Dell - UltraSharp 24" Widescreen Flat-Panel IPS LED HD Monitor + $25 Credit $280

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BestBuy has Dell - UltraSharp 24" Widescreen Flat-Panel IPS LED HD Monitorfor $280. Plus you can get $25 Credit for future purchase when you choose store pickup. [amazon]

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Posted 11-25-2012, 12:05pm
by cheetah


By anonymous on 11/26/2012, 03:22pm
@5:27pm: Can you name a Lenovo monitor that's better than this Dell? I bet you can't.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 09:45pm
Dell is USA Lenovo is Cina. But Both are made in cina LOL.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 06:27pm
dell sucks, lenovo is much better

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 05:45pm
Dell sucks, they make crappy products and outsource their customer support. You are never certain about the kind of support you will get.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 02:07pm
Where is the $25 Credit ?

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 01:35pm
My home and office are full of Dell products and everything works just fine. Customer service is good too -- my U2711 started to flicker and Dell replaced it for free. But then again I buy mostly Dell's premium items, i.e. the Optiplex desktops, Latitude laptops, IPS monitors, and Precision workstations. Dell's low-budget products such as the Inspiron craptops and Dimension desktops are much less reliable.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 01:20pm
I have few dell desktops and monitors. Usually desktops do good, but not monitors.However, you can get any defect monitors fixed very quickly if you call dell. I have used dell in last nine years, never have any issue with customer service.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:54pm
I got 7 Dell desktop/laptop/printer/monitor in last 10 years and never had any problem with Dell customer service. As for Dell desktop/laptop, studio xps series are good.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:52pm
dell sucks, never buy from them any more since 8 years ago

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:29pm
Dell never refuse to fix its product if it is still under warranty.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:13pm
I had a bad experience with dell, the monitor broke in 1.5 months, dell refused to fix, I called my credit card company to charge back.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:10pm
dell junk

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