Nintendo 2DS XL System with Mario Kart 7

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New Nintendo 2DS XL System w/ Mario Kart 7 Pre-installed (Black & Turquoise) on sale. Shipping is free.

Posted May 21, 2020 at 17:39 PM EDT
by Harry


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By anonymous on 07/14/2020, 03:18 PM EDT
got 1

By anonymous on 06/23/2020, 07:54 PM EDT
Not sure why they keep posting this. It’s not a deal, same price in store.

By Alexoi on 06/07/2020, 11:49 PM EDT
Correct. It is MSRP price. //@Anonymous: This the new MSRP per Nintendo

By anonymous on 06/07/2020, 12:46 AM EDT
This the new MSRP per Nintendo

By anonymous on 06/03/2020, 02:18 PM EDT
Thank you! Got one.

By anonymous on 06/03/2020, 11:46 AM EDT
Hot deal

By anonymous on 06/02/2020, 11:48 PM EDT
walmart still has it, got 1

By anonymous on 05/22/2020, 01:44 PM EDT
Out of stock already :(

By onceternal on 05/22/2020, 01:37 PM EDT
oos. So close.

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