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Home Depot has a coupon policy match change: they will not match competitor coupons, such as Lowes 10% off, OSH $10 off $40, Menards, Ace, etc, starting from 01/26/2016. If you have one and want to use, better use it before that.

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Posted January 24, 2016 at 7:17 AM EST
by dealsea.com


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By anonymous on 11/01/2017, 06:31 PM EDT
try using proper punctuation and spelling before you tell someone what to do. //@anonymous:
Umm HD offers the same $10 off $50 //@anonymous: they are losing money when taking your order. that is why they stop doing that. so please go somewhere else.

By anonymous on 01/20/2017, 05:55 PM EST

Umm HD offers the same $10 off $50 //@anonymous: they are losing money when taking your order. that is why they stop doing that. so please go somewhere else.

By anonymous on 01/25/2016, 06:50 PM EST
i used to go to HD with Lowes 10% off coupon, but no longer. Lowe`s will be my main DIY retailer from now on. Sorry HD your sales will go down.

By anonymous on 01/25/2016, 09:53 AM EST
there are more selection on home depot then lowes, but I supposed HD just help lowes become more crowded by not accepting competitor coupon. My experience is, HD do not issue coupons 10% coupon like lowes did..they do 5 off 50 for garden only stuff and useless coupon. I will frequent lowes more with this news.

By anonymous on 01/25/2016, 02:39 AM EST
Shopping for wood on backpage.com will make your day.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 10:23 PM EST
Can I get 2x4's at Target?

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 09:41 PM EST
go with Target, target matches major retailers including Amazon.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 09:09 PM EST
I usually get Lowes 10% coupon for less than $2 a piece from a website called lowescoupon4less and get lowes gift card from raise.com with about 7-9% off. So combined them together I get about 16%-18% off from Lowes. No need to go to homedepot for large stuffs. I still get small stuffs from Homedepot because it's within walking distance but that's it.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 03:18 PM EST
Shopping for wood on amazon...that would be the day.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 02:55 PM EST
go ahead and get some 2x4s from amazon then.
just when these kids will grow up?

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 01:34 PM EST
Everything will be bought online only.
Amazon will be the king.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 01:22 PM EST
With all the mega-mergers, soon there will be no competitors to match!

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 01:19 PM EST
People, the deals are always poor in January.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 12:58 PM EST
Dude - HD still has its own coupons. They just don't honor someone else's anymore. Expect to see every store to do the same in the near future...

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 12:28 PM EST
They don't learn what happened to JCPenney Retail store when they took away the coupon system. Now after nearly bankruptcy, JCPenney reinstated the coupon policy and their sales are back. HomeDepot is no exception and that will affect their sales and profits. Kudos to Lowes for still keeping the 10% coupon policy, good on you.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 12:22 PM EST
To all those that say "then I'll go somewhere else" then why weren't you doing that anyway? Must be some reason why you preferred HD.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 11:39 AM EST
dealsea is where I get my daily news!!

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 11:19 AM EST
Who cares? If you have a competitor coupon, go to the competitor

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 11:18 AM EST
they are losing money when taking your order. that is why they stop doing that. so please go somewhere else.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 10:44 AM EST
They already started. On Friday a Home Depot store I frequented (in the past but not any more b/c of this) would not honor a Lowe's coupon for 10% off. The asst mgr said "only HD coupons accepted from now on". Cheap cheap never beat! I am going elsewhere - give my local Ace hardware more biz as thy are much closer and deserving of it.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 10:23 AM EST
@10:08... learn to be a man. your parents should have kicked you out when you were 18. you should take a bus then. ur such a wuss. you think obama can take care of you? you sucker are sucking our blood.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 10:13 AM EST
Home Depot and Walmart joining hands in closing stores.I still like Walmart because at least it matches other stores prices.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 10:08 AM EST

With this post, atleast some people wouldn't waste their time and gas by visiting Home Depot.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 10:05 AM EST
can tell ur a renter. ur a millennial. u dont cook. u have been wasting all your money on pizza, coffee and phones.
sad isnt it?

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 09:36 AM EST
@ 09:31am: Do it then. I will be the first user :-).

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 09:31 AM EST
How is this a deal. I am going to open up a site call www.no-dealsea.com where you will find what not to buy from where.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 09:00 AM EST
obama obama obama obama obama.
it has obama all written on it.

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 08:48 AM EST
50% off on all items at closing HD stores!

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 08:46 AM EST
No need to go to HD then!
It sucks!!!

By anonymous on 01/24/2016, 08:26 AM EST
Is this the prelude that Home depot will close some of their stores?

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