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Ending 1/31
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(Ending 1/31/18) TurboTax offers $0 Fed. $0 State. $0 to File (1040EZ/1040A). Must be filed before 1/31/18.

( Expired )

Posted January 12, 2018 at 10:37
by cheetah


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By anonymous on 01/27/2018, 07:34pm
Ugh this is only for the most basic option. If you have any income besides the W2 it's useless.

By anonymous on 01/13/2018, 08:09pm
It's not good marketing to strong arm customers. Maybe you even trick them into this one sale but what will happen next time? People will make an effort not to buy your product and that even if the competitors isn't as good.

By anonymous on 01/13/2018, 04:55pm
That's why it is free! You will pay later when your file your amendment after you receive all your tax documents. //@Anonymous: my employer won't mail out W2 before February

By anonymous on 01/13/2018, 11:25am
my employer won't mail out W2 before February

By anonymous on 01/12/2018, 03:34pm
Also only works if you do 1040EZ, no house, less than 100K income... If that is the case, you don't really need software anyway... I guess the e-file saves you from printing and mailing...

By anonymous on 01/12/2018, 01:58pm
if you trade stock,
this is useless to you

By anonymous on 01/12/2018, 01:41pm
It's a good marketing tactic. Make people start filling out all the information, and then charge them when they file after 1/31.

By anonymous on 01/12/2018, 11:50am
How many ppl would get all the info before 1/31? It is an useless. //@Anonymous: I haven't even got my w2 form yet...

By anonymous on 01/12/2018, 10:56am
I haven't even got my w2 form yet...

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