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$200 off iPad Mini 3 64GB or 128GB with iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Purchase
T-Mobile - $200 off iPad Mini 3 64GB or 128GB with iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Purchase, Mar 26
T-Mobile is offering $200 off iPad Mini 3 64GB or 128GB with the purchase of iPhone 6 or 6 Plus via promo code "BIGDEAL200" (add both and apply code at checkout). Shipping is free.

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03/26/2015 08:05am By Anonymous

Whats the point of buying the ipad mini when you are going to buy the 6+?

03/26/2015 09:56am By Anonymous

to above, eating 2 Apples a day keeps fortune cookies away.

03/26/2015 10:07am By Anonymous

its like you buy both corolla and camry

03/26/2015 12:34pm By Anonymous

i can offer a free ipad mini 3 with your donation of $1000 to me via promo code "IAMSTUPID".

03/26/2015 01:29pm By Anonymous

Apple lovers usually don't think much, well that's why they like iOS, they souly rely on Apps then being smart on their own.

Motorola MOTO X Developer Edition 32GB, 4.2 Verizon + GSM XT1060 Unlocked $200
Motorola MOTO X Developer Edition 32GB, 4.2 Verizon + GSM XT1060 Unlocked $200, Mar 25
mobilepros1@eBay has brand new Motorola Moto X 32GB XT1060 Developer Edition CDMA GSM Unlocked Smartphone for $199.99. Shipping is free.

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03/25/2015 02:07pm By lyx

Is it two phone: CDMA one and GSM one?

03/25/2015 02:22pm By Anonymous

It is a Verizon wireless LTE phone, which mainly uses CDMA, but also support GSM due to legal regulation. It works on Verizon wireless, AT&T, T-mobile and their MVNOs. It is a very good phone.

03/25/2015 02:58pm By Anonymous

Is it supporting AT&T LTE?
I think not.

03/25/2015 04:03pm By Anonymous

HOW TO IDENTIFY IT IS "brand new"?

03/25/2015 04:04pm By Anonymous

LG G2 seems to be a bit better, for the same or lower price. It was $190 a couple of days ago.

03/25/2015 06:48pm By Anonymous

LTE support really depends on the service area. Both AT&T and T-mobile have band 4 support in my area, so I get LTE(4G) with any of the three major wireless provider.

LG G2 is a good phone, but IMHO Moto X is much much better.It does not have the most flashing specs, but when you use it, you will notice the many thoughtful details that makes everyday use so pleasant.

16GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone Factory Unlocked $720
16GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone Factory Unlocked $720, Mar 24
eBay has 16GB iPhone 6 Plus for $720. Shipping is free.

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03/24/2015 11:22am By Anonymous

Why no silver, it's in the picture description.

03/24/2015 12:26pm By Anonymous

Looks like a new seller

03/24/2015 12:40pm By Anonymous

not a deal ,should be $700.ip7 come soon

03/24/2015 02:07pm By Anonymous

all the comments of the seller are older than one year.

03/24/2015 03:47pm By Anonymous

does it support at&t LTE?

03/24/2015 06:25pm By Anonymous

$720 for a piece of brick made of silicon, alloy and glass?

Nokia Lumia 830 Phone AT&T No-Contract + Fitbit Flex $200
Nokia Lumia 830 Phone AT&T No-Contract + Fitbit Flex $200, Mar 23 Expired
Microsoft Store has Nokia Lumia 830 Phone AT&T No-Contract + Free Fitbit Flex for $399.99 - $200 with code "Lumia830nt9fvw" = $199.99. Shipping is free. [amazon] [amazon]

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03/25/2015 02:49pm By Anonymous

Invalid promo code

03/25/2015 03:02pm By Anonymous

code not working..

03/25/2015 03:05pm By Anonymous

code not working

LG G2 D800 5.2" 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Smartphone $190
LG G2 D800 5.2" 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Smartphone $190, Mar 23
qualitycellz@eBay has LG G2 D800 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Quad-Core Android Smartphone w/ 13MP Camera for $190. Shipping is free.

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02/13/2015 11:20pm By Anonymous

Code doesn't work.

02/14/2015 12:41am By Anonymous

Some questions make no sense. I am using it on T-Mobile ant 4G lte just works fine. Need some additional tethering. No need to unlock, already unlocked!

02/14/2015 12:43am By Anonymous

too bad it doesn't support tmobile's 4G LTE as it doesn't cover 1700/2100MHz

02/14/2015 12:48am By Anonymous

This is 12.41 am again. This has 4g Lte on a T-Mobile.

02/14/2015 12:50am By Anonymous

Go search the tmobile support and the answer is no it doesn't. Make sure you understand how to tell the difference b/w LTE and non-LTE before claiming LTE

02/14/2015 01:20am By Anonymous

I am using lg g2, switched from att, so the phone model is d800. And yes, it works perfectly fine on tmobile 4g-lte. No tethering though, maybe b/c i am on prepaid plan.

02/14/2015 02:49am By Anonymous

no tethering because t-mobile restricts it, along with att. they have tethering plans and want to milk you for all you've got.

02/14/2015 06:51am By Anonymous

5:36pm, thanks for confirming my suspicions. I bought it anyway because it is still usable on T-mo. From what I hear, the camera is great and all the other features are too.

02/14/2015 10:01am By Anonymous

I bought this one last deal. It perfectly worked with T-mobile network 4G LTE. It is so fast

02/14/2015 11:20am By Anonymous

You can enjoy 3G on tmobile, not 4G as it doesn't support 1700/2100 together

02/14/2015 12:38pm By Anonymous

Does wi-fi hotspot work on this phone?

02/14/2015 12:59pm By Anonymous

Coupon is accepted only if you PAYPAL, Not for Visa/Amex/Discover

02/14/2015 01:49pm By hulala04

I purchase this phone last month with $210, Pretty good, I love it. I am using T-mobile, No problem with it. The battery life is amazing, can last for 1 night 1 day for 1 full charge. The speed was faster than Samsung Galaxy S3(The one I use b4). Love it so much! I also let my sister knows about it and she purcahsed one last night

02/14/2015 02:53pm By Anonymous

Sale tax in CA kills the deal.

02/14/2015 10:53pm By Anonymous

I bought the g2 last time when it was around this price and using t-mobile lte since. I got speed of 50mb down and 24mb up at night time and also 25mb down with 16 mb up at day time. compare to my high speed cable time warner service only gives me 15mb down and 5mb up, I would said my at&t branded lg g2 is very fast on t-mobile service.

02/15/2015 01:52am By Anonymous

Why seller said no compatible with T-Mobile 4g lte

02/15/2015 03:25am By Anonymous

Bought the exact same phone from the same buyer. Using on T-mobile prepaid. 4G LTE works. Have seen 40-50mbps. You need to call T-mobile support and update the data connection settings.

02/16/2015 10:11am By Anonymous

code expried

02/22/2015 04:38pm By Anonymous

How do I use the code "CWEEKENDDEAL" to purchase this phone in ebay for $200, instead of $259.99?

03/23/2015 12:57pm By Anonymous

Using the tmobile rom and wifi calling is working. tHe only issue is random reboot, around 1/day. cHeck xda

03/23/2015 02:03pm By Anonymous

"If the item is advertised as new please do not assume it comes with factory warranty, if it comes with factory warranty we will state it clearly with the phone."

03/23/2015 02:17pm By Anonymous

hmmmm, fishy, new but no manufacture warranty

03/23/2015 06:29pm By Anonymous

price/performance this is one of the best phone out there.

03/24/2015 10:30am By Anonymous

does this phone work with ATT ?

03/24/2015 11:21am By Anonymous

Does this phone use with H2O plan??

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cell Phone (Verizon) from $100
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cell Phone (Verizon) from $100, Mar 23 Expired
Best Buy has 4 Day Samsung Sale. Ends 3/28. Shipping is free on $35+.

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03/25/2015 10:13am By Anonymous

Will buy with this price if no contract

03/25/2015 10:38am By Anonymous

haha, probably need to wait for another 2 years

03/25/2015 10:51am By Anonymous

Or more than that

03/25/2015 11:12am By semsem

it is 100 off (299 - 100 = 199). please, fix

03/25/2015 12:00pm By Anonymous

Yeah dealsea, please fix. It's misleading. $199 not $99. Big difference lol

03/25/2015 12:03pm By theoso

BB changed the price.

Refurbished 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE GSM Unlocked $480
Refurbished 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE GSM Unlocked $480, Mar 23
qualitycellz via eBay has Refurbished 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE GSM Unlocked for $479.99. Shipping is free.

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03/14/2015 09:49pm By Anonymous

I'm saving my money for a Blackberry SecuTablet.

03/14/2015 10:47pm By Anonymous

@9:49pm trust me don't buy blackberry. I'm using a bb passport right now and it cannot even run google play. There's no way it can compare with my previous galaxy note 2 not to say the much newer note 4. I'll definitely get a note x next time I switch phone.

03/14/2015 11:44pm By Anonymous

I'll save the money to buy 4 shares of apple stock

03/15/2015 12:00am By Anonymous

$400 for refurb one, no way!

03/15/2015 01:51am By Anonymous

buy new for $960 then retard

03/15/2015 03:41am By Anonymous

Again N910A, which means locked bootloader. No chance to root. And users have to live with AT&T bloatware.

AT&T Nexus 6 Used - Very Good $457
AT&T Nexus 6 Used - Very Good $457, Mar 23
Amazon Warehouse Deals has AT&T Nexus 6, 32GB, used-very good for $456.72. Shipping is free.

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03/24/2015 12:58am By Anonymous

key words: ATT, nexus 6, used

03/24/2015 01:17am By Anonymous

lost mind? $450+ for a used phone?

03/24/2015 01:25am By Anonymous

agree, would be a deal if brand new.

03/24/2015 07:57am By Anonymous

what ????? $450.. this is insane...

03/24/2015 08:47am By Anonymous

more like NOTE than S series, but Moto has lower market

03/24/2015 08:47am By Anonymous

Google sucks

Verizon Prepaid LG Transpyre (4.5", 8GB) $50
Verizon Prepaid LG Transpyre (4.5", 8GB) $50, Mar 21
Best Buy has Verizon Wireless Prepaid - LG Transpyre 4G with 8GB Memory No-Contract Cell Phone for $49.99. Shipping is free.

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HTC One M8 32GB Unlocked Smartphone (Refurbished) $290
HTC One M8 32GB Unlocked Smartphone (Refurbished) $290, Mar 19
eBay has HTC One M8 32GB Unlocked Smartphone (Manufacturer Refurbished) for $290. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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03/19/2015 02:45pm By Anonymous

This item has been tested and fully working. Item come in box with built in battery, charger and USB cable- Refurbished by an authorized facility. Doesn't work with CDMA carriers such as Verizon or sprint- AT&T Unlocked version- Factory unlocked-4G LTE only compatible with AT&T. May have some sign of cosmetic imperfections and scratches.

03/19/2015 02:52pm By Anonymous

htc abandons its phones quick. never again htc!

03/19/2015 03:14pm By Anonymous

I am using htc one m7. never buy htc again.

03/19/2015 03:24pm By Anonymous

more like S4 in an iPhone body, not a bad phone

03/19/2015 03:56pm By Anonymous

Check the Android OS version before you buy. Some of these are not upgradable. I don't know why you would pay so much for these and even for refurbished.

03/19/2015 03:56pm By Anonymous

Glad just sold my iphone 6 plus. A recent study finds the maximum SAR of iphone 6 plus is 0.967 W/Kg that is almost 5 times the SAR of other brands. WHO defines the cell phone radiation as class 2B carcinogen in 2011.

03/19/2015 04:14pm By Anonymous

worse than the MOTO X 2nd Generation deal, pass ...

03/19/2015 04:22pm By Anonymous

to 03/19/2015 03:56pm By Anonymous
Are you serious?

03/19/2015 05:44pm By Anonymous

SAR stuff checks out

Motorola Moto G Universal 4G LTE Unlocked 8GB (White) $160
Motorola Moto G Universal 4G LTE Unlocked 8GB (White) $160, Mar 18 Expired
Amazon Gold Box of the Day has Motorola Moto G Universal 4G LTE Unlocked 8GB for $159.99. Shipping is free. [pricechart]

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03/20/2015 08:48am By Anonymous

not G2, pass

03/20/2015 09:39am By Anonymous


03/20/2015 10:15am By Anonymous

Its first generation phone but ATT version with just LTE added so thats why first one said pass

03/20/2015 10:16am By Anonymous

2nd generation phone is slightly bigger and better.
Why are we not getting sub $200 phones which kick these Moto G or Moto E phones in their @#$

03/20/2015 11:53am By Anonymous

but the 2nd Gen , dont support LTE at least in US.

03/20/2015 12:15pm By Anonymous

G2 has sd slot, they are all limited to 8gb so you will need a card slot, even without LTE

03/20/2015 12:26pm By Anonymous

this also have SD slot

03/20/2015 02:14pm By SmartShopper

4G, water resist, micro SD slot, good professional and consumer reviews--just not sure it's a deal at this price, especially since it's an older model...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Quad 5.7' 16MP 32GB Phone (Factory Unlocked) $595
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Quad 5.7' 16MP 32GB Phone (Factory Unlocked) $595, Mar 18
tropical_mobile via eBay has Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G Quad 5.7' 16MP (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 32GB Phone for $594.98. Shipping is free.

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03/20/2015 01:23am By rgao007

Not a deal at all. Only gets 2G on T-Mobile and 3G on AT&T in the US.

Motorola Moto X 16GB Verizon Unlocked Smartphone (2nd-Gen, Refurbished) $260
Motorola Moto X 16GB Verizon Unlocked Smartphone (2nd-Gen, Refurbished) $260, Mar 17 Expired
eBay has Motorola Moto X 16GB Verizon Unlocked Smartphone (2nd-Gen, Refurbished) for $259.99. Shipping is free.

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03/17/2015 03:57pm By Anonymous

for that price the G2 is a much better deal

03/17/2015 04:23pm By Anonymous

agree with the G2 comment.

03/17/2015 04:49pm By Anonymous

Don't agree at all with the G2 comment, the Moto X has much better build quality, almost no ad-wared, minimal changes from pure Android experience. All their changes seem to be helpful rather than a hindrance. This also lets them upgrade OS at a much faster rate.

I wouldn't touch LG after my first experience with their buggy OS modifications and almost 0 upgrade cycles

03/17/2015 05:33pm By Anonymous

Motorola manages battery life better than any Android OEM including Google, the Moto X2 is the best android phone on the market currently, LG G2 has the worst camera and awfully struck with Jellybean or whatever

03/17/2015 05:35pm By Anonymous

stay away from Kimchi County products...

03/17/2015 07:12pm By Anonymous

Go away kimchi troll

03/17/2015 07:45pm By Anonymous

Lg g2 and moto x 2014 are good phone. Moto x is nicer built and cleaner system. G2 camera is nicer though and better battery life

03/17/2015 08:57pm By Anonymous

Oh god people like kimchi and Kim

03/17/2015 09:25pm By Anonymous

buy new unlocked moto x from motorola website and get moto E free.

03/18/2015 11:17am By Anonymous

How much more for the moto x on comp website will let you know how "free" the moto E is.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $592
T-Mobile - Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $592, Mar 17
T-Mobile has Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GB for $699.84 - $108 off with code "BIGDEAL108" = $591.84. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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03/17/2015 02:21pm By Anonymous

is there any difference with AT&T? AT&T sells for $825

03/17/2015 02:34pm By Anonymous

they use different LTE bands

03/17/2015 02:36pm By Anonymous

No Difference. Same ATT and TMobile

03/17/2015 02:48pm By Anonymous

Different bands. But I would get T-mobile over ATT model anyday...Unlockable bootloadle for tmobile. Att is locked up.

03/17/2015 03:33pm By Anonymous

Can I use it with other carrier

03/17/2015 04:25pm By Anonymous

If you want to root Note 4, this is the version to go with. At&t and regular verizon versions both have locked bootloader. And if you pay the full price (w/o contract), you can request unlock from T-mobile for sure.

03/18/2015 12:49pm By Anonymous

only for new activation. Can't use for upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850a GSM 32GB AT&T Unlocked Smartphone $280
Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850a GSM 32GB AT&T Unlocked Smartphone $280, Mar 17
eBay has Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850a GSM 4G LTE 32GB AT&T Unlocked Smartphone for $279.99. Shipping is free.

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03/02/2015 12:46pm By Anonymous

worse than Nexus 5, pass...

03/02/2015 12:51pm By Anonymous

S3 Spec, worth $200

03/02/2015 12:55pm By Anonymous

like S5 Mini, $300 isn't so bad

03/02/2015 01:03pm By Anonymous

The metal frame looks fancy

03/02/2015 01:32pm By Anonymous

4.7in with this design, very much of iPhone 6 with nice spec for half price, screen isn't as great but good for battery life

03/02/2015 06:21pm By Anonymous

Kimchis be copying again

03/02/2015 06:33pm By Anonymous

Please! get your head out of your a$$!

03/03/2015 12:08pm By Anonymous

I am stuck in Zimbabwe please wire me $48 so I can save you $48 for your T-Mobile purchase thanks!

03/17/2015 02:19pm By Anonymous

315 at ATT, plus tax

03/17/2015 03:09pm By Anonymous

Buy the LG G2 deal $210
is working for att and tmobile
Very nice phone for this price

03/17/2015 03:28pm By Anonymous

what does it mean for at&t unlock? can it be used directly for t-mobile or need to do sth? what kind of thing need to do?

03/18/2015 05:47am By Anonymous

Fuccckking copycat samsung
so dirty mind

64GB Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked Smartphone $730
64GB Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked Smartphone $730, Mar 16
eBay has 64GB Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked Smartphone for $730. Shipping is free.

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02/09/2015 12:04pm By Anonymous

good deal?

02/09/2015 12:35pm By Anonymous

Good deal but beware of seller

02/09/2015 12:56pm By Anonymous

You surrender all of your personal information.

02/09/2015 12:57pm By Anonymous

Is this sim-free unlocked model A1586? I know some seller sells T-mobile unlocked model A1549 but also call it "unlocked". The item's spec only specifies MG4J2LL/A- Gold. MG4F2LL/A- Grey as part number. Can someone confirm?

02/09/2015 01:11pm By Anonymous

The description says that it is gsm unlock and not compatible with CDMA like Verizon and Sprint. I believe it is A1549.

02/09/2015 01:55pm By Anonymous

So sim-free unlocked model can be used in both GSM and CDMA networks?

02/09/2015 02:27pm By Anonymous

is this complete unlocked phone?

02/09/2015 08:35pm By Anonymous

I'd buy directly from an Apple Store. You risk getting a bad/refurbished phone from eBay sellers only to save $20. Not a good deal at all.

02/14/2015 11:15am By Anonymous

08:35pm, good point, agreed. Not worth the risk even with tax savings.

02/14/2015 12:45pm By Anonymous

So expensive! Why everyone want pay do much! You can buy three other brand phone instead one iPhone!

02/14/2015 02:02pm By Anonymous

You can verify new or refurbished with apple by serial number.

02/14/2015 02:40pm By Anonymous

Do ebay sellers provide serial numbers before shipping?

02/14/2015 05:28pm By Anonymous

All Verizon phones are UnLocked with Contract also. I Bought iphone6 and Galaxy s5 with 2 years contract. I tested both them and they are unlocked. You can cancel contract with $350 cancelation fee. But the catch is you will get Credit history hit.

02/15/2015 01:03pm By Anonymous

I have a brand new, never used , unlocked version iphone 6 - 64gb silver for $650. If you are in St.louis you can come and pickup. send me your email id and phone number. Its like buying from Apple.

02/15/2015 02:02pm By Anonymous

Is it stick up cash only?

02/15/2015 03:39pm By Anonymous


03/16/2015 12:23pm By Anonymous

Pretty good price for an unlocked iPhone.

03/16/2015 01:02pm By Anonymous

Does NOT support CDMA, i.e. Verizon, Sprint. Only 97.4% positive rating isn't a good clause to buy from the seller.

03/17/2015 02:42am By Anonymous

Be aware of the seller rating! The seller received 152 NEGATIVE ratings within the last month! On EBay, if the seller's rating is below 99.0%, it is a red flag. For EBay community, 97.4% is NOT a good rating.

03/22/2015 01:42am By Anonymous

any 16G deal? 64G is useless
no need to store lots of things locally

Free Tmobile SIM Card
Free Tmobile SIM Card, Mar 15
T-Mobile is offering a free SIM Card with code "FREESIM". Expires 3/31/2015.

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03/15/2015 08:22am By Anonymous

You have to buy data plan in order to get it,

03/15/2015 08:55am By Anonymous

yes, you are right

03/15/2015 09:53am By Anonymous

T Mobile sucks

03/15/2015 10:01am By hxu678

Worst coverage, bad service, you get all with T-mobile!

03/15/2015 10:12am By Anonymous

Code not recognized

03/15/2015 10:34am By Anonymous

I just switched to att and get a free iphone. Tmobile goes to hell.

03/15/2015 11:12am By Anonymous

How to get free 200m for tablet

03/15/2015 11:25am By Anonymous

"Free phone"? You must be kidding! Do you know that you are going to pay for your phone as monthly installments? Did you read you contract before signing it? If you bail out before your contract expires, you will have to pay AT&T the full cost of the phone, probably at a much higher price than you buy the phone up front. If you stick with your carrier after 2-year contract, your monthly installments still include in your bill forever even if you don't buy new phone. Wake up dude!

03/15/2015 11:31am By Anonymous

Free phone? You either pay for the phone monthly or your monthly service fee is more expensive to cover the phone's cost.

03/15/2015 01:03pm By Anonymous

Love to hear how you got your free IPhone by switched to AT&T.

03/15/2015 01:09pm By Anonymous

T-Mobile business model is the way of the future and eventually, all carriers in the US will follow its footsteps. Everyone should get rid of their CDMA phones and go with GSM's. Don't opt for signing contracts with phone carriers. Carriers should let their customers buy their own phones and will charge only for the services. Everyone should be able to switch their carriers any time if they are not happy with them. This way will create competition between carriers and everyone will benefit from that.

03/15/2015 02:00pm By Anonymous

TMobile's Simple Choice friends and family plan is flat-out the best value for money. With 4 lines, we are paying about $33/mo/line for UNLIMITED minutes + text + data. Gets even better if you have more lines, max 10 allowed. First 2.5 GB is at 4G speeds. Music downloads are unlimited 4G. Unlimited international calling at ONLY $10/mo for entire plan, thus $2.5/line for us. And on a recent flight, I was able to text, for free, at 36,000 feet in the air. TMobile rocks.

03/15/2015 02:09pm By Anonymous

How do we get the free T-Mobile Nano sim card without signing up new data services again?

03/15/2015 03:10pm By Anonymous

T mobile sucks. In England, you can get up to FIVE free sim cards from any providers.... T mobile, O2, Virgin, Three, Vodafone, etc. In USA, it all charges 15$.

03/15/2015 04:44pm By Anonymous

Have been a T-mobile Customer for 6 yrs. Getting the lowest rate from them. And the coverage is very good except if you go out to visit countryside or really remote areas. They have the best customer service as well.

03/15/2015 06:24pm By Anonymous

ATT is suck. When you sign contract with them 38$ per line, and data plan (at least 20$/per line per month)will follow you forever even you stay with them over 2 year.

03/15/2015 07:20pm By Anonymous

Not a free SIM card for prepaid customer.

03/15/2015 07:49pm By Anonymous

@06:24pm, fix your broken English before posting any comments on Internet

03/15/2015 08:45pm By Anonymous

Hello, I like to speak broken English. I invent language that would be popular soon.

03/15/2015 10:11pm By Anonymous

Really now? You're gonna pick a fight on dealsea?

03/15/2015 10:50pm By Anonymous

I wouldn't touch the sim with a 6 foot pole. And, I'm a pole dancer.

03/16/2015 11:28am By Anonymous

T-Mobile Sucks!

03/25/2015 04:06pm By Anonymous


Motorola 8GB Moto E 4G No-Contract Cell Phone (Sprint Prepaid) $60
Motorola 8GB Moto E 4G No-Contract Cell Phone (Sprint Prepaid) $60, Mar 14
Best Buy has Motorola 8GB Moto E 4G No-Contract Cell Phone (Sprint Prepaid) for $60. Shipping is free.

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64GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone Factory Unlocked $820
64GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone Factory Unlocked $820, Mar 13 Expired
eBay has 64GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone Factory Unlocked for $820. Shipping is free. No tax for some. [Apple] has sim free 64GB iPhone 6+ for $849. Plus tax.

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03/13/2015 11:04am By Anonymous

so cheap

03/13/2015 11:13am By Anonymous

I will get apple official unlocked one for the extra compatibility with all carriers.

03/13/2015 11:46am By oldwife

Tempting, but I prefer android.

03/13/2015 11:48am By Anonymous

IPhone user even does not know what it means for a high quality phone. They are spoiled by low quality apple. It's a serious issue.

03/13/2015 11:49am By Anonymous

Nokia 1520 blows this out of earth.

03/13/2015 11:54am By Anonymous

The price doesn't mean quality, but it's for profits to apple. Over 70% cash is from one phone to apple. Totally unbelievable. Apple sells a tofu as a gold.

03/13/2015 01:47pm By Anonymous

That's what is called BRANDING. AAPL is best in doing exactly that...

03/13/2015 03:49pm By Anonymous

Why are you guys so freaking out about branding? Never heard of LV? Rolex? Porsche?

03/13/2015 04:02pm By Anonymous

Given that they have very little hardware compatability to account for in their os. It is very disappointing the amount of times my iOS device crashes.

03/13/2015 05:04pm By Anonymous

Even a white egg less fragile than this screen.

03/13/2015 05:11pm By Anonymous

Reading comments is always much more fun than actually buying the product.

03/13/2015 05:20pm By Anonymous

For this price, you can buy a truck of eggs for a whole year consumption.

03/13/2015 07:30pm By Anonymous

Haha, 03/13/2015 05:20pm By Anonymous

Are we comparing Apple vs Orange , or Apple vs. Egg :-)

03/13/2015 07:34pm By Anonymous


I got it now! What do you mean is that comparing iPhone to Android , is compare Apple to Egg, right???

03/13/2015 07:36pm By Anonymous

Is it Apple vs Orange , or Apple vs Egg?

03/13/2015 08:41pm By Anonymous

Damn, I need to work for one full day just to get sn apple.

03/14/2015 09:17am By Anonymous

Wow, $820 you make a day!! how much do you make in a year?

03/14/2015 05:54pm By Anonymous

If you don't like apple products just move on. Why do people always have to bash on these deals. I use apple but do not feel the need to constantly bash android, etc..

03/14/2015 08:37pm By Anonymous

Why don't you move on if you don't like bashing apples?

03/14/2015 10:47pm By Anonymous


03/15/2015 10:45pm By Anonymous

It doesn't matter if your phone cost you $0 or a lung, at the end of the day what counts is whether or not you can make/receive calls, send/receive texts on your phone, and, well, if you've paid your phone bill. Fortunately/unfortunately, to many it's not just buying a phone, it's about buying "social acceptance", "social class", and "happiness". The winner? Phone companies.

FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Smartphone (Refurbished) $25
FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Smartphone (Refurbished) $25, Mar 12 Expired
(Back again) FreedomPop has FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Smartphone (Refurbished) + 500MB 4G/3G Data + Unlimited Voice Plan Trial for First Month for $25. Shipping is free. Refer to this post and follow carefully in order to avoid over charging.

Comments (15)  Add Comments

01/21/2015 04:28pm By Anonymous

SCAM!!I got one of these and the battery only lasted 15 minutes. The company terminated the service after the phone was inactive for a while.

01/21/2015 04:35pm By Anonymous

Keep away from the scam!!!!!
You will be charged lots of hidden fees.

01/21/2015 05:51pm By Anonymous

NOt a good company. the battery did not work. The replacement battery works only for a couple of hours after a full charge. they swithed you to a pay plan and it is hard to get the money back. you would spend a long time to deal with them if you sign up.

Not worthy trying.

01/21/2015 06:26pm By Anonymous

Mine is working perfectly fine for the last 4 months. The issue is this that with $25 we want to buy the whole world and end up giving negative comments

01/21/2015 10:20pm By Anonymous

it is only 25$, not 750$!

01/21/2015 10:32pm By Anonymous

If it gives more trouble than being useful, I won't want it even they pay me.

01/22/2015 12:58am By Anonymous

This company don't have a good credit, and bad customer service by the way. start charging you from activation fee...And it said sprint phone will work with their netwoprk but it won't work!!

01/22/2015 11:12am By Anonymous

I took an Iphone from them with similar plan. And I am a very satisfied customer.

01/23/2015 12:22am By Anonymous

I returned a smartphone and they did not refund. SCAM..............

01/24/2015 01:16am By Anonymous

I was charged for many months, still not able to cancel it. SCAM!!!

02/03/2015 02:04pm By Anonymous

The voice quality is horrible, which I'm not sure is due to the refurbished phone or the company itself. There is only 3G available in my area, but I do enjoy the free data.

02/03/2015 07:43pm By Anonymous

no good. bad company bad phone.

02/04/2015 09:33am By Anonymous

I ordered one yesterday. Forgot to uncheck extended warranty for $4.99. No confirmation email (accountname/password) yet, cc charged. Got emails for warranty and pushing a "security software". Hoping for a confirmation email.

03/13/2015 02:22am By Anonymous

Be happy to call this phone and randomly do not get through, do not rely on it.

03/13/2015 03:04pm By Anonymous

I don't know how but the HTC EVO 4G I had was working even without internet connection for voice calls. This one only works with internet connection. So if you don't have 3G/4G/Wifi you can not make any calls. That is my experience. So do not transfer your number until checking it out yourself.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 - No Contract GoPhone $49
AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 - No Contract GoPhone $49, Mar 11 Expired
Walmart / Amazon has AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 - No Contract GoPhone for $48.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (9)  Add Comments

03/12/2015 05:45pm By Anonymous

Amazon will have flash deal for 29.99

03/12/2015 06:09pm By Anonymous


03/12/2015 06:21pm By Anonymous

12am pst

03/12/2015 06:51pm By cheetah

Thanks for the info. Added.

03/12/2015 08:12pm By Anonymous

Did anyone try to unlock it before? How hard is it?

03/12/2015 08:25pm By Anonymous

It will cost you only $5 on Ebay.

03/12/2015 09:35pm By Anonymous

Free from att with receipt from authorized dealer.

03/12/2015 09:40pm By Anonymous

Can I used this on t mobile?

03/13/2015 03:50am By Anonymous

Just got 2 from Amazon $29.99 each.


Nokia Lumia 635 $30 (for AT&T, Boost, and Virgin)
Nokia Lumia 635 $30 (for AT&T, Boost, and Virgin), Mar 11 Expired
Amazon Gold Box of the Day has Nokia Lumia 635 (for AT&T, Boost, and Virgin) for $29.99. Shipping is free with Prime (30-Day Free Trial). [pricechart]

Comments (16)  Add Comments

03/13/2015 03:09am By Anonymous

Good deal. Got one.

03/13/2015 03:11am By Anonymous

Got virgin mobile one! Thank!

03/13/2015 03:18am By Anonymous

super deal... Thanks DealSea...

03/13/2015 06:30am By Anonymous

Can I use it on tmobile ?

03/13/2015 07:03am By Anonymous

Yes, you can. Just buy it and pay $5 on Ebay to unlock it.
That is what I did and it worked very well.

03/13/2015 08:45am By Anonymous

In for 1, Thank you!

03/13/2015 08:55am By Anonymous

Could you kindly provide the Ebay link for unlock?

03/13/2015 09:32am By Anonymous

Can this be used for Sprint?

03/13/2015 10:27am By Anonymous

Can it be used on Verizon? Thanks.

03/13/2015 10:49am By Anonymous

No phone could be used on Verizon

03/13/2015 11:28am By Anonymous

This is a great cheap phone. Excellent device for people wanting smartphone features without a need for large storage.

I do have as a main phone an HTC M8 and got this phone to substitute my work BB and I'm very happy with it.

03/13/2015 11:49am By Anonymous

If I buy the AT&T version and unlock it, I know it can be used on T-Mobile. But I understand Wi-Fi calling feature will not be available. That's quite important now if you travel abroad and Wi-Fi calling back to the US is free on T-Mobile. Can anyone confirm whether Wi-Fi calling is available or not?

03/13/2015 12:13pm By Anonymous

Only T-mobile phone will support wifi calling feature.

03/13/2015 02:25pm By Anonymous

All gone!

03/13/2015 03:21pm By Anonymous

Back to Normal Price. 50$

03/13/2015 09:45pm By Anonymous

got the virgin, but she's more than $50

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Moto G No-Contract Cell Phone $30 + $20 BB Credit (YMMV)
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Moto G No-Contract Cell Phone $30 + $20 BB Credit (YMMV), Mar 10 Expired
Best Buy Deal of the Day has Verizon Wireless Prepaid Motorola Moto G No-Contract Cell Phone for $29.99. Shipping is free. [pricechart]

Comments (12)  Add Comments

03/12/2015 01:44am By Anonymous

Is this a GSM phone? Can I use the T-Mobile Sim card?

03/12/2015 01:50am By Anonymous

It's for Verizon, of course not GSM

03/12/2015 01:52am By Anonymous

No sim slot

03/12/2015 01:53am By Anonymous

Don't worry it is out of stock

03/12/2015 02:00am By Anonymous

It is still in stock. I just checked out 2.

03/12/2015 02:05am By Anonymous

@pacer You might be able to get $20 reward from this, check out best buy for more detail, add info and confirm for us, thanks

03/12/2015 02:22am By pacer

information added, keep fingers crossed

03/12/2015 02:51am By Anonymous

due to high demand, this item is sold out and has been removed from your order

03/12/2015 02:53am By Anonymous

This phone is not eligible for the $20 credit. Only see 29 points instead of 1000 points during checkout.

03/12/2015 03:12am By Anonymous


03/12/2015 07:53am By Anonymous

can I unlock this phone to pageplus

03/12/2015 04:32pm By Anonymous

Can I use the phone without an prepaid phone line activation? I only need the phone for a video player..

FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned) $100
FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned) $100, Mar 09 Expired
FreedomPop has FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned) + 500MB 4G/3G Data + Unlimited Voice Plan Trial for First Month for $99.99. Shipping is free. Refer to this post and follow carefully in order to avoid over charging.

Comments (7)  Add Comments

03/09/2015 11:47am By Anonymous

Evil company, will charge you without any reason, if you complain anything , they will cancel your account ! to save your life, stay away from freedompop

03/09/2015 11:50am By Anonymous

you can never complain about free stuff.

03/09/2015 11:56am By Anonymous

My experience is good. Just don't take any their promotion or update. Always keep basic mode.

03/09/2015 01:32pm By Anonymous

Cheating company. Need to be real careful with the charges. Once time they overcharged my account. I called many times they said will refund but never did. I went to credit card company to dispute the charge, they said they know this company so no question was asked. But the Freedompop cancelled my account, and now my hotspot can never be used again. DISLIKE!!!

03/09/2015 02:22pm By Anonymous

Use their hotspot for almost two yrs, never had any problem with the company. Just be sure to remove all the extra, disable auto payment etc... Signal is a bit spotty, but its is free! People who complains about freedompop are usually to lazy to read all the fine print and take the time to disable all the unnecessary features!

03/09/2015 04:49pm By Anonymous

if you are too lazy/dumb to read all the fine print and unwilling to do a little research to avoid all the fees, this is not for you. It is free, it goes a long way if you do a little research at first. You can even add friends to your account to increase the data allotments. I have 1GB free 4G data per month. No problem for over a yr now.

03/09/2015 06:45pm By Anonymous

Run by a bunch of crooks. If you don't believe it, try it out and you will find out the hard way and come back wondering why you didn't listen in the first place.

LG G2 D800 5.2" 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Smartphone $210, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Refurbished) $480
LG G2 D800 5.2" 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Android Smartphone $210, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Refurbished) $480, Mar 09
qualitycellz@eBay has select smartphone on sale.

Comments (11)  Add Comments

03/09/2015 11:21am By Anonymous

Got the G2 2 weeks ago, love it so far, battery life is excellent. IMO best unlocked phone you can get in the market for $200 right now.

03/09/2015 11:53am By Anonymous

does it work for verizon?

03/09/2015 12:56pm By Anonymous

@ 11:53 READ DUMB ****
Features: 4G LTE compatible with AT&T or the same frequency, 4G LTE not compatible with T-Mobile, NOT Verizon or Sprint compatible, hotspot only compatible with AT&T, headphones not included, Bluetooth Enabled, Near Field Communication, Global Ready, GPS, Internet Browser, Music Player, Speakerphone, Wi-Fi Capable

03/09/2015 01:06pm By Anonymous

really awesome phone got it from same buyer 3 weeks ago. Cant get any other phone with this price range other than moto g

03/09/2015 02:41pm By Anonymous

G2 is more like a NOTE III or S IV
$200 is a steal

03/09/2015 02:50pm By Anonymous

Korea-made product means lower quality ... pass

03/09/2015 03:27pm By Anonymous


If not made by Kimchi country where else you are going to get it? Mind you that All top brands are made from Korea, unless you are an Apple die-hard fanboy. I own the iphone 6 plus now and i regret buying it. I can take the note 4 or edge anyday.

03/09/2015 06:20pm By Anonymous

you will never get this kind of phone with 2gb ram and 1080p resolution with snapdragon 800 processor for $210

03/09/2015 06:57pm By Anonymous

Before you buy, read the negative comments about this seller, a lot of them are actually just for LG G2.

I want to get one as well, but not from this seller.

03/09/2015 11:41pm By Anonymous

The seller is reliable. I bought one with no issue. Quick delivery as well.

03/09/2015 11:48pm By Anonymous

Just got one from a store n put it on metro. Works great.

$20 Best Buy Credit with Purchase of Any Smartphone
Best Buy - $20 Best Buy Credit with Purchase of Any Smartphone, Mar 09
Best Buy is offering $20 Best Buy Credit with Purchase of Any Smartphone. Enter your My Best Buy member ID in checkout to get the credit (Join My Best Buy™). Offer ends 3/28.

Comments (1)  Add Comments

03/09/2015 07:20am By Anonymous

Don't see anything saying the credit. anyone succeeded?

T-Mobile Coupons
T-Mobile - 2 lines of UNLIMITED 4G LTE data for $100/month, Mar 06 Expired
T-Mobile is offering 2 lines of UNLIMITED 4G LTE data for just $100/month. Or you could still choose 4 Lines for $100/mo. with 10GB of 4G LTE Data. Additional rules and conditions may apply.

Comments (2)  Add Comments

03/10/2015 06:58pm By Anonymous

is there a limit on mobile hotspot?

03/10/2015 07:03pm By Anonymous

Yes 5gb with unlimited plan and 2.5gb on each on 4 line plan

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Universal Car Mount $17.49
iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Universal Car Mount $17.49, Mar 06 Expired
BHPhotoVideo / Amazon has iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Universal Car Mount for iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c, Galaxy Note 3/2, Galaxy S5, S4 Smartphones for $17.49. Shipping is free or with Prime (30-Day Free Trial).

Comments (1)  Add Comments

03/14/2015 10:40pm By Anonymous

This car mount is awesome but offer already expired!!!

Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens $229
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens $229, Mar 05
getitdigital@eBay has Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens (For SLR Cameras: 60D 70D T5i & more) for $229. Shipping is free. [amazon]

Comments (1)  Add Comments

03/05/2015 03:53pm By Anonymous

Nice! In41

LG G L23 Flex 32GB Sim Free Unlocked Smartphone (international model) $200
LG G L23 Flex 32GB Sim Free Unlocked Smartphone (international model) $200, Mar 05 Expired
mobilepros1@eBay has LG G Flex L23 - Curved Android Smartphone, 32GB, 4G LTE, GSM Unlocked, International Version for $199.99. Shipping is free. [amazon]

Comments (7)  Add Comments

02/20/2015 05:34pm By Anonymous

will not work t mobile

02/20/2015 05:37pm By hanwuji319

sim free, why will not work on T-mobile?

02/20/2015 05:40pm By Anonymous

BAD BAD reviews on this seller...see below Motorola MOTO X for sale comments! BAD GUY!

02/20/2015 05:56pm By Anonymous

why ebay still allow them to sell?

02/20/2015 05:58pm By Anonymous

ountry/Region of Manufacture: Korea, Republic of Contract: Without Contract
Country Specs and Manuals: Asian Operating System: Android
3G Network Compatibility&Bands: 850/2100. AT&T Only, will NOT work for TMobile. Storage Capacity: 32GB
4G LTE Compatibility&Bands: 800/1500/1800/2100 NOT for US Carriers. Int'l ONLY

03/09/2015 01:34pm By Anonymous

it is $250.

LTE not work with att or tmobile !!!
even 3g will not work with tmobile !!!!

no mean to spend $200 on 2g phone.

03/09/2015 03:32pm By Anonymous

Oh yeah flex me baby oh yeah

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