store?

12/04/2013 01:53pm By Anonymous

I remember that drugstore is also on the list

12/04/2013 02:52pm By Anonymous

I like this card, if you also have discover and citi dividen card, they have 5% off on different catagory, that is nice.

12/04/2013 06:58pm By Anonymous

Chase customer service sucks. They never refund fee and try to make their customer fooled. With such short sighted company, they will run out of their business soon

12/04/2013 07:07pm By Anonymous

There are very limited discount gift card choices to redeem the points.

Get $25 Back with $75 Purchase at Amazon (Amex Sync, FB required)
Get $25 Back with $75 Purchase at Amazon (Amex Sync, FB required), Dec 01
American Express via Facebook offers Free $25 Credit with $75 Purchase at Amazon. Note: Click for "more offer" to see. Amex Sync required.

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12/01/2013 11:18am By Anonymous

Your identity/personal info. is worth just $25??????

12/01/2013 11:21am By Anonymous

in for 2 got $50 back, no need to do facebook at all.

12/01/2013 11:34am By Anonymous

Is it 25 for every 75? eg. if I buy for 150$ in single transaction, do I get 50$ or only 25$?

12/01/2013 11:46am By Anonymous

can I get 2 $40 GC to qualify? thanks.

12/01/2013 12:14pm By Anonymous

I linked my card and ordered a $75 egc, why didn't I get email from AMEX? So sad

12/01/2013 12:24pm By Anonymous

purchase egc but no confirmation email from amex so far...Anyone?

12/01/2013 12:28pm By Anonymous

I signed up for the bestbuy offer also, and bought something. Instantly got an email from Amex.

12/01/2013 12:40pm By Anonymous

Facebook is crap. Dealsea, remove the FB crap, just instruct users to go to Amex site and get the offer.

12/01/2013 12:55pm By ac007

bought Amazon e-gift and got confirmation email form AE

12/01/2013 02:47pm By Anonymous

to ac007

How soon did you get the confirmation email from AE? thanks

12/01/2013 03:06pm By Anonymous

To guys who receive amex confirmation email, did you just save the offer from amex account or via facebook? Thanks!

12/01/2013 03:11pm By Anonymous

Nice...thanks dealsea!

12/01/2013 03:13pm By Anonymous

I ordered GC and haven't got any email... I did sign up in fb only.

12/01/2013 03:19pm By Anonymous

Just sign in AE account to see offer and after you using it get email form AE right a way e

12/01/2013 04:09pm By Anonymous

I bought $75 egc at 12:08am and got the confirmation email from AMEX at 1:03pm.

12/01/2013 04:15pm By Anonymous

Thanks Dealsea, just ordered e-giftcard and got the confirmation email from Amex instantly.

12/01/2013 05:49pm By Anonymous

I bought $50 and $25 gc at 16:39 and got the confirmation email from AMEX at 16:45

12/01/2013 06:51pm By Anonymous

can I get three gift cards, $75 each. and get 3*$25 back? Thank you!

12/01/2013 07:14pm By Anonymous

I bought a $75 GC in the morning but have not received confirmation email yet

12/01/2013 07:35pm By Anonymous

what does the confirmation email say? Just saying thank you for using you AMEX card at

12/01/2013 09:44pm By Anonymous

Saved the offer on my AE accounts. Ordered e-gift cards and got the confirmation email from AE immediately. It says thanks for using AE credit card on Amazon. Great deal! The credit should be posted within 90 days after 12/31/2013.

12/01/2013 10:25pm By Anonymous

I registered two different cards and got two $75 GC. Both case received email confirmation from AMEX under 5 min.
One card was registered via twitter and the other via

12/02/2013 03:06am By Anonymous

Order gift card and receive email confirmation from American express .good deal,thanx dealsea!

12/05/2013 11:21am By Anonymous

Order 3 gc n get 3 x $25 credit into different accounts each, thanks dealsea :)

12/28/2013 01:20am By Anonymous

The link didn't work. This deal has expired?

CVS - Purchase and Load $150 to a Paypal Reloadable Prepaid Debit MasterCard and Get $50 Extrabucks Rewards
CVS - Purchase and Load $150 to a Paypal Reloadable Prepaid Debit MasterCard and Get $50 Extrabucks Rewards, Nov 24
CVS is offering: Purchase and Load $150 to a Paypal Reloadable Prepaid Debit MasterCard and Get $50 Extrabucks Rewards. Offer valid 11/24 - 11/27/2013. It is reported the store trying to pull product off the shelf, thus do it as early as possible.

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11/24/2013 12:52pm By Anonymous

What should I do? Online or in store?

11/24/2013 01:00pm By Anonymous

gotta the last one. so lucky!!!

11/24/2013 01:07pm By Anonymous

anyone got yet?

11/24/2013 01:13pm By Anonymous

It is not on the paper ad. Does it work?

11/24/2013 01:14pm By Anonymous

went to the store, but the manager said it was a mistake so they pulled all of these cards from the shelf.

11/24/2013 01:21pm By Anonymous

Got 2. My manager said he would get one too!

11/24/2013 01:41pm By Anonymous

did they ask u for all the personal information l8ke social security number,address and stuff?

11/24/2013 01:47pm By Anonymous

And the manager say u cant use the prepaid card to buy another card right away caz it may takes a day or two for the card to activated

11/24/2013 01:48pm By Anonymous

And the manager say u cant use the prepaid card to buy another card right away caz it may takes a day or two for the card to activated

11/24/2013 01:51pm By Anonymous

I showed the ad to the manager and ask if it's still valid. He confirmed it works. Then I checked it out and an error message popped up. So finally I didn't get it.

11/24/2013 01:59pm By sd3195069

got mine. lucky

11/24/2013 02:34pm By Anonymous

Remember: you pay $4.95 for purchase, and $4.95 monthly fee (will be deducted within 36 hrs after purchase), and need your ssn to activate the card. If you do not need to buy anything with the extrabucks, it's not a good deal!

11/24/2013 03:09pm By Anonymous

Just got one. But the 50 bucks can only be used in 1 purchase. Also the prepaid card charges 4.95 activation fee.

11/24/2013 03:34pm By Anonymous

I got two of them. $100 bonus. Thank you Dealsea

11/24/2013 03:57pm By Anonymous

There are tons of this cards in my local CVS. Just got one.

11/24/2013 06:07pm By Anonymous

Worked. Just tried it at my local CVS. Had many cards left in the store

11/24/2013 06:28pm By Anonymous

Store couldnt process the card and got a refund back of $150 but the receipt printed the $50 EB...Some thing is wrong with their system...Good thing I got $50 EB free money!!!!

11/24/2013 06:55pm By Anonymous

does any one know how to cancel this card after the use of $150..

i just got one,,, and trying to contact Paypal customer service but no one is comming even after 30 min...

11/24/2013 07:52pm By Anonymous

you can close your account online!!! from the "help" tab-->the last mean from paypal website

11/24/2013 07:52pm By Anonymous

I meant "menu"

11/24/2013 10:55pm By Anonymous

Is there a charge if you cancel the card??

11/24/2013 11:00pm By Anonymous personally I met a dealer. He told me that this deal is not in NY. Holly, I hate NY.

11/25/2013 04:00am By Anonymous

got two and earned $90 ($100 - $10 fee for purchasing cards. sweet! thanks dealsea

11/25/2013 12:27pm By Anonymous

It worked but store ppl have no clue and they said it will be known after i purchase only and if it did nt work they cant refund anything

11/26/2013 07:40pm By Anonymous

hen I activated my card I input a fellow savers referral code.. they give BOTH parties a bonus $5 which covers the activation fee :) if you would be so kind as to input mine when you activate it is 3486123987.. thank you!!

AmEx Small Business Saturday November 30, 2013 - $10 statement credit with $10 purchase
AmEx Small Business Saturday November 30, 2013 - $10 statement credit with $10 purchase, Nov 24
American Express once again offers Small Business Saturday November 30, 2013 - Register any eligible American Express Card to get a one-time $10 statement credit when you spend $10 or more on 11/30/13 in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business that appears on the Small Business Saturday Map. Supply is limited, so come back on Nov 24 to register.

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09/03/2013 12:37pm By Anonymous

No store list

09/03/2013 12:38pm By Anonymous

do we need to sign up first?

09/03/2013 12:41pm By Anonymous

where is the registration link?

09/03/2013 01:03pm By Anonymous

exactly, where is the registration link?

09/03/2013 01:55pm By Anonymous

I don't see the link to enroll the card. Is the enrollment required? Last year I enrolled my card for the same.

09/03/2013 02:14pm By Anonymous

free half a tank of gas again. yay!

09/03/2013 02:30pm By Anonymous

1 $25 credit per card? For joint account, does each card member get a $25 credit?

09/03/2013 03:14pm By Anonymous

The link above is not a registration, but an authorization to allow people to send you useless emails.

09/03/2013 03:28pm By Anonymous

registration doest not start yet

09/03/2013 03:47pm By Anonymous

Probably NG (no good) for Serve card holders

09/03/2013 08:15pm By Anonymous

Too early!

11/16/2013 08:25pm By Anonymous

haha, AMEX has no more money to spend? Last two years AMEX gave $25 per account, and $10 for this year? LOL.

11/23/2013 08:36am By semsem

for the 5 off 30 gas question;
if you use with BP it will be 5 off 30 each time till 12/31/2013
if you use with EXXON/MOBILE it will be only once from date you sync till 12/31/2013

personally, i had 3 x 5$ credit from BP.

hope this will help.

11/23/2013 09:45am By Anonymous

nice. thanks.

11/23/2013 11:05am By Anonymous

only find one "gas express" in the shopping category? Does that include gas or only the convenient store in the gas station?

11/24/2013 10:00am By Anonymous

The deal from Amex on BP gas is $5 off for every $25 or more gas purchase, not $30( for my case, I used twitter to get the deal).

11/24/2013 11:42am By Anonymous

$5 off $25 for BP, $5 off $30 for Exxon/Mobile

11/24/2013 02:47pm By Anonymous

I found VONS nearby. It's actually not a 'small' business, but anyway I am getting $10 free grocery for next week.

11/24/2013 03:37pm By Anonymous

Yay, me too. Except I'm gonna buy $10 of grocery and donate it to charity. Unlike you.

11/25/2013 05:11pm By Anonymous

Register from 11/24/13 to 11/30/13, but must do the purchase ON 11/30/13.

Free Google Wallet Card
Free Google Wallet Card, Nov 20
Google released a physical credit card for its Google Wallet App. The Google Wallet Card is a physical prepaid debit card that allows you to access your Wallet Balance in the real world, at ATMs, banks, and wherever MasterCard® Debit is accepted.

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11/20/2013 04:25pm By Anonymous

i doubt how useful it is.
already got so many cards in my wallet

11/20/2013 04:28pm By Anonymous

I will wait for 6% rebate.

11/20/2013 04:42pm By Anonymous

why the fcuk would I need this?

11/20/2013 04:44pm By Anonymous

To 04:25pm:
This is useful especially for you, since you could have just a single physical card in your wallet: google wallet card.
You can link your other credit/debit cards in your google wallet account.

11/20/2013 04:47pm By Anonymous

Same as paypal card.

11/20/2013 04:48pm By Anonymous

I don't see this useful as well. Coin has better ideas. If I understand correctly, by putting or trasnfering money to google card, you miss out on all the cash back and benefits of credit cards. While Coin morphs all you card into one but still uses the credit card itself to make purchase.

11/20/2013 04:53pm By Anonymous

good for people don't have paypal and credit card

11/20/2013 05:00pm By Anonymous

Seems totally useless.

Looks like an product from a project manager who wanted to justify his job.

11/20/2013 05:40pm By Anonymous

Love PM comment :-)

11/20/2013 05:45pm By Anonymous

I don't remember give ssn to google when sign up google wallet, why does google need it now?

11/20/2013 05:58pm By Anonymous

Probably you didn't give ssn to google when you signed up google wallet.

11/20/2013 06:37pm By Anonymous

first sentense: a physical Credit card. 2nd sentense: physical prepaid debit card. - what the hell the card is??

11/20/2013 07:38pm By Anonymous

Wallet card is not the same as coin.
Ther is a reason that Coin can charge $79 for a card and people are still buying it. If Google decided to make their wallet card similar to coin, Coin will be out of business instantly.

11/20/2013 07:42pm By Anonymous

Why is this a good deal?

11/20/2013 07:54pm By Anonymous

It is good deal because you get a piece of nice plastic that you can use to scratch your back -- for FREE.

11/20/2013 08:01pm By Anonymous

Good, but what to do with my Centurion?

11/20/2013 08:29pm By Anonymous

you forgot. You can also use it to pick some cheap knob locks open.

11/20/2013 09:16pm By Anonymous

let me say something. coin stores all your cardS in one card. goog card is just a card.

11/20/2013 10:20pm By Anonymous

So instead of different logo for Discover, Mastercaed, Visa, American Express, this Google Wallet card should have four logos. Right?

11/21/2013 12:51am By Anonymous

google trying to save that useless wallet with another useless idea! will properly get shutdown the useless google checkout for merchants! LOL

11/21/2013 01:49am By Anonymous

same as paypal idea, but less popular than paypal. google should come up with something more creative

11/21/2013 06:39am By Anonymous

Why do they request last four digits of social #??

11/21/2013 08:48am By Anonymous

What's Coin?

Target REDcard - Immediate Approval + 5% off + Free shipping + 30 Extra Days for Returns
Target REDcard - Immediate Approval + 5% off + Free shipping + 30 Extra Days for Returns, Nov 15
Get a Target REDcard if you shop a lot at Target, and be prepared for the upcoming Holiday shopping season like Target Black Friday 2013 (iPad Air with $100 free Gift Card). You get following benefits when you shop at Target with the REDcard.
  • 5% off every day
  • Free shipping at
  • Extended returns -- 30 extra days
  • Up to 1% of purchases go to school you designate
  • The online application process for debit and credit has immediate approval except for some debit applications which will require a few days to confirm bank account
  • No annual fee

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11/12/2013 12:29pm By Anonymous

If you do not want a new credit card - you can have a Target Debit card - all the same benefits. Saved a lot of money this year with the Target card which I will spend on Black Friday. ;)

11/12/2013 12:31pm By dali

Pretty good card (Debit). Wish I had got it a lot earlier. Their processed food is cheaper than my local grocery store.

11/12/2013 12:50pm By Anonymous

For the Debit card, does it cause one hard pull?

11/12/2013 12:52pm By Anonymous

Warning! The initial credit line is only about $500-750.

11/12/2013 12:55pm By Anonymous

no hard pull for debit card, it links to your checking account and draw $ out of it everything you make a purchase.

Save me about $5 this year already, worth carrying it in my wallet, LOL.

11/12/2013 12:58pm By Anonymous

No credit check for debit card. It directly links to your bank account. As long as you have cash in your account, you can keep giving it to Target.

11/12/2013 01:54pm By Anonymous

One more thing - You cannot pay the balance with the Target gift card. I wish they allow this feature.

11/12/2013 02:06pm By Anonymous

You get 5% discount if you buy any other gift card except Target gift card using the red card.

11/12/2013 04:38pm By Anonymous

Initial credit line is only about $500-750?
I received an initial credit line of $5,000.00. I think it depends on your annual income.

11/12/2013 04:47pm By Anonymous

why do they give me 100,000?

11/12/2013 05:50pm By Anonymous

Credit limit is much higher if you sign up with your HP Touchpad.

11/12/2013 06:11pm By Anonymous

7-10 days is not immediate ._.

11/12/2013 06:45pm By Anonymous

I am highly suspicious that for the debit card they still ask you the SSN.

11/12/2013 09:04pm By Anonymous

the $100 gift card for ipad air is in-store deal or online deal?

11/13/2013 01:53pm By Anonymous

11/12/2013, 01:54pm By anonymous
One more thing - You cannot pay the balance with the Target gift card. I wish they allow this feature.
If you could pay balance with gift card, you could actually making endless money by getting by buying gift cards and paying balance using gift cards.

12/29/2013 12:43pm By Anonymous

7-10 days probably means a decline. They have to give you the notice by mail.

Discover Card to offer Free FICO Score to Discover IT Cardholders
Discover Card to offer Free FICO Score to Discover IT Cardholders, Nov 08
Discover Card is going to offer Free FICO Score to Discover IT cardholders starting 11/19/2013. Discover IT cardholders will receive their FICO credit score for free on their statement every month. This will only be offered to Discover IT cardholders. (Discover it® - $150 Cash Back)

Comments (11)  Add Comments

11/08/2013 11:11am By Anonymous

I don't see any offering about FICO anywhere.

Can somebody copy the source here?


11/08/2013 11:49am By Anonymous

starting 11/19/2013

can't you read?

11/08/2013 12:08pm By Anonymous

what a bogus, anybody can get a free fico report once a year without joining.

11/08/2013 12:12pm By Anonymous

Can you read "11/08/2013 11:49am" dumb ass?

I asked for the source of this deal, I did not say when it is going to start.

11/08/2013 12:22pm By Anonymous

Lets be honest, who actually read now-a-days? Most people just skim through everything and look for words like "free", "sale", or "bogo"

BTW, the score will be on your monthly discover statements. Can't you read?!

11/08/2013 01:36pm By Anonymous

Another dumb ass. (or may be same)

Where is the source of this so called deal?

11/08/2013 01:51pm By Anonymous

Attention all dealseaers, we have a retard sighting. @1:36

11/08/2013 03:17pm By Anonymous

Discover is getting better and better.
Way better than Amex.

11/08/2013 03:21pm By Anonymous

yo you gotta stop bullying the retards, if they go kill themselves, it'll be your fault. THen we'll have 1 less retard and 1 less jerk on dealsea talking crap

11/09/2013 03:20pm By Anonymous

Just talked with Discover CSR, they said there is no such promotion coming in for free FICO.

11/26/2013 03:02pm By Anonymous

This news is true.
Also, it said free FICO "score", which is not offered by the annual free report.
In conclusion, this is a very good feature.

Marriott Rewards Credit Card - 70,000 bonus points + 1 free Night Stay
Marriott Rewards Credit Card - 70,000 bonus points + 1 free Night Stay, Oct 13
Marriott Rewards Credit Card is offering 70,000 bonus points (worth 7-8 night stays or ~$1000, YMMV) and 1 free night stay (category 1-4, worth anywhere between $100-$250, YMMV) on first use after you spend $1000 in first 3 months. No foreign transaction fees. Annual fee ($85) waived for the first year. After a year you get another free night stay in category 5 hotel.
  1. Go to, log in (create one if you don't have)
  2. Click on My Account
  3. On the left side, there should be a credit card offer. It may be the 70k offer
  4. Hit "APPLY NOW" button. Take a screenshot of the 70K landing page for your records

Comments (16)  Add Comments

10/13/2013 09:14am By Anonymous

It is 50K now.

10/13/2013 09:19am By Anonymous

Mine is 60K

10/13/2013 09:29am By Anonymous

Yay - Me got them 70 K points.....;)

10/13/2013 10:03am By Anonymous


10/13/2013 10:17am By

You must follow above steps in the post to get the offer. If you use direct links, it will redirect you to expired offer then 50k offer instead.

10/13/2013 12:05pm By Anonymous


10/13/2013 12:08pm By Anonymous

not sure how it determines, but mine was 60,000

10/13/2013 01:07pm By Anonymous

Is this a deal.

10/13/2013 01:18pm By Anonymous

i'm getting 60,000

10/13/2013 01:28pm By Anonymous

nice, if use it in Asia. It is too hard to find Category 1 hotel in the U.S.

10/13/2013 03:24pm By Anonymous


10/13/2013 04:18pm By Anonymous

Yeah! 70K expired. Only 60K alive.

10/13/2013 04:35pm By Anonymous

Got me 70K - YAY !!!

10/13/2013 11:40pm By Anonymous

Got 60K

10/14/2013 08:53am By Anonymous


11/23/2013 11:55pm By Anonymous

I did not get the points. Called Chase customer service and was told that the bonus is once per customer per lifetime. Booooo....

Free Credit Score And Report from Amex
Free Credit Score And Report from Amex, Sep 28
American Express offers a Free Credit Score And Report (data from Experian).

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09/28/2013 05:49pm By Anonymous

Does this count as one time request credit history?

09/28/2013 05:50pm By Anonymous

One hard inquire?

09/28/2013 05:54pm By Anonymous

should be some soft pull

09/28/2013 06:50pm By Anonymous

the link leads to a page saying "error blah blah"

09/28/2013 07:54pm By Anonymous

nice!!!!Thanks, dealsea

09/28/2013 08:17pm By Anonymous

It won't hurt your credit score!

09/28/2013 08:19pm By Anonymous

It is a free service for AMEX customers. It doesn't count as 1 of free annual check, which is provided by all three.

09/28/2013 09:07pm By Anonymous

A fee of only $1.00 for your first 30 days of membership will be billed to your Card account upon successful purchase. Thereafter, a CreditSecure fee of $14.99 will be automatically charged to your Card account until you cancel. Sales tax added where applicable

09/28/2013 10:42pm By Anonymous

to 09:07,
That is for all 3 reports. If you only need the report from one agency it's free. I hate it when people spread wrong messages

09/28/2013 11:33pm By Anonymous

thank you dealsea!

09/28/2013 11:56pm By Anonymous

how long for free?
1 year or 1 month?


09/29/2013 12:19am By Anonymous

Last time I signed up for this "free" report, I was automatically charged a monthly fee for several months in my month AmEx statements until I found out about it. I have call to get them removed. Be careful.

09/29/2013 12:26am By Anonymous

It's a one month free trial. You will be billed after that. This is an everyday Deal on amex website. ~ sent by iPhone app Dealsea 3.1 ~

09/29/2013 08:49am By Anonymous


09/29/2013 09:09am By Anonymous


09/29/2013 10:00am By Anonymous

Do you really believe goodness and charity are there for your life in this capital world? All business focuses on only one goal: maximum of profit. Free is a big joke, and an evil trick to make profit from you.

09/29/2013 12:54pm By Anonymous

Just called amex and they said this is a one-time free thing. They won't charge later.

AMEX Business Card: 50K Points after $5K spent in 3 months, $0 Fee First Year

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04/16/2013 04:34pm By Anonymous

bussiness, bussiness, dude,

BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards Card new approvals - Earn $25 per quarter for paying on time
BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards Card new approvals - Earn $25 per quarter for paying on time, Mar 06
Bank of America offers BankAmericard® Better Balance Rewards Card approvals $25 per quarter for paying on time, up to $100 per year.

Comments (27)  Add Comments

03/06/2013 06:22pm By Anonymous

Can I call to apply the same benefit with the card I have had for a few years?

03/06/2013 06:28pm By Anonymous

no, you need to apply new card

03/06/2013 06:32pm By Anonymous

I called this morning, I converted my cash reward card to this one. But my old card is Visa, this one is MasterCard. The rep told me it maybe a hard inquiry.

03/06/2013 06:34pm By Anonymous

Any minimum spending requirements?

03/06/2013 06:43pm By Anonymous

looks like a good card? no annual fee and 100 cb a year if paying debt on time. too good to be true?

03/06/2013 06:49pm By Anonymous

There's no usual 1% cash back. This card is for those who spend less.

03/06/2013 06:57pm By Anonymous

What do you mean by hard inquiry? Will you get the $100 by making this conversion?

03/06/2013 07:04pm By Anonymous

The bank representative told me if you convert your card from Visa to MasterCard. Maybe just like apply a new credit card.

03/06/2013 07:05pm By Anonymous

@5:57 I think 5:32 meant that applying for this new card would involve a hard credit pull (negatively affects your credit score), despite being a Bank of America credit card customer.

03/06/2013 07:29pm By Anonymous

I had a Bank of America credit card in the past. They changed my card rewards on me without letting me know (I think it says they can do that somewhere in your contract). Never had a late payment, always used the card and never went over the limit. Anyways I canceled the card and will never deal with these theifs again!

03/06/2013 08:03pm By Anonymous

Non-resident Aliens can't apply online.

03/06/2013 08:07pm By qmu

Is there a minimum that you must spent per quarter? If not, It would be like getting 100 bucks per year for not even doing anything.

03/06/2013 08:15pm By Anonymous

Awesome. Just chatted with the representative, and she said I could convert either my mastercard or visa to this new better balance rewards without hard pull. Also I confirmed that there is no minimum purchase each month to get quarterly bonus $25. So this is really a great deal!!!

03/06/2013 08:27pm By Anonymous

to "03/06/2013, 07:15pm"
You need a balance on the card.
"You must have a payment due in each of the monthly cycles of the calendar quarter to be eligible for the quarterly cash reward; a zero balance or a credit balance does not qualify."
It's always the fine-prints

03/06/2013 08:39pm By Anonymous

to 03/06/2013, 07:27pm

No, the lady told me i can pay in full to get the $25. But I have to use that credit card at least once every month. I'll confirm it again when I activate the card. Anyway, I have two cash rewards boa cc, and I don't need both of them. So the conversion to this one is still great without hard pull.

03/06/2013 11:04pm By Anonymous

If I spend only $10 in a month, the minimum payment due is also $10, then I have to pay at least $10.01 to get the cash back? Is my understanding correct?

03/06/2013 11:13pm By Anonymous

Any cash back for using this card?

03/06/2013 11:29pm By Anonymous

"03/06/2013, 10:04pm By anonymous

If I spend only $10 in a month, the minimum payment due is also $10, then I have to pay at least $10.01 to get the cash back? Is my understanding correct?"

I mean the quarterly bonus, not cash back

03/07/2013 08:21am By Anonymous

Note that you must "pay more than the monthly minimum and on time"

03/07/2013 08:47am By Anonymous

I don't trust Bank Of America.

03/07/2013 09:43am By Anonymous

The rep told me that I cannot convert the old one to this card, do you meet the same problem?

03/07/2013 10:16am By Anonymous

Very good deal, thanks!

03/07/2013 11:16am By Anonymous

Only citizens can apply online..

03/07/2013 07:07pm By Anonymous

I just convert my old BOA visa card into this card. But if you have points, they will all be gone. I tried those points to other credit cards, but they require at least 2,500 points to do the transfer. But still pretty happy that I can get this card without an hard inquiry.

08/03/2013 01:17am By Anonymous

What a great privileged for those good paying customers. Most charge card rewards programs pay card holders for spending and adding to debt. However, Bank of America recently issued a brand new card that rewards people for paying off debt. The BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards card incentivizes consumers for paying their monthly bills on time and for throwing in just a little more over their minimum charge. How many times have you wanted more information on how to apply for a payday loan, and turned to an internet search on payday loans? Look no further, all of the facts you need is at

Chase Ultimate Rewards 10% & 20% Select Gift Cards
Chase Ultimate Rewards 10% & 20% Select Gift Cards, Jan 04
Chase Ultimate Rewards is offering 10% & 20% Select Gift Cards.
  • 20% off Gift Cards: Lands' End, Avis
  • 10% off Gift Cards: CVS, Kohl's, Pier1 Imports, American Eagle, TGI Fridays, Bath & Body Works, Regal Cinemas
  • Login to your Chase account and click "Ultimate Rewards" under your credit card, then shop for Gift Cards
  • No Chase Credit Card?

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01/04/2013 01:09pm By Anonymous

transfer all to united milage, enough to flight 2 trips

01/04/2013 02:40pm By Anonymous

How do you transfer freedom reward points to United Mileage? How much is the rate? 1 point = 1 mile?

01/04/2013 03:39pm By Anonymous

read here on how to transfer:

01/04/2013 04:27pm By Anonymous

That author assumes you must have either Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus/Bold (which of course might not be true for everyone), which has the option to transfer UR pts to UA mileageplus miles by 1:1 ratio. What you need to do is to transfer pts from freedom to those card internally, and then transfer the pts from those card. No, you can't use others' sapphire preferred or Ink Plus/bold cards. You must have your own. If not, then just move on.

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