Walgreens Photo - 11" x 14" Custom Photo Poster

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Walgreens has 11" x 14" Custom Photo Poster for $10.99 - $9 with Code "WOWPOSTER" = $1.99. Expires 7/20. Free in-store pickup.

( Expired )

Posted July 28, 2021 at 7:42 AM EDT
by mutongo


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By anonymous on 07/29/2021, 11:21 PM EDT
i tried adding multiple posters. the code only removed $9 from the total of the order amount. this means only one poster receives a discount. notice that their typical price is about $5.5 before this event.

By anonymous on 07/29/2021, 04:49 PM EDT
The code does not work on Walgreens app. It works on the web browser. Strange //@Anonymous: not working

By anonymous on 07/29/2021, 02:47 PM EDT
worked - thank you! I've been waiting for this - I would love a bigger poster!

By Hulalaorder on 07/28/2021, 02:54 PM EDT
In for 3

By anonymous on 07/28/2021, 10:34 AM EDT
Works for me.

By mutongo on 07/28/2021, 08:58 AM EDT
It works as just verified:

Total$1.99 //@anonymous: not working

By anonymous on 07/28/2021, 08:55 AM EDT
not working

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