Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook 14" Laptop $630

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Costco again has Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook 14" Laptop for $600 + $30 shipping = $630. Non-member pays $10 more.
  • Intel Core i5-3317U 1.70GHz, 14" LED 1366 x 768
  • 8GB/750GB + 24GB SSD, USB 3.0, HDMI, WIN8HP64
  • 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 610M graphics

( Expired )

Posted 11-28-2012, 04:22pm
by ihunter


By anonymous on 12/10/2012, 11:24am
Sony is going to bankrupt.

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 11:15pm
Apple is gonna bring only its iMac to US, not its MacBook products.

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 11:00pm
Go buy apple..They will start manufacturing their products here in the US of A by 2013.. go apple. no more foxconn workers jumping off the roofs.

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 10:05pm
no Lenovo. A cheap crap!

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 09:38pm
The price was $599.99 in 2 weeks ago. not a deal.

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 06:37pm
1366x768 on 14in display is equal to 1080p on 24in monitor, if you didn't get it dont buy

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 05:20pm
I have taken Samsung Series 5 NP530U4B-A02US laptop this thanksgiving at $599. Not sure if it was a good deal. Any comments?

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 04:55pm
CPU is i5 not i7, which is the older one in these laptop models.

By anonymous on 12/09/2012, 04:05pm
Be careful.. Shift key on this one is way to small..!!!

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 11:40am
how the avoid the non-member surcharge? it's so annoying

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 11:16am
For the noob above. Please double check the specs before you talk... The Lenovo comes with Nvidia Geforce 610m While Sony comes with nothing... how is that a better deal? o_0

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 10:08am
Sony deal is lot better than lenovo...thanks

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 09:56am
how to avoid shipping??

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 09:10am
$599 now.

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 02:03am
6:05 +1

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 10:22pm
Just grabbed one from Costco. The same price and you don't need to pay the shipping.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 08:41pm
Actually the worst part of Ideapad is "battery." Especially this model has 4-cell, which is probably 30-40Wh. Though the company claims it lasts up to 8 hours, it will not even last for 3-4 hours if you "USE" it. This ulv cpu only consumes 17 watts or so, and other parts, in particular the screen will contribute to reach around 20 watts. In that case, you may use your laptop definitely less than 2 hours, unless you do only web-surfing... Just FYI, I have an ideapad with ulv cpu and 6 cells, which barely lasts 3 hours. How long do you think 4 cell lasts?

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 07:44pm
Good laptop. But no free shipping

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 07:43pm
Indeed, tax, shipping and handling is $61.45 which makes about 10% of the laptop sale price. This is a deal breaker.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 07:07pm
sony sucks, they will fail in 13th month

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 07:05pm
Have been on win8 for 3 days. Don't like it at all. If this laptop has touch screen, win8 may be a good option. Win8 is simply not natural with a mouse.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 06:39pm
I bought 3 sony laptops in 2002-2005 all of them became a piece of junk in just 1 year , I told customer service ,they said I have to pay for repair ,it is much more than their retail value at the time of repair.Sony purchases that's the worst thing that I have ever done.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 06:27pm
Checkout this Sony..


By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 06:25pm
You can buy a Sony Vaio SVE15126 laptop with the same configuration for $620

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 06:11pm
Two Lenovos in my family. Won't buy another. Bad customer service.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 05:29pm
Win8 is awesome, play with one if you haven't done already

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 05:29pm
Windows 8 is not for OLD people.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 05:29pm
a piece of garbage

By deal_hunter on 11/28/2012, 05:18pm
Ideapad = Junk

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 05:12pm
win 8 is better than win 7.

if you think it's terrible you might want to elaborate 'cause i'm suspecting that you formed an opinion after only spending five minutes poking at a touch screen at best buy.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 05:09pm
really tempting but don't need one until next fall

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 05:02pm
WIN 8 is terrible. Play with one before you buy.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 04:36pm
1366x768?? it is NOT that difficult or expensive to make hi-res LCD, why don't they get the point?

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 04:28pm
shipping kills it

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 04:28pm
it is NOT touchscreen

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 04:25pm
sounds like a good deal.

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