Car Incentives and Rebates (Updated)
Car Incentives and Rebates (Updated), Apr 18
Car Incentives and Rebates is updated. To get a deal:
  1. Find invoice price, prices others are paying, and current incentives & rebates available
  2. Make quotations (free) with all your nearby dealers
  3. Negotiate with them on the prices via Email & Phone
  4. Walk into their office only when you and dealer both agree on the price

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10/05/2013 11:30pm By Anonymous

I would like to buy 2013 hyundai sontata hybrid limited with navigation and moon roof. i got the quote for 26,299 from one dealer. Is it good,to buy now or can I wait for 2014 jan. what is the difference? Anyone can pls let me know ...thanks

10/11/2013 06:14pm By Anonymous

to 11:30PM. You may check the used car price at for the same car same mileage but only the year model is different: example, 2008 vs 2009. You may find the price difference is even higher than the intencive that dealer give you on 2013 model. So, unless it is a huge incentive for 2013 model, go for 2014 model.

10/26/2013 11:13am By Anonymous

Just jump into the 2013 Sienna market and try to grab one before the manufacturer incentive deadline (11/4, $2000 or 0% APR 60months loan). The dealers suck! The OTD price of a 2013 model is equal or above a 2014 model, and will not accept the special loan (0% APR). The manufacturer $2000 rebate acutally goes to the dealers NOT the buyers. Wait for a better timing (Dec?)to buy a 2014 model.

11/01/2013 08:06pm By Anonymous

Just got 2014 altima for $18k in Maryland, the best price in the region

11/02/2013 12:13am By Anonymous

do you mind to tell me where did you buy your altima in maryland? thank you!

11/08/2013 06:04pm By Anonymous

Does anybody know the good price for 2014 Toyota Corolla?

11/08/2013 11:09pm By Anonymous

if no military or college graduate, then $17,000 is a good price.

11/15/2013 10:43pm By Anonymous

Where is the deal for FIAT???

12/20/2013 06:08pm By Anonymous

Great Holiday Gift add on for the parents/grandparents thank you!

12/20/2013 08:19pm By Anonymous

I just purchased Honda Odyssey 2014 EXL with RES and weather floor mats for $32525 in NJ. Did I get better price?

12/27/2013 05:16pm By Anonymous

I am shopping for 2014 Odyssey EXL with RES, too. 12/20/2013 8:19pm Could you please share from which dealer you purchased it from?

12/27/2013 11:17pm By Anonymous

went to get my 2014 328i as shown, came home in a Yaris, nice deal

12/28/2013 08:31am By Anonymous

Autosport Honda Bridgewater nj

12/28/2013 09:16am By Anonymous

Bought 2014 Toyota Corolla LE for $18,000 (OTD Price).

01/04/2014 10:42am By Anonymous

@12/28/2013 09:16am,

From which location did you buy it?

01/10/2014 04:49pm By Anonymous

@8:19 guy (Hondy Odyssey) is this your OTD price?

01/10/2014 04:54pm By Anonymous

@01/04/2014 10:42am


01/10/2014 05:59pm By Anonymous

to 01/10/2014 04:49pm.
price=32525+tax+299 doc fee+404 registration fee+7.50 NJ tire fee+830 destination.
dealer name: Autosport Honda Bridgewater,NJ

01/10/2014 06:02pm By Anonymous

Pls suggest which gas is better for Honda odyssey?

01/24/2014 08:52pm By Anonymous

Want to buy something similar to toyota camery. Can somebody recommend one? Thanks a lot.

02/21/2014 04:28pm By Anonymous

To 01/10/2014 05:59pm

Can you please share the features of Honda Odyssey you bought, Anything you added to base EXL model. I also wants to buy

02/21/2014 05:43pm By Anonymous

anyone getting Mazda CX-5?

03/07/2014 05:17pm By Anonymous

I'll buy some one-way tickets for some of our Washington politicians

03/08/2014 11:58am By Anonymous

What about Hond Accord 2014 sports sedan?

03/16/2014 02:29am By Anonymous

@01/10/2014 06:02pm
Regular Unleaded

EPA Mileage Ratings[4] / Fuel--> Required Fuel

$100 Jiffy Lube Gift Card for $80
$100 Jiffy Lube Gift Card for $80, Apr 14 has $100 Jiffy Lube Gift Card for ONLY $80. Shipping is free.

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04/14/2014 11:22am By Anonymous

Save $20 to only have your car need $500 in repairs after you visit Jiffy Lube...

04/14/2014 11:24am By Anonymous

right, they forgot the put my air filter back in...

04/14/2014 11:35am By Anonymous

Avoid Jiffy Lube. Seriously.

04/14/2014 11:55am By Anonymous

They damaged my transmission plug, spent another 200 to get it fixed. A bunch of retarded.

04/14/2014 12:34pm By Anonymous

bad reputation and they need to cut the price in a half and still no one want to buy it.

04/14/2014 12:35pm By Anonymous

still remember the NBC report? they charge you and donging nothing.

04/14/2014 01:11pm By Anonymous

jiffy lube is such a joke. I wouldn't go there even if they pay me $100

Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge $13
Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge $13, Apr 13
Sears has Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge for $12.99. Free shipping with Shop Your Way Max membership or choose free in store pickup.

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04/13/2014 07:13pm By Anonymous

is this good?

04/13/2014 11:49pm By Anonymous

bought one before. the measured pressure is different compare to the pump at gas stations.

Mobil 1 Six Quart Case Synthetic Motor Oil 5w-30 $23.79 AR, 5w20 $25.99 AR, 10w30 $25.99 AR
Mobil 1 Six Quart Case Synthetic Motor Oil 5w-30 $23.79 AR, 5w20 $25.99 AR, 10w30 $25.99 AR, Apr 12
Amazon has select Mobil 1 Six Quart Case Synthetic Motor Oils for good price after rebate. Shipping is free with prime or on orders $35+.

Comments (5)  Add Comments

04/13/2014 09:33am By Anonymous

Only 5w20, no 5w-30?

04/13/2014 12:12pm By Anonymous

No 0W-40?

04/13/2014 03:15pm By Anonymous

No 20W-50 for my hoopty, err classic?

04/13/2014 10:16pm By Anonymous

How's this price compares to Costco's sale price??

04/15/2014 01:07am By Anonymous

For the 5W-20 at Costco during coupon sale, it is $26.99(36.99-10 coupon) for 6 pk-1 quart bottle, plus taxes. Someone please correct me if my memory is wrong...

Sears - 20% Off DieHard Car Batteries + $5 off + Free in-store pickup
Sears - 20% Off DieHard Car Batteries + $5 off + Free in-store pickup, Apr 11
Sears is offering 20% Off DieHard Car Batteries + $5 off with code SEARS2014 + Free in-store pickup.

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04/11/2014 09:01am By Anonymous

wait for AdavancedAuto Deal, $35-50 off over $100

04/11/2014 11:01am By Anonymous

Diehard is probably better than the autocraft brand and cost about the same.

04/11/2014 04:13pm By Anonymous

DieHard battery is in fact much better than AdvancedAuto branded. Costco battery is also very good, and cheaper than both of them, but only popular sizes are available.

04/12/2014 03:36am By Anonymous

how to get 20%

Budget Truck Rental - Save 20% off until 4/30/14
Budget Truck Rental - Save 20% off until 4/30/14, Mar 07
Budget Truck Rental is offering Save 20% off your Budget Truck rental from now until 4/30/14. - Use coupon code: 20DIS

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