Biotherm Secret Sale - 35% Off

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Update: 35% off $100 with code 35ON100.

(Last Day!) Biotherm has a Secret Sale for dealsea visitors.

( Expired )

Posted 11-21-2012, 10:58am


By anonymous on 11/29/2012, 02:24am
nowadays, "Secret" is always known by everyone.

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 09:05pm
my credit card cannot be charged. it's annoying. can any1 help

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 03:25am
Still works now: 11/28/12 EST 03:23 AM
25% off at over $80; 35% off at over $100
15% off at under%80
w/ code above

By anonymous on 11/28/2012, 02:50am
i had 10 mins left before end of 27th and i managed to get 35% off!!!! thanks dealsea!

By anonymous on 11/27/2012, 10:12pm
I tried multiple check-out but failed, it works after removing unavailable items from cart.

By anonymous on 11/27/2012, 10:06pm
cannot check out. Can anyone help? it says We're sorry, we've recognized a problem with your credit card information: Please enter it again or try using another form of payment. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service directly at 1-888-BIOTHERM (1-888-246-8437)

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 02:55pm
it works for me. 35% off, awesome!

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 12:42pm
can not check out!!!

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 11:55am
cannot check out either :(

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 10:27am
Can't checkout, anyone place order successfully?

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 11:05pm
No sets but it's prretty crazy. Whole catalog is there.. just browse the gift ideas section.!! found some nice stuff

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 09:06pm
Has been waiting for this since summer!!

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 01:47pm
why there is no set avaiable? in past 2 years, always have quite various female/male sets avaiable?

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 12:36pm
US market would be a bad indicator. Biotherm is pretty good

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 12:22pm
Perhaps they are too good for US. Since half of the population have fat oily face.

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 11:50am
Biotherm is actually quite good. So I don't know what the 10:34am meant.

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 11:39am
Get what I want in a cheaper way.

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 11:34am
This brand is so bad that they retreat from US market several years before. Now you can only buy from their webpage, no department store is still selling them.

You know what I mean.

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 11:22am
Wow, looks like I have to get 5-year facial wash to get 35% off.

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