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TaxAct has TaxAct Premium Bundle (Federal + State) for $10.
  1. Click Here to sign in or create new account
  2. Click 'My Return' > 'My Return Details' > Scroll down and click 'My Return Fees'
  3. You will receive confirmation text: "Your fee is $10.00 and includes your Federal and State Return."

( Expired )

Posted 03-20-2017, 11:50am
by cheetah


By anonymous on 04/03/2017, 02:36am
they used to show promotion. After I typed in all my information they charge me full price. They forced me either pay full price or wasting hours typing time.

By mailme12b on 04/02/2017, 11:50pm
This does not work.. still it shows 37$ for federal and 38$ for state.

By anonymous on 04/02/2017, 04:59pm
i got 10 but find it is not very user friendly. End up with turbotax from amazon with federal and state for 35.

By anonymous on 04/02/2017, 10:02am
I paid 35 for turbo tax, and did the state myself. 😀 patience perseveres //@anonymous: Doh! Just paid turbo tax 30 last week! //@Anonymous: is it for new users only?

By anonymous on 03/26/2017, 06:53pm
Just worked for me. Only $10! My thanks also to Dealsea!

By anonymous on 03/21/2017, 09:14pm
I paid$27, TaxAct is cheating for the socalled $10 deal.I will not use it anymore.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 10:48pm
I just paid $27. I can't find their contact number. Don't trust this deal.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 09:36pm
Dealsea's link to that promote is

So I guess you need to "file-now"!

I already bought the download version for $70. Sucks!

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 09:29pm
Didn't work. Signed in with the code they sent me, but didn't see anywhere to click on 'My Return' as dealsea instructions indicated. Looks like you have to file the tax in order to get there, to see the $10 price.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 08:32pm
Works great. Thank you Dealsea.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 05:11pm
Didn't work for me, either

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 05:00pm
Custome service told me this offer is valid till end of this saturday. once u r ready to checkout ( which means you are ready to file your taxes ) then you will see the $10 price. After saturday there will be another promotion.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 03:00pm
call the customer service and submit your payment for whatever the bundle is and they will refund the difference over the phone. Just submitted my returns for $10. Thanks Dealsea.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 02:33pm
Dealsea is false advertising..

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 02:16pm
As I just checked, at least $35...
If anyone knows how to get $10 for both Federal AND State using TAXACT, please speak out.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 01:19pm
Cannot get 10, Shows 37$.
Dealsea, Stop spamming.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 12:58pm
how to get the $10 price?

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 12:52pm
how to get $10? any coupon? It's 27 or 37 on the website now.

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 12:24pm
will pay refund for price match //@Anonymous: is it for new users only?

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 12:06pm
It is $37 instead of $10

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 12:04pm
Doh! Just paid turbo tax 30 last week! //@Anonymous: is it for new users only?

By anonymous on 03/20/2017, 12:03pm
is it for new users only?

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