$120 or $150 Amazon GC with Amazon Business Prime American Express Card

(Loaded into account instantly when approved)
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Amazon Business Prime American Express Card is offering $120 (for non Prime members) or $150 Amazon GC (for Prime members). Gift card is instantly loaded to the regular amazon account (you don't have to own an Amazon Business account) if you are approved instantly.
  • No annual fee
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Posted November 22, 2018 at 15:33 PM EST
by dealsea.com


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By anonymous on 11/22/2018, 05:55 PM EST
Btw you can legally create a "company" out of thin air by being a sole proprietorship, you can use your name as company name, or just create a business name, anything will work.

By anonymous on 11/22/2018, 05:53 PM EST
I don't know, this seems a good deal to me. Other offers often require you to have purchases over a certain amount. This is $150 no strings attached, I spent a minute to fill out an application and got approved an boom $150 in my amazon account. Seems a good deal for me.

By anonymous on 11/22/2018, 05:34 PM EST
How come this is a deal? Other credit card often has better deals. This site needs quality deals rather than random credit card offer.

By anonymous on 11/22/2018, 03:55 PM EST
Do you need to have a company?

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