Black Friday 2012 Laptop Offers Roundup


Black Friday 2012 Laptop Offers Roundup

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Posted 11-04-2012, 09:48pm


By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 08:40am
I think thinkpad won't make discount on cyber monday because except X230 no other deals come out following the schedule?

By anonymous on 11/24/2012, 06:07pm
My range is 500-700. Any T or L series I should wait? Thank you

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 10:32pm
Can @dealsea confirm the deal of lenovo on the 26th? I didn't see anywhere post this though...thanks!

By anonymous on 11/22/2012, 05:09pm
I don't see the 400 dollar HP laptop with staples? Is this list old / upcoming / inaccurate?

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 05:06pm
can you put the graphic card information as well? thanks!

By anonymous on 11/21/2012, 03:30am
Is there a way to downgrade to win7 for free?

By xxx111111 on 11/19/2012, 03:04pm
@ Dealsea
I want to buy a Lenovo T430s, whether the discount is more on Blackfriday or Cybermonday?


By anonymous on 11/19/2012, 01:09pm
to Anonymous 3:58PM
Why do you go for touch screen? If you sit in front of your laptop, you need to stretch your arm a little bit to touch the screen. If you are a laptop junky, you use your arm a lot and you feel pain on your arm soon. Just think if you really interested in touch screen laptop. If you are really interested in touch screen, go for ipad. That would be convenient and you can get an ipad for the price of a touch screen laptop. This is just a suggestion.

By anonymous on 11/19/2012, 10:52am I am confused which one to get

By anonymous on 11/19/2012, 01:32am
More dates information would help.

By anonymous on 11/18/2012, 05:10pm
None of them is Apple laptop while the picture is. That's ...... funny

By anonymous on 11/18/2012, 04:58pm
Could you make a list for laptop with touch screen, thanks.

By anonymous on 11/14/2012, 04:45pm
could you update the list?

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