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Posted June 24, 2019 at 11:24
by Infinity


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By anonymous on 06/27/2019, 01:48pm
This brand used to stand for quality, their products were durable and had a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, this is not true anymore. After Samsonite took over, they got rid of the lifetime warranty and replace with a 5-year warranty. (even for products previously sold.) And the quality of the products themselves went downhill from there. //@Anonymous: What is so great abt this brand ?

By anonymous on 06/25/2019, 06:44am
I had a full set of this luggage, and it only lasted about 5 years (admittedly with heavy use). Company would not honor their "lifetime" warranty because they discontinued the model I had. Not worth the price.

By anonymous on 06/24/2019, 07:52pm
Its like LV of luggage. Makes you look rich. Very useful if you like getting attention. //@anonymous: What is so great abt this brand ?

By anonymous on 06/24/2019, 07:19pm
What is so great abt this brand ?

By dc797681 on 06/24/2019, 06:24pm
this brand is wayyyyy overpriced!!!

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