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Moto X Pure Edition (Preorder starts 9/2) from $400
Moto X Pure Edition (Preorder starts 9/2) from $400, Sep 01
Motorola has Moto X Pure Edition Smartphone (Preorder starts 9/2) from $399.99. Shipping is free. [news]

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09/01/2015 07:04pm By Anonymous

1+2 is better

09/01/2015 07:05pm By Anonymous

just wait for 6s and 6s plus

09/01/2015 07:23pm By lwang9

I love everything of the new phone but the battery and screen. I prefer downgrade to FHD and larger battery instead.

09/01/2015 07:53pm By Anonymous

The Moto X Pure Edition is by far the best phone in terms of price-to-specs ratio

09/01/2015 08:12pm By Anonymous

Good phone for those who travel frequently. Supports most 3G, 4G bands. An awesome phone indeed if the battery holds up

09/01/2015 09:01pm By Anonymous

I am sure they will drop the price within 1-2 months.

09/01/2015 09:05pm By Anonymous

I am pretty sure they won't.

09/01/2015 09:05pm By Anonymous

Looks like LG G4

09/01/2015 09:49pm By Anonymous

Smartphones (like TVs) are now shaped in the form of a rectangular box, which means they all "look alike".

09/01/2015 09:59pm By Anonymous

There may be discounts on BF

09/01/2015 10:37pm By Anonymous

Just wait for iphone 7, samsung s8, LG G5, Moto XX.
Or just wait for BF or Christmas next year.

09/01/2015 11:13pm By Anonymous

Good price, it's a pity just bought a Note 5, otherwise will go with this one. I have used a few Android phones of different brands, they are all very nice. I love them more than the iphone I used before. Moto was a good brand, if it is not going to do better, at least it won't do worse.

09/01/2015 11:53pm By Anonymous

1+2 sucks

09/02/2015 12:19am By Anonymous

what the difference between the "pure edition" and a regular one ?

09/02/2015 12:32am By Anonymous

pure is pure; regular is contaminated

09/02/2015 01:05am By Anonymous

contaminated by what?

09/02/2015 01:57am By Anonymous

Contaminated by bloatwares

09/02/2015 02:58am By Anonymous

Speaking from my own experience, 1+1 sucks.

09/02/2015 11:45am By Anonymous

Not sure about the new version, but I recently bought Moto X (2nd Gen) and it is a good phone except the battery life. It drains very quickly, have to charge during the day to get through the end of day.

09/02/2015 11:56am By Anonymous

too big for asian users, I'm asian and I have tiny hands and everything else too.

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A 4G LTE 16GB (AT&T Factory Unlocked, Mfr Refurbished) $230
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A 4G LTE 16GB (AT&T Factory Unlocked, Mfr Refurbished) $230, Sep 01
eBay has Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A 4G LTE 16GB (AT&T Factory Unlocked, Mfr Refurbished) for $229.99. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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08/11/2015 12:39pm By Anonymous

I am hesitant due to my anticipation that S7 comes with SD card option and removable battery. What do you guys think?

08/11/2015 12:40pm By Anonymous

I think the s7 will cost 3-4x more than this phone. It will also be new and not refurbished. Really depends upon your budget and what you plan on doing with the phone.

08/11/2015 12:47pm By Anonymous

Moreover, S7 won't be released until next Spring.

08/11/2015 03:06pm By Anonymous

This is exactly $200 just 2 days before

08/12/2015 05:11pm By Anonymous

It should be less $100. Too expensive for a ref old model item.

09/01/2015 05:05pm By Anonymous

@12:39 pm
I heard S7 will also have replaceable parts like replaceable Corning Gorilla Glass 9, replaceable camera lens upgradable to 100 MP, swtichable triple LED flash, replaceable powerbutton, upgradable rom flash, serviceable circuit board, front facing but reversible "dual stereo" super duper surround loud speakers, and Uh-oh-Uh water/shock/glass breakage replacement warranty. This next-gen dream phone is coming out sometime in Sroing.

09/01/2015 05:14pm By Anonymous

If it is true I will definitely go for S7
since I really like the replaceable camera.

09/01/2015 08:23pm By Anonymous

Much more inferior than the G3 deal below.

Apple iPhone 6 a1549 64GB Smartphone for AT&T (Manufacture Refurbished) $490
Apple iPhone 6 a1549 64GB Smartphone for AT&T (Manufacture Refurbished) $490, Sep 01
eBay has Apple iPhone 6 a1549 64GB Smartphone for AT&T (Manufacture Refurbished) for $490. Shipping is free.

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07/29/2015 12:02pm By Anonymous

is this a joke?

07/29/2015 12:51pm By Anonymous

Yes,this is joke.

07/29/2015 01:51pm By Anonymous

why so?

07/29/2015 02:10pm By Anonymous

because it is a joke

07/29/2015 05:00pm By Anonymous

This item has been refurbished at our Apple approved repair center.

Then this is not manufacturer refurbished. Apple Manufacture Refurbished items should have new case, screen and battery.

07/30/2015 04:00pm By Anonymous

Warning! "Seller refurbished"

09/01/2015 11:42am By Anonymous

new Iphone 6S will be $650. Tome save a mere $160 why I risk buying an used phone?

09/01/2015 11:45am By Anonymous

Why buy an iphone at all is the better question. Remove the training wheels and get a Galaxy s5 for 200-250

09/01/2015 12:03pm By Anonymous

@ebay, Refurbished=Used

09/01/2015 12:06pm By Anonymous

earlier, sellers were genuine to mention as seller refurbished. Now a days, they are deceiving saying 'Manufacturer refurbished'

09/01/2015 12:20pm By Anonymous

Break free from chain
Get lg g3 $250. Better
then any samsuck

09/01/2015 12:43pm By Anonymous

Boo!!! all the comments above.
Get Amazon fire for $125 with free one year prime. so the fire only $25 and remember the spent $200 to make the fire. most of you guy need is seflfie and facebook,texting,calling,emailing, for $25.

09/01/2015 12:44pm By Anonymous

I get Free phones at my work every year... Liked free Iphone much more than I free Samsung. If you are cheap, by Amazon phone and drag about the free prime membership...

09/01/2015 01:04pm By Anonymous

All folks in here are cheap ! that's why we are visit this website. all reach and fancy people get the hell out !

09/01/2015 04:16pm By Anonymous

hahahahaha i love reading these comments

09/01/2015 04:18pm By Anonymous

Totally agree with 01:04pm.

09/01/2015 04:55pm By Anonymous

I don't know about your guys but I worked hard for my money, I like discount stuffs, Amen !

Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked GSM + 1-year of Prime $125
Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked GSM + 1-year of Prime $125, Sep 01
qualitycellz@eBay has Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked Smartphone with 1-year of Prime on sale. Shipping is free. [amazon] Amazon Has it for $130 With free shipping.

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08/31/2015 02:49pm By Anonymous

no it is a gsm phone, not compatiable with verizon.

08/31/2015 02:51pm By Anonymous

microsoft laid off most employees from their mobile group. they wrote off $B worth of loss. windows phone is dead.

08/31/2015 02:51pm By Anonymous

microsoft laid off most employees from their mobile group. they wrote off $B worth of loss. windows phone is dead.

08/31/2015 02:51pm By Anonymous

wow, lowest I have seen! I got it for $140 and I thought that was cheap!

08/31/2015 03:20pm By Anonymous

cheaper than Xiaomi

08/31/2015 03:35pm By Anonymous

Xiaomi is 1080p resolution, this one is 720p. Huge difference.

08/31/2015 04:13pm By Anonymous

Why does this seller charge tax?

08/31/2015 04:20pm By Anonymous

Is it true that this will turn a student membership into another 2 years more?

08/31/2015 04:54pm By Anonymous

I bought it for $189 only few months ago. I thought it was 'DEAL'

08/31/2015 05:41pm By Anonymous

Looks like it is starting to reduce $10 per week.

08/31/2015 05:57pm By Anonymous

it is a deal even at $399
though i would never buy it due to crappy phone

08/31/2015 06:10pm By Anonymous

xiaomi is a piece of a crap. 1080p on a phone? lol.

08/31/2015 06:51pm By Anonymous

Amazon is selling it at a discount in order to release a Fire 2 phone?

08/31/2015 06:54pm By Anonymous

i can't imagine on black friday,
$49.99 + $50 Rebate?
Anyone not seeing F2 Phone you are not so smart

08/31/2015 07:34pm By Anonymous


Are Amazon Student members eligible?

Yes, Amazon Student members are eligible. Amazon Student members will have the option of keeping their Amazon Student membership and receiving a year extension of that membership type applied to their account or changing to Prime and receiving a year of Prime applied to their account. After registering their Amazon account with their Fire device, Amazon Student members will receive a welcome email that describes how to select their preferred option.

08/31/2015 10:54pm By Anonymous

If I buy two phone, will I get two year membership?

08/31/2015 11:01pm By Anonymous

If 9 women are pregnant at same time, one baby is created in one month?

09/01/2015 12:34am By Anonymous

@10:54pm, yes you will get 2 years premiun

09/01/2015 01:05am By Anonymous

If you just want an unlocked phone to make a call, it is fine. The amazon version of the Andriod on this phone is crappy. Amazon built a great phone but undermined by its own crappy Android fork. the hardware specification look good, but you gonna use it everyday, not to look at hardware everyday.
Take away from amazon price membership, $26 is not bad for a crappy phone.

09/01/2015 01:50am By Anonymous

I paid $130 last week and I thought I got a good deal. Should have waited.

09/01/2015 10:34am By Anonymous

Just wait - it will be $99 with free prime one year before thanksgiving.

09/01/2015 11:18am By Anonymous

does it can be unlocked with international phone companies (like unlocking in overseas?), appreciated for your input.

09/01/2015 12:22pm By Anonymous

in for 1. thanks dealsea. can't beat the price.

09/01/2015 01:03pm By Anonymous

Well, Amazon just axed its fire phone. Good for Amazon.

09/02/2015 01:02am By Anonymous

Install wandoujia and
* Google Play Store
* Google Services Framework
* Google Login Service/Account Manager
and then install an launcher such as buzz or nova.
There you have the android phone just like all others.

FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned) $30
FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned) $30, Aug 31
FreedomPop has Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned) + 500MB 4G/3G Data + Unlimited Voice Plan Trial for First Month for $29.99. Shipping is free. Refer to this post and follow carefully in order to avoid over charging.

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08/31/2015 07:09pm By Anonymous

Their customer service is terrible, I just cancelled my service with them.

08/31/2015 08:13pm By Anonymous

I did not expect good CS, but it turned out customer service is actually not so bad. I made a mistake, but they corrected it promptly after emails.

08/31/2015 08:51pm By Anonymous

Stay away from this company. very bad very bad.

08/31/2015 09:23pm By Anonymous

If we buy this if phone , can we use the basic service for free?
They have a basic service with 200 minutes and 200 messages per month and 500MB DATA.
Can any existing users please answer this ?

08/31/2015 09:32pm By Anonymous

to 9:23 pm

Yea, u use it for free.

08/31/2015 11:42pm By Anonymous

If you pay a penny for this company, you are going to regret.

09/01/2015 12:42am By Anonymous

CS was good enough for me. Don't rely on FP as primary phone unless you pay for premium voice. I'm happy with their "free" service though.

09/01/2015 01:54am By Anonymous

don't listen to these negative/ignorant comments. i have several FP phones for my family and do all account maintenance online. i screwed something up and, after a few emails, they fixed it. many thanks Freedompop!!

09/01/2015 06:30am By Anonymous

Most negative comments are from people who can't read fine print. I've been using FP free internet hotspot for 2 yrs and never have to pay a dime!

09/01/2015 11:43am By Anonymous

the good comment from the people work for the company.
This is very very very very bad company.

09/01/2015 12:26pm By Anonymous

So, if I reach 200 min and go over, how much would be the charge per minute? or is there a way to prevent going over 200 min? Thanks

09/01/2015 03:21pm By Anonymous

according to smart people before me you need to read the final print.
my advice stay away from Freedompop

32GB LG G3 D851 4G LTE Unlocked T-Mobile Smartphone $250
32GB LG G3 D851 4G LTE Unlocked T-Mobile Smartphone $250, Aug 31
eBay has LG G3 D851 - 32GB 4G LTE Unlocked T-Mobile Smartphone for $249.99. Shipping is free.

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08/20/2015 11:37am By Anonymous

Good deal!

08/20/2015 11:41am By Anonymous

does this work on ATT as well?

08/20/2015 11:49am By Anonymous

Unlocked works on AT&T

08/20/2015 12:10pm By Anonymous

Does it carry manufacturer warranty? Could not find anything on the lsting. Could now ask a question to seller regarding the same.

08/20/2015 03:31pm By Anonymous

does it work on T-mobile?

08/20/2015 07:37pm By Anonymous

The LTE should work on T-Mobile. Not sure if the LTE will work on ATT

08/20/2015 07:46pm By Anonymous

Looks like it's compatible with ATT's LTE network.

Found this on the web:
AT&T 4G HSPA and HSPA+ use 850Mhz(Band 5) and 1900Mhz(Band 2) bands but it all depends on area if they own a license. LTE uses Band 17(700Mhz), Band 5(850Mhz), Band 2(1900Mhz), Band 4(1700/2100Mhz) currently.

According the e-bay seller, the phone has the following bands:
2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900; 3G: HSDPA 850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100; 4G: LTE band 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 7(2600), 17(700)

08/31/2015 12:12pm By Anonymous

just purchase with AMEX you can extended warranty

08/31/2015 12:58pm By Anonymous

Any credit card doubles your warranty ./ I am not sure about ebay purchase

08/31/2015 01:12pm By Anonymous

No warranty. Works with cricket wireless. Very decent phone for the price

08/31/2015 02:27pm By Anonymous

just bought it at 279 last week!

08/31/2015 05:39pm By Anonymous

last week $280, this week $250, next week $220, ... you figure!

08/31/2015 10:33pm By Anonymous

1. Will it work with Verizon? Many thanks

09/02/2015 07:39pm By Anonymous

bought 1 just now. Thx!

Samsung Galaxy S6 G920i 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Octa-Core Phone $470
Samsung Galaxy S6 G920i 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Octa-Core Phone $470, Aug 31
eBay has Samsung Galaxy S6 G920i 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Octa-Core Phone for $469.99. Shipping is free.

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08/19/2015 11:26am By Anonymous


08/19/2015 11:43am By Anonymous

Dont see any warranty details

08/19/2015 12:24pm By Anonymous

S6 is newer than iPhone 6/6+ but its price drops faster than iPhone. Dang.

08/19/2015 12:54pm By Anonymous

samsung s6 > than all apple. Apple stays expensive because kids and senile old people can use them. Also the apply fanboys/hipsters keep it high because they overspend on EVERYTHING that isn't worth it.

08/19/2015 01:10pm By Anonymous

Price reflects it's value. S6 is outdated

08/19/2015 01:33pm By Anonymous

Verizon just got the 5.1 update yesterday, works great now.. This is a really good phone. Battery life could be a bit better but other than that it's great.

08/19/2015 02:01pm By juninu

All Android phone will get cheaper and cheaper.

08/19/2015 05:31pm By Anonymous

Is it compatible with virgin mobile?

08/20/2015 02:37pm By Anonymous

Please make sure to check whether these Cell phones are allowed to Sell in US otherwise u won't get support. I had issues for support when I bought unlocked Samsung Cell phone.Finally I decided not to buy Samsung any more.

08/22/2015 11:27am By Anonymous

Where to get dual sim with a low price?

08/31/2015 10:59pm By Anonymous

I wait for the Edge ...

Verizon Wireless Prepaid LG Optimus Exceed 2 No-Contract Cell Phone $15
Verizon Wireless Prepaid LG Optimus Exceed 2 No-Contract Cell Phone $15, Aug 30
Best Buy has Verizon Wireless Prepaid LG Optimus Exceed 2 No-Contract Cell Phone for $14.99. Free in-store pickup. [amazon]

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08/30/2015 10:46am By Anonymous

Can this be used on Verizon More everything post-paid plan? Thanks!

08/30/2015 10:54am By Anonymous

Can this be used as a low cost tablet without any cell service signup?

08/30/2015 11:35am By Anonymous

Yes to both questions above.

08/30/2015 05:31pm By Anonymous

Can this be used?

08/30/2015 07:01pm By Anonymous

$15 4gb player

08/30/2015 08:31pm By Anonymous

Something like "volume down + back button" to unlock

08/30/2015 08:57pm By Anonymous

Can this be used as a tablet without any cell service signup?

08/30/2015 09:05pm By Anonymous

it can be used as a tablet if you are 2 feet tall

08/31/2015 09:25am By Anonymous

Its easy to skip the registration, just google or refer to older deal in the dealsea and some has mention the right steps. I am using this as wifi only device from last 2 weeks, its good but bit slow but its great for $15.

08/31/2015 02:14pm By Anonymous

Can this be used for PagePlus?

08/31/2015 11:13pm By Anonymous

Can this be used as a dial phone ?

Sprint Prepaid Motorola Moto E 8GB No-Contract Cell Phone $40
Sprint Prepaid Motorola Moto E 8GB No-Contract Cell Phone $40, Aug 30
Best Buy / Bestbuy via ebay has Sprint Prepaid Motorola Moto E 8GB No-Contract Cell Phone for $39.99. Shipping is free.

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08/30/2015 08:10am By Anonymous

got from walmark $10 half year ago

08/30/2015 08:46am By Anonymous

is there other phone option for prepaid phone to pay by minutes?

08/30/2015 09:05am By Anonymous

can use GSM?

08/30/2015 02:38pm By Anonymous

Unlock and use on tmo?

08/30/2015 02:52pm By Anonymous

This model is not GSM. Not able to be unlocked. Sprint is a CDMA provider

08/30/2015 03:06pm By Anonymous

very nice phone !!!
i got one and there is sim but IMEI starts with 99
couldn't find unlock code where IMEI start with 99

does anyone know how to get this unlocked?

08/30/2015 11:01pm By Anonymous

Doesit work with SERO?

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition - Virtual Reality (S6 and Note 4 version) $99
Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition - Virtual Reality (S6 and Note 4 version) $99, Aug 28
Samsung has Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition - Virtual Reality for $199 - $100 w/ code "VRDPUS" = $99. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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08/28/2015 01:02pm By Anonymous

you can get it only if you are successful creating account with Samsung... site crashes. I tried from many devices.

08/28/2015 03:46pm By Anonymous

Just bought one, lets see how it goes. Thanks dealsea

08/28/2015 07:14pm By Anonymous

just bought one from Bestbuy,
order this one anyway.
will return the Bestbuy one when i get this one.
Thanks Dealsea!

08/28/2015 08:39pm By Anonymous

So we need to buy a cell phone from samsung to use it? Or can it be connected to a pc?

08/28/2015 11:16pm By Anonymous

Have to be either S6 or Note 4

Samsung N900 Galaxy Note 3 32GB Verizon Wireless Smartphone (Seller Refurbished) $190
Samsung N900 Galaxy Note 3 32GB Verizon Wireless Smartphone (Seller Refurbished) $190, Aug 27
eBay has Samsung N900 Galaxy Note 3 32GB Verizon Wireless Smartphone (Seller Refurbished) for $189.99. Shipping is free.

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08/27/2015 09:35pm By Anonymous

VZW refurbished are garbage, I have an insurance with VZW and had to go through 3 times to get refurbished one working, be aware...

16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V Unlocked Smartphone (Refurbished) $230
16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V Unlocked Smartphone (Refurbished) $230, Aug 26 Expired
(Back) eBay has Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V 16GB (Unlocked) (Manufacture Refurbished) for $229.99. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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08/13/2015 11:05am By Anonymous

Not bad compared with G2

08/13/2015 11:34am By Anonymous

This is one of the best phones i ever owned. obviously better than iphone 5 or 5s

08/13/2015 12:17pm By Anonymous

Stop saying its manufactured refurbished cause it's not

08/13/2015 12:54pm By Anonymous

Manufacture Refurbished (or) user?

08/13/2015 02:36pm By Anonymous

Caution!!!!! Verizon!!!!!

08/13/2015 03:18pm By Anonymous

It was $200, a few days ago.

08/13/2015 06:58pm By Anonymous

it was $25 few years ago

08/28/2015 12:57pm By Anonymous

This is NOT a "Manufacturer refurbished"...This device has been refurbished at "our approved repair center"...That's mean seller garage or basement.

08/28/2015 01:01pm By Anonymous

They say it is refurbished by the manufacturer.

08/28/2015 01:52pm By Anonymous

seller refurb. not worth the risk.

08/28/2015 03:22pm By Anonymous

Galaxy S5 is one of the well-made products.
Cheaper but better from my experience.

08/28/2015 05:08pm By Anonymous

S5 and S6 are head to head, not worth upgrade unless you want something newer or willing to loose SD and Batt

08/28/2015 06:47pm By Anonymous

Refurb for $230, how is that a deal?

08/30/2015 03:45am By Anonymous

love this phone, water resistance work quite well. used it under the rain and run around with my kids in splash pad a few times! The s6 is crap, you lost sdcard, battery access, and it's no longer water resistance!!!

08/31/2015 10:48am By Anonymous

Please remove expired deals

Verizon Wireless Coupons
Verizon Wireless - Get $350 Credit with Trade in and Purchase a New Smartphone (New Edge Activation and Port-in Required), Aug 26 Expired
Update: Get extra $50 Off select Smartphones. Ends 8/31/15.

Verizon Wireless offers $300 credit when you trade in your phone & buy a new one. New Edge activation & port-in req'd. Trade in must be in good condition. Offer ends 8/31/15. Click Here to Appraise your phone.

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08/20/2015 09:52pm By Anonymous

Apply to existing customer?

08/20/2015 10:27pm By Anonymous

Verizon trade in appraisal is very miserly offering 40$ for my s4

08/20/2015 11:10pm By Anonymous

Costco is giving a $200 account credit if you add a new line with edge plan, no taxes and car charger and mount free (good quality), Verizon is charging for taxes around $61 for this. No taxes in Costco....

08/21/2015 12:06am By Anonymous

This is misleading. Should be "up to $300". I only got $4 for my trade-in.

08/21/2015 01:36am By Anonymous

I signed up the two year plan with iPhone 6+ purchase in order to get the $200 credit during the promotion event last year, I sent my old iPhone 4 as instructed. Before doing the above, I called Verizon to confirm I'm qualified to receive the $200 credit. Unfortunately, I never got the $200, I contacted Verizon more than 20 times in the past 10 months, almost all of the representatives told me they are going to sent me the $200 except the last one who told me I'm not qualified for the credit, she gave me $100 credit. I'm very u satisfied with this. I will write to their CEO to get the $100!

08/21/2015 02:05am By Anonymous

You trust Verizon? Unbelievable.

08/25/2015 02:39am By Anonymous

Verizon gimmick

08/28/2015 09:55am By Anonymous

Please remove

08/28/2015 10:43am By Anonymous

Very frustration to get $200 trade-in credit. You need to get their promotion code via message, input this code when submitting the request online, any value will become $200 with promotion code, then they will mail your package to send phone back and you wait.

The frustration part is if the promotion code isn't come next two days, you have to call them, no one knows how to help you to get promotion code. I have been called them dozen of time, finally I get it after two weeks. They always asked you to wait for two days, it comes, but never. So don't trust them. So don't use Verizon.

08/28/2015 01:48pm By Anonymous

Have similar bad experience on promotion with other carrier (AT&T) too. While their marketing department promised you this and that, after you really switched over, their customer service will simply tell you that you are not qualified to the promotion.

08/28/2015 04:22pm By Anonymous

these damn phone companies are making so much money off of our needs for phones. Ripping us a new one!

08/30/2015 10:27am By Anonymous

Your few dollars trade in will sale for $$$ through Ebay sellers refurbished.

Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked GSM + 1-Year Prime $135
Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked GSM + 1-Year Prime $135, Aug 25 Expired
eBay has Amazon Fire Phone 32GB 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Smartphone with 1-year of Prime for $134.99. Shipping is free. [amazon]

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08/27/2015 09:28am By Anonymous

is this hot enough to make version 2 ?

08/27/2015 09:34am By Anonymous

How do I get the amazon prime membership if the item is not sold by amazon?

08/27/2015 09:39am By Anonymous

@ 9:34am - Amazon is granting the 1 year prime membership or extension to your existing membership through the setup process of a brand new (never used) device using the serial number/IMEI information independently of who is selling the phone. So, as soon as you associate the BRAND NEW device with your Amazon account, you will get your new or extended Prime membership benefit. This won't work for used or refurbished devices. I hope this helps!!!

08/27/2015 10:01am By Anonymous

Price is 140, not 135

08/27/2015 10:29am By Anonymous

Unavailable now

08/27/2015 12:30pm By Anonymous

problem with this phone is that it lacks of apps.
for example, no google apps.
There are only two major ecosystems of phones worth spending money. Apple and Android.
If you don't mind using it as a backup phone, the price is good though.

08/27/2015 09:31pm By theoso

Back again.

08/27/2015 09:53pm By Anonymous

Amazon just fired most of the team that developed this phone. Future updates and continued support looks suspect. Hope it does not end up being like the HP tablet.

08/27/2015 10:07pm By Anonymous

Ugly phone! I'd be embarrassed to pull it out my pocket to make a call, seriously!

08/27/2015 11:26pm By Anonymous

i tried samsung, and iphone before. Firephone is the best phone ever if you know a little technology. It is very easy to figure out how to install google play if your IQ is greater than 90.

08/28/2015 12:23am By Anonymous

Do u work for amazon, upstairs?

08/28/2015 12:29am By Anonymous

Let me remind u. Apple sold 47,000,000iPhone in last quarter. Amazon sold 35,000 fire phone since its launch.

08/28/2015 01:13am By Anonymous

Search youtube, you can find out how to put Google Play store to the fire phone. Very easy

08/28/2015 01:45am By Anonymous

11:26pm - you got to have an IQ of less than 80 to really want to buy this ugly fire phone, no kidding.

08/28/2015 03:49am By Anonymous

Got 1 from amazon and my prime already extended for 1 year, that's pretty good.

08/28/2015 07:47am By Anonymous

Bezos, is that you commenting? I doubt anyone else would extol virtues of fired fone.

08/28/2015 07:51am By Anonymous

when does the prime membership extension take effect after the purchase. I purchased it 2 days ago, the phone is shipped, and my membership still hasn't been extended, yet.

08/28/2015 08:55am By Anonymous

@7:51 As soon as the phone ships.

08/28/2015 10:33am By Anonymous

Your membership will be extended when you log in your Amazon account from the Fire phone

08/28/2015 01:56pm By Anonymous

The membership is 99 plus tax, around 110, so for this fire phone, equals 25, definitely worth to buy.

08/28/2015 07:15pm By Anonymous

I already have Prime. When my phone was shipped, it automatically added 1 year to my existing membership. No need to activate the phone.

08/29/2015 02:01am By Anonymous

Amazon had it for 130

08/29/2015 07:58am By Anonymous

Just received mine yesterday. In my opinion, this phone is not very good. It is warm all the time, even for light browsing. Quite hot for games. Maybe worth it for the money, but not very impressed.

$50 Brookstone Credit for $25 (or $20 YMMV)
$50 Brookstone Credit for $25 (or $20 YMMV), Aug 25 Expired
Groupon has $50 Brookstone Credit for $25. Plus get extra 20% off with code "UNLOCK20" (Maybe targeted - YMMV).

Comments (8)  Add Comments

08/25/2015 05:02pm By Anonymous

Any good stuff in Brookstone?

08/25/2015 05:08pm By Anonymous

Cool stuff but very expensive.

08/25/2015 05:50pm By Anonymous

Only for Chicago Local deal, forget about it.

08/25/2015 06:53pm By Anonymous

Any bad experiences with Brookstone?

08/25/2015 08:29pm By Anonymous

Brookstone has a bunch of massage chairs, so each visit will be a nice one.

08/25/2015 11:46pm By Anonymous

only one coupon per visit and everything is expensive

08/26/2015 12:18pm By Anonymous

Anyone bought a fitbit band online from Brookstone using the coupon?

08/26/2015 04:34pm By Anonymous

Yes I bought a fitbit using the groupon coupon code/gift card

64GB Apple iPhone 6 Factory Unlocked Smartphone $700
64GB Apple iPhone 6 Factory Unlocked Smartphone $700, Aug 25
Monoprice@eBay has 64GB Apple iPhone 6 Factory Unlocked Smartphone for $699.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (8)  Add Comments

08/25/2015 11:27am By Anonymous


08/25/2015 01:28pm By Anonymous

$700 dollars for a Crapple is a deal??????????

08/25/2015 02:28pm By Anonymous

Apple misleads people to believe iPhone is pure gold, not a plastic crap.

08/25/2015 03:43pm By Anonymous

and still people believe them and but apple products

08/25/2015 04:09pm By Anonymous

Finally a deal around here

08/25/2015 04:13pm By Anonymous

Only 48 sold within five hours. More people know the real apple.

08/25/2015 05:09pm By Anonymous

Only 48 sold within five hours, because people are waiting for the new iphone. iPhone users won't care about the price but "one more thing..."

08/25/2015 08:36pm By Anonymous

Any real difference? But the name. 6-> 6s.

Samsung 64GB EVO Class 10 microSD Card with Adapter $21
Samsung 64GB EVO Class 10 microSD Card with Adapter $21, Aug 25
Walmart / Amazon has Samsung 64GB EVO Class 10 microSD Card with Adapter for $20.94. Free in-store pickup or free shipping with Prime. [pricechart]

Comments (1)  Add Comments

08/26/2015 06:48pm By Anonymous

I went to Best Buy because Walmart did not have it in my area and they price matched it...Cool.

LG Leon Android Smartphone for T-Mobile $50
LG Leon Android Smartphone for T-Mobile $50, Aug 24
T-Mobile has LG Leon 8GB 4G Android Smartphone for T-Mobile for $99.99 - $50 with promo code "LEON50OFF" = $49.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (4)  Add Comments

08/24/2015 10:50pm By Anonymous

new line/upgrade

08/24/2015 10:55pm By Anonymous

No thanks I'll pass on this one.

08/24/2015 11:04pm By Anonymous

3.3 rating is actually pretty bad

08/24/2015 11:22pm By Anonymous

You get what you paid for...

Apple iPhone 6 a1549 16GB - Verizon (Unlocked - Seller Refurbished) $430
Apple iPhone 6 a1549 16GB - Verizon (Unlocked - Seller Refurbished) $430, Aug 24
eBay has Apple iPhone 6 a1549 16GB - Verizon (Unlocked - Seller Refurbished) for $429.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (7)  Add Comments

08/24/2015 03:15pm By Anonymous

In 60 days, new one will be this price.

08/24/2015 03:37pm By Anonymous

how do you know? Are an executive? shame on your thought. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

After 5 years, people will throw it in garbage. Do wait till then? Its your problem, don't bow your tongue everywhere.

08/24/2015 04:17pm By Anonymous

Apple will announce new iPhone 6s on 9/10th.
new iphone 6 will be 549 on apple store and 499 on ebay as every year happened.

08/24/2015 04:18pm By Anonymous

@ 03:37: How do you know people throw it in Garbage in 5 yrs when you don't know tomorrow :)

I remember the saying 'This bitch's son is talking bad about my mother mam!'

08/25/2015 01:32am By Anonymous

Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished phone? Is it reliable?

08/25/2015 09:11am By Anonymous

Never buy "seller refurbished".

08/26/2015 12:56pm By Anonymous

lol. obviously, for some people, low (potentially lower) price hurts

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F 32GB GSM Unlocked 16MP Smartphone $550
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F 32GB GSM Unlocked 16MP Smartphone $550, Aug 24
eBay has New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F 32GB GSM Unlocked 16MP Smartphone for $549.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (8)  Add Comments

08/15/2015 11:50am By Anonymous


08/15/2015 12:45pm By Anonymous

too late.

08/24/2015 12:24pm By Anonymous

Factory warranty should be available.
Do they still use gorilla glass?

08/24/2015 01:14pm By Anonymous

They use Monkey Glass. Otherwise they couldn't bend it.

08/24/2015 01:31pm By Anonymous

Sounds like you speak Monkey.

08/24/2015 02:59pm By Anonymous

Could this phone use for AT&T?

08/24/2015 05:38pm By stevedebi

Yes, it should work fine with AT&T. But it has no warranty in the USA.

08/24/2015 08:28pm By Anonymous

(just to share), both Sam's club and Costco offer $150 their gift card (one is rebate), if purchase Not 5 or S6 Edge+ before the end of Aug (Sam's club's deal ends at Aug 30)

LG G4 H815 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Hexa-Core Android 5.1 Smartphone $420
LG G4 H815 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Hexa-Core Android 5.1 Smartphone $420, Aug 24
eBay has LG G4 H815 32GB Factory Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Hexa-Core Android 5.1 Smartphone for $419.99. Shipping is free. [amazon]

Comments (4)  Add Comments

08/24/2015 11:12am By Anonymous

good deal!

08/24/2015 11:56am By Anonymous

no warranty info mentioned?

08/24/2015 12:09pm By Anonymous

that's y its cheap

08/24/2015 07:26pm By Anonymous

work for T-mobile ? Thanks !

Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Unlocked GSM) + one full year of Prime $130
Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Unlocked GSM) + one full year of Prime $130, Aug 24 Expired
Amazon Gold Box of the Day has Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Unlocked GSM) + one full year of Prime for $130. Shipping is free. [pricechart]

Comments (24)  Add Comments

08/26/2015 09:06am By Anonymous


08/26/2015 09:11am By Anonymous

No thanks, unless for $100

08/26/2015 09:26am By Anonymous

This is a great deal, even if you don't use amazon Prime. You cannot find a better phone (specs and performance) for this price ($130) anywhere. If you use Prime, then the phone is a bargain ($30). I have used this phone for about one year now. It is not perfect, but it does all the basic functions (calls, emails, text, apps) you can expect and more (mayday, firefly, etc). I haven't had a problem with it yet. And if I do, I will just buy another for $30. :-)

08/26/2015 09:44am By Anonymous

I'm sorry. You might be mistaken. It's $130, not $30.

08/26/2015 09:49am By Anonymous

I will definitely buy it for $30. LOL

08/26/2015 10:07am By Anonymous

For current prime membership owner, will this membership be Extended current membership

08/26/2015 10:11am By Anonymous

yes, i bought one last month and they extended my current Prime membership for an extra year

08/26/2015 10:19am By Anonymous

my current Prime expires March 2016, does that mean it will be extended to March,2017 if I buy it now? If that's true, it's really not bad...

08/26/2015 10:31am By Anonymous

whats the launch price?

08/26/2015 11:33am By Anonymous

Bottom line, can it run wechat? If not, useless for me.

08/26/2015 11:50am By Anonymous

bottom line ehh, google how to install
playstore on this phone and you're good

08/26/2015 12:14pm By Anonymous

You can go to offical wechat website to download and install and run. It\s easy.

08/26/2015 12:52pm By Anonymous

I have Alipay, Kugou music, WeChat, QQ on my Fire Phone, works fine

08/26/2015 12:52pm By Anonymous

The phone spec is pretty good. You can install Google Play Store, and get most Android apps from there.

If you don't like the Amazon FireOS, you can get rid of it and install Cynogenmod.

08/26/2015 01:30pm By Anonymous

With this price, I don't know if I can resist.

08/26/2015 01:33pm By Anonymous

I heard Wechat installed on this phone will NOT be able to do video calls. But Tencent may figure out this in a newer version of Wechat. I guess during your waiting for a lower price such as $30, they may get this done. So just wait...

08/26/2015 02:44pm By Anonymous

why do u need amazon prime. Amazon prime itself over priced unless u spend $2000 on amazon every year

08/26/2015 04:22pm By Anonymous

$49 for a year of Student Prime, for me, this is $81.

08/26/2015 07:28pm By Anonymous

This is crap... I had a prime account valid till April 2016. Once I purchased this that was overwritten with a trial account valid for a month. Since morning 5 times called their customer service and they are unable to figure out...sending me email on how to become prime member.

08/26/2015 07:29pm By Anonymous

If you already have the Prime membership, it will add one year to your existing account. Let's say your Prime membership expire on August, 2016, activate the Fire phone will extend your membership to August, 2017

08/26/2015 10:25pm By Anonymous

I had a student prime account. Bought the phone and called Amazon. They added two additional years to my account.

08/26/2015 11:37pm By Anonymous

out of stock now

08/27/2015 01:55am By Anonymous

Sold out, losers.

08/27/2015 08:56am By Anonymous

This phone does not support Google maps? I hear it does not have GPS

Free Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Charcoal Black with 2-Year Contract
ATT - Free Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Charcoal Black with 2-Year Contract, Aug 22 Expired
ATT has Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Charcoal Black for FREE when you sign up for 2-year contract. Shipping is free.

Comments (13)  Add Comments

08/22/2015 11:09am By Anonymous

It is not really free. You will have to pay high monthly.

08/22/2015 12:55pm By Anonymous

like a good deal. in the past it costs $200 plus monthly.

08/22/2015 02:07pm By Anonymous

Not deal.buy unlocked for 360

08/22/2015 02:33pm By Anonymous

this is a pretty good deal.

Suppose you have att data share plan already, buying this phone for free with a new 2 year plan means you pay $360 for the phone (15*24).

08/22/2015 02:38pm By Anonymous

where can I buy unlocked for 360?

08/22/2015 02:49pm By Anonymous

maybe in 2 years when note 6 comes out. Then used note 4 will be $360.

08/22/2015 05:02pm By Anonymous

The monthly fee will high $25, so $25x 24 months = $600.00 , It is not free.

08/22/2015 06:49pm By Anonymous

Just use the search function at dealsea and you will find 370 refurbished unlocked note 4

08/22/2015 06:57pm By Anonymous

refurbished vs. new. Also it will only increase my monthly bill by $15 instead of $25 ($25 discount is for high data usage plan, I guess) so will still end up cheaper than the refurbished one.

08/22/2015 08:24pm By Anonymous

I got one yesterday with renew 2 year contract. It is absolutely free I use the same plan as I have for last 2 year: 450 minute and 3 GB / month. Just pay activation fee $45.

08/22/2015 10:50pm By Anonymous

Call att and get the activation fee waived.

08/23/2015 11:28pm By Anonymous

How do you get this deal to work?

08/24/2015 09:58am By Anonymous

if you need pay more than $360 for a new phone, then you can pick up it with 2-year-contract. Otherwise, bring your phone to join with free contract and lower monthly fee. So it depends what phone you want and do you mind to be contracted?

LG G Flex2 H950 Platinum Silver Unlocked 4G LTE (Latest Model) Curved OLED $250
LG G Flex2 H950 Platinum Silver Unlocked 4G LTE (Latest Model) Curved OLED $250, Aug 21
eBay has LG G Flex2 H950 Platinum Silver Unlocked 4G LTE (Latest Model) Curved OLED for $250. Shipping is free.

Comments (22)  Add Comments

07/02/2015 11:15am By AlphaJ

not available anymore?

07/02/2015 11:16am By cheetah

Link will be available soon.

07/02/2015 11:31am By wuli

You can get some cheaper one from eBay too.

07/02/2015 11:48am By niceguy52184

After my experience with the G2, NO WAY am I going LG again.

07/02/2015 11:51am By Anonymous

it's a G3

07/02/2015 12:05pm By Anonymous

Men tend to be bend, so does phone! What a world!

07/02/2015 12:28pm By Anonymous

link still not working. when will it be available?

07/02/2015 12:48pm By Anonymous

wow, phone also has homo

07/02/2015 01:20pm By Anonymous

This phone will run very hot. May even burn your ear, see review in Amazon, not good at all. I will buy one if $250

07/02/2015 01:32pm By Anonymous

lg sucks. I'll never buy their phone.

07/02/2015 04:13pm By Anonymous

I bought a LG G 1st gen and it works great for 3 years, only camera is not that good.... I'll definitely buy another LG cuz the cheap price and superb performance.

07/02/2015 10:04pm By Anonymous

iPhone will sue them, it's already bent!

07/03/2015 09:28am By Anonymous

say no to kimuchi

07/03/2015 12:27pm By Anonymous

I love my G2, long battery life and smooth

07/03/2015 06:19pm By Anonymous

straight men use straight phones

07/13/2015 09:43pm By Anonymous

Straight men also should bend at least once in a life

07/13/2015 10:26pm By Anonymous

LG doesn't make good phone. I had nexus 4,5,6. 4 and 5 both broke after only a year. now i am with 6, and it is not made from LG.

07/27/2015 11:47am By Anonymous

DO not be stup1d, Sony Xperdia Z3 is MUCH better choice than this one and iPhone.

07/27/2015 11:55am By Anonymous

@10:26pm If you manage to break N4&5 within a year, something is wrong with you not with LG phones. I still have the N4&5 and both are working just fine, my wife and my kid are using them now.

07/27/2015 03:05pm By Anonymous

Yeah. I have two Nexus 5 both working great and cheap after one and half years. I can't trust the comment about the broken Nexus 4, 5.

08/21/2015 03:30pm By Anonymous

overheat issue in its core

08/21/2015 04:49pm By Anonymous

Snapdragon 810 makes it good and bad.

64GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone (New Other) $680
64GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone (New Other) $680, Aug 21 Expired
eBay has 64GB Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone (New Other) for $679.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (7)  Add Comments

08/21/2015 07:21pm By Anonymous

New Other = Old

08/21/2015 07:45pm By Anonymous

"New Accessories Included " = new other?

08/21/2015 07:45pm By Anonymous

"New Accessories Included " = new other?

08/21/2015 07:46pm By Anonymous

"New Accessories Included " = new other?

08/21/2015 09:07pm By Anonymous

New other maybe is refurbished or used.

08/21/2015 09:26pm By Anonymous

New other= you r a f...ing a..hole

08/22/2015 02:26am By Anonymous

this one will not work on CDMA carriers.....unfortunately.

LG Optimus F6 Android Smartphone for T-Mobile $70
LG Optimus F6 Android Smartphone for T-Mobile $70, Aug 21 Expired
Groupon has LG Optimus F6 Android Smartphone for T-Mobile for $69.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (4)  Add Comments

08/21/2015 06:02pm By Anonymous

Internal memory is too low to even for text message. Runs super slow for internet browser.

08/21/2015 06:43pm By Anonymous

Don't buy LG. It limits options in Android.

08/21/2015 08:12pm By Anonymous

Terrible customer service, my f6 was sent to Texas for repair. I was told by 3 customer repre everything was fixed, some parts replaced.However the 4rd representative told me the opposite. When I received my phone, nothing fixed. Time wasting.

08/23/2015 02:57am By Anonymous

this was on clearance for $45-50 last year. Not a bad phone, but its specs are getting a bit ancient. Not worth the $70 IMHO.

30-day Testdrive of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6+ Edge, or S6 $1 (iPhone required)
30-day Testdrive of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6+ Edge, or S6 $1 (iPhone required), Aug 21
Samsung is offering iPhone users with 30-day testdrive of Galaxy Note 5, S6+ Edge, or S6 for $1. Pre-paid shipping label will be provided.

Comments (27)  Add Comments

08/21/2015 02:43am By Anonymous

i am going to buy 2 iphones for this deal

08/21/2015 03:04am By Anonymous

S6+ and note 5 are not available

08/21/2015 03:45am By Anonymous

dude(tte) you need to be on your iphone to clickthru the test drive link

08/21/2015 06:20am By Anonymous

Phone is not available yet. What?

08/21/2015 06:46am By Anonymous

Can I use my existing SIM card or do I have to use their SIM card with their plan?

08/21/2015 07:54am By Anonymous

All devices are not available :)

08/21/2015 08:17am By Anonymous

Samsung tries to get how many clicks that Apple fans willing to try.
None of Carriers are available...

08/21/2015 08:18am By Anonymous

All they are doing is letting you rent it for a month. Thats it. If anything happens to it at all, you will get charged the full replacement cost of about 750.00. Better think before you jump on this one.

08/21/2015 08:23am By Anonymous

Just when deals couldn't get any stupider. Samsung tops it with this one.
Sent from my iPhone

08/21/2015 08:51am By Anonymous

samsung is cheating. Do not believe it and never buy their phone.

08/21/2015 09:13am By Anonymous

actually works great for me. I wanted to use it before committing to a device, so this is a perfect little program in my case. Bummer it doesn't have edge+ or note 5 though.

08/21/2015 09:55am By Anonymous

wow, great strategy, and samsung must be really confident of their phones to make a bold move like this. I liked the design of Edge 6 but wanted a bigger screen, now my wish has come true, and i get to try it for almost free for a month.
Now, Tesla,.... okay, maybe i'm pushing it.

08/21/2015 09:58am By Anonymous

The button 'Start Test Drive' is not working either in IE or firefox

08/21/2015 10:01am By Anonymous

Sorry, that device is not available right now. Select a different device or check back later.

08/21/2015 10:24am By Anonymous

cheap / low budget marketing campaign, and make you feel ......

08/21/2015 10:34am By Anonymous


08/21/2015 10:48am By Anonymous

"Accessories Do Not Have to be Included (Earbuds, Charging Cord, Charger)

You get to keep accessories.

08/21/2015 10:53am By Anonymous

only one left was a sprint s6

08/21/2015 11:53am By Anonymous

it's a joke

08/21/2015 12:38pm By Anonymous

After activating your samsung, your iphone won't work anymore because the new phone uses the same number as your iphone. Anyone can confirm this? Thanks.

08/21/2015 01:42pm By Anonymous

None of the device is available with any carrier. OOS

08/21/2015 01:54pm By Anonymous

Got my email confirmation for ATT S6 edge plus.
It release every some period of time.
Check every 30 min and you will get.

08/21/2015 03:41pm By Anonymous

Thank you for your interest. Due to the overwhelming demand, we are temporarily out of test drive phones. Please keep checking back for available phones.

08/21/2015 10:19pm By Anonymous


Thank You!

We've received your order and charged $1 to your card.
We'll let you know as soon as your order has shipped.

08/22/2015 12:45pm By Anonymous

This is a disastrous blow to Apple.

Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked GSM + 1-year of Prime $140, 64GB version $160
Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Unlocked GSM + 1-year of Prime $140, 64GB version $160, Aug 20 Expired
qualitycellz@eBay has Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked Smartphone with 1-year of Prime on sale. Shipping is free. [amazon]

Comments (9)  Add Comments

08/20/2015 08:31pm By Anonymous

Do I get the 1yr prime if I buy from EBay?

08/20/2015 08:37pm By Anonymous

It does come with 1-year prime, if you click the link and read the description.

08/20/2015 10:14pm By Anonymous

You will have prime, I bought from this seller before.

08/20/2015 11:16pm By Anonymous

Didn't even have Google maps. Specs is good but NO APPS!

08/21/2015 12:05am By Anonymous

Excellent seller, Amazing hardware, disappointing software/OS limitations made by amazon. Excellent options from someone in the need a decent smartphone device for basic internet and someone not dependent of Google Services. As a plus you get 1 free year of Amazon Prime which means you end paying about $40 for the phone. If you are looking for the full smartphone experience, this is not an option for you. I got it as my second work/business phone and it serves that purpose perfectly. I carry an iPhone as my main personal phone.

08/21/2015 11:01am By Anonymous

I had a very bad experience with this seller. I never trust it any more.

08/21/2015 03:19pm By Anonymous

They couldn't give these things away if they were free.

08/22/2015 12:18pm By Anonymous

easy to sideload google maps,and everything! I did 8 months ago and it is 99% like a pure android phone.

08/23/2015 01:35am By Anonymous

what's the big deal, just install the apk already

Apple iPhone 5s 16GB a1533 (AT&T) (Manufacturer refurbished) $250
Apple iPhone 5s 16GB a1533 (AT&T) (Manufacturer refurbished) $250, Aug 20 Expired
eBay has Apple iPhone 5s 16GB a1533 (AT&T) Gold Gray Silver (Manufacturer refurbished) for $249.99. Shipping is free.

Comments (11)  Add Comments

08/20/2015 06:53pm By Anonymous

How come this is manufacturer refurbished?

08/20/2015 06:57pm By Anonymous

It comes from manufacturer in used condition. Not sure, how it is listed in ebay as manufacturer refurbished. "Phone may have minor cosmetic wear such as some light scratches on the screen and minor imperfections on sides and/or back."

08/20/2015 07:02pm By Anonymous

Probably means that the phone is refurbished at Foxconn facility. Definitely not same as Apple Refurbished

08/20/2015 07:17pm By Anonymous

These phones are just pre-owned and seller repackaged.

08/20/2015 08:04pm By Anonymous

my smart coworker bragged about how she made $100 when she turned in her 5S to Verizon a year ago, guess she doesn't know how much it worth

08/20/2015 08:04pm By Anonymous

Manufacturer is Foxxcon.
You will be surprised at their bad working conditions.

08/20/2015 08:07pm By Anonymous

Ebay needs to come up with a *** name for seller refurbished items. Seller refurbished=BS

08/20/2015 08:47pm By Anonymous

foxxcon makes most of the popular electronics, almost all iProducts, Sony, Sharp, etc
i don't know why people are fighting over about the name brands, most of them came from the same factory

08/20/2015 10:13pm By Anonymous

Can this be unlocked by sending a request to AT&T or if you know any other method to unlock? Need it to be used in TMobile.

08/21/2015 09:51am By Anonymous

even if they come from same factory - companies provide their own specification and quality acceptance criteria. Same like garment factories in Bangladesh.

08/21/2015 06:33pm By Anonymous

to 10:13pm: Yes, it can be unlocked easily, just add it to ATT network and then immediately ask them to unlock and they will do so, as long as it is not under any contract.

Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked $600
Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked $600, Aug 20
eBay has Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked Smartphone A1586 for $600 + No Tax for Most. Shipping is free. Model A1586 works with both GSM and CDMA networks WorldWide such as T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon and etc.

Comments (19)  Add Comments

08/10/2015 11:41am By Anonymous

iphone 6s is coming. iphone 6 will be $549 next month.

08/10/2015 11:49am By Anonymous

iPhone already is a street phone, every one has it. Nothing special.

08/10/2015 12:56pm By Anonymous

It will be $400 next year.

08/10/2015 01:04pm By Anonymous

It will be $1 by the year 2020.

08/10/2015 01:51pm By Anonymous

It will be free next 20 YEARS

08/10/2015 08:18pm By Anonymous

Peach phone will come out in 2022

08/12/2015 09:39am By Anonymous

When is the banana phone coming out? any ideas?

08/12/2015 09:59pm By Anonymous

Right after coconut phone comes out

08/13/2015 12:32am By Anonymous

Piece of crap. These tech companies ripping people pockets.
More expensive than a laptop.
Jesus save people from expensive apples.

08/13/2015 10:36am By Anonymous

I'd like to get that rose gold coconut phone in 2020.

08/15/2015 12:15pm By Anonymous

Please buy more IPhones so I can buy more Apple stocks.

08/15/2015 01:35pm By Anonymous

please buy Apple products, cause I have apple stock shares. In fact, I am wondering I should buy more shares.

08/15/2015 03:48pm By Anonymous

You should buy more shares, as I'm positively buying 2 iphone 6s right after the launch event on September 9th :-)

08/17/2015 01:48am By Anonymous

IPhone 6 will be in my trashcan by the end of this year

08/20/2015 04:15pm By Anonymous

in for 5

08/20/2015 04:15pm By Anonymous

it's a no brainer at this price

08/20/2015 05:14pm By Anonymous

I would like to have a small scale Chappie in 2020

08/21/2015 11:39am By Anonymous


08/21/2015 11:56am By Anonymous

Is A1586 better than A1549?

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