Seiko Pulsar Women's Crystal Watch & Necklace #PXT915 $37

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Ashford has Seiko Pulsar Women's Crystal Watch + Necklace (Model PXT915) for $90 - $53 with code SDPULSAR37 = $37 with free shipping. [amazon]

( Expired )

Posted 11-12-2012, 01:58pm


By anonymous on 11/13/2012, 12:06am
Temporarily Out Of Stock

By anonymous on 11/12/2012, 07:15pm
Not worth it, Its battery powered its a pulsar. Seiko is known for its automatic movement.

By anonymous on 11/12/2012, 06:06pm
is it of good quality? anyone has used it before can comment?

By on 11/12/2012, 02:17pm
Pulsar is a brand under Seiko, see bottom part of this page here:

By anonymous on 11/12/2012, 02:15pm
Pulsar is a seiko's product.

By anonymous on 11/12/2012, 02:14pm
Wrong info
this watch is not from Seiko

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