Samsung Galaxy 3 LTE Watch 45mm

for $122 w/trade-in and EPP
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Samsung is offering $160 trade-in value for purchasing Galaxy 3. Follow steps below to get the deal. Shipping is free.
  • Login to your Samsung account
  • Go to offers tab
  • Then choose discount programs (EPP)/Education Discounts
  • Then choose galaxy watch 3 45mm with trade in
  • Add your any Samsung galaxy watch for $160 trade in value
  • Skip add on
  • Apply the coupon "PALETTEPANDA21"
  • Final Price for 45mm LTE $122
    • Non LTE version is around $30 less than this price

Posted February 22, 2021 at 2:31 AM EST
by pacer


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By anonymous on 02/22/2021, 08:24 PM EST
not true, I have had mine for 2year now and I only charge it 1-2times per week

By anonymous on 02/22/2021, 08:09 PM EST
The only issue these Samsung watches have is that as soon as one year warranty is over, battery life is over too. SO, useful for one year ONLY!!

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