Lie to Me: Season Two (2010) $10.49 (Trade-in value $15.85)

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Amazon has Lie to Me: Season Two (2010) for $10.49. Free shipping with Prime or $25+. Trade-in value (see right window) is $15.85.

( Expired )

Posted 11-20-2012, 03:11pm


By anonymous on 11/20/2012, 07:07pm
A lot of work for $5 credit. To each his own...

By anonymous on 11/20/2012, 04:24pm
What a great idea! Buy from local store and trade in to amazon, then got the order from amazon and return it to local store.

By anonymous on 11/20/2012, 03:56pm
you are limited to like 10 trade-ins per month. Also you have to postmark a trade in within 7 days or it is cancelled. This is not shipping for 1-3 weeks, so it's unlikely you'll receive it in time to ship on time.

By jmharper on 11/20/2012, 03:25pm
Season 1 and 3 are also 10.49. Just bought all 3 seasons.

By anonymous on 11/20/2012, 03:21pm
Buy 1000 then trade in 1000 then you get 500 easy money for ipad 4

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