MSI Modern 15 242 15.6" Laptop (i5-10210U 8GB 512GB)

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Walmart has MSI Modern 15 242 15.6" Laptop (i5-10210U 8GB 512GB) for $699.99. Shipping is free.

Posted September 18, 2020 at 10:45 AM EDT
by eagle


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By anonymous on 10/17/2020, 01:02 PM EDT
bought this system 5 months ago at the $899 price point. Here are my thoughts:
i7 16GB ram & 512 GB m.2
light with a overall solid build (except for the outer part of screen hinge)
sleek aesthetic look (business environment friendly)
Battery life is good (4-5 hrs under normal conditions/no game play)
I use this system for office/student work- excel modeling (large data sets), Powerpoint, word, played GTA 5 and it ran hot (to me) but my geek buddy said the temps were normal for game play

Additions- Add another m.2

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