Craftsman 12V Portable Inflator $10

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Back in stock. Sears has Craftsman 12V Portable Inflator (75113) for $10 with free store pickup.

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Posted 06-07-2012, 11:52am
by ihunter


By anonymous on 07/05/2012, 09:13am
THis kind of infaltor would not last long enough, brough one before, broken in the second time

By anonymous on 07/04/2012, 03:42pm
No HDMI ??

By anonymous on 07/04/2012, 08:43am
it is $22. I would like to have one if it is $10

By anonymous on 07/04/2012, 07:17am
does this charge my iphone ?

By anonymous on 07/04/2012, 01:00am
This item is currently unavailable for store pickup. Limited quantities may be available in your local Sears store.

By anonymous on 07/03/2012, 10:48pm
Do these pants make me look fat?

By anonymous on 07/03/2012, 10:17pm
It is possible he ordered a month ago. Are you surprised?

By anonymous on 07/03/2012, 10:17pm
not good. this version does not come with remote.

By anonymous on 07/03/2012, 09:04pm
it just showed up, how could you order yesterday?

By anonymous on 06/08/2012, 01:44pm
I order it yesterday. Today I found it was cancelled due to out of stock. Contact Sears customer service and was told I can reorder it at $22.49. It is not out of stock at all.

By anonymous on 06/08/2012, 10:19am
$22.49 now, too late

By anonymous on 06/08/2012, 09:09am
Anynone with a blowup doll knows this comes in very handy.

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 09:56pm

As in, will this portable inflator propagate a paradigm based on (self-fulfilling) assumptions of opportunism? Probably not. We'll leave that up to you.

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 03:25pm
@01:37pm Keynesians will need a 120v model

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 02:58pm
Get an iphone!

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 02:37pm
Is this compatible with standard economic theory?

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 01:23pm
Get a 120v model

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 01:05pm
to 11:58am, its been 10 might need a replacement, buy it now...good deal.

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:58pm
I bought a different one from walmart 12 years ago ($10) and still working....

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:33pm
bad reviews...

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:30pm
If you click on the link it will give you more accurate information than asking everyone here.

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:22pm
Does it come with a needle for basketball?

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:15pm
cannot use it for more than 5 minutes a time. Then you have to let it cool down for 10 mins.

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:15pm

By anonymous on 06/07/2012, 12:14pm
Somebody tell me what this is used for?

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