Lancome F&F 20% off online 11/25-11/30 + Free Shipping

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Last Day! Lancome offers 20% off from 11/25-11/30. Not valid on gift sets. Enter promo code: HEARTS. Free shipping w/ code WELCOME11.

( Expired )

Posted 11-22-2012, 03:55pm


By anonymous on 12/01/2012, 12:54am
It is still 11/30 in California and Lancome will not honor this promotion.

By anonymous on 11/30/2012, 01:15pm
keeps telling me cant find my address under that zipcode. why tf do you care. let usps and bank handle it.

By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 10:09am
Their customer service is rude. I also found their foundations are not good comparing to other brands.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 07:22pm
my credit cards are keeping get rejection. does anybody have some issue. I used my credit card in the supermarket after i got rejected from Strange.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 11:25am
The code works, but I have to pay tax.

By anonymous on 11/27/2012, 11:04pm
is anyone else having problems with submitting their orders

By anonymous on 11/26/2012, 01:27am
20% Promo code works!

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 11:00pm
Is it online only?

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 07:59pm
20% off coupon won't work on gift or gift set items. Read the fine print of the coupon

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:03pm
thanks everyone for the suggestions.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 11:33am
To the one who wants to buy gift for his early 20 girlfriend: quick suggestion is to buy something with no words like anti-wrinkle, lift, young activate. I guess hydrate and protect is perfect fo 20 year old girl,,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=skincare-gifts. this is not bad, but personally i prefer Perfume as holiday gift, which is fancier. Skincare stuff is too daily and normal, nothing special and fancy about it.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 07:24am,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=skincare-gifts
either one in the gift set

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 04:59am
Hi everyone.

I have a question. I'm trying to buy a gift for my gf. She is in her early 20s, i know she uses some cream stuff in the day and a different cream at night. I don't know what to buy. can someone please suggest something? thank you.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 04:30am
haha,done deal

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 01:45am
It worked.

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:27am
Link does not work

By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:04am
LOL!!Apparently people don't read carefully!

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 10:41pm
READ!! It is from 11/25-11/30

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 10:21pm
It doesn't work.

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 05:40pm
from 11/25-11/30

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 05:05pm
does not work at all!

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