Swap any Smartphone (non windows) to a new Window Phone (no contract required) at Microsoft Store

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Microsoft Store has a new offer: Swap any Smartphone (non windows) to any new Windows Phone (no contract required). Offer valid at Microsoft Local Stores through 3/29. Just go to your local Microsoft Store with any smartphone (some stores check if it is activated) and tell them you want to take the "Windows Phone Challenge". Fill out recycling paperwork and get a brand new Windows Phone (no contract required). [StoreLocator]

Phones selection at Microsoft Store:

  • Verizon: HTC Trophy
  • ATT: HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S
  • T-Mobile: HTC Radar, Nokia 710

( Expired )

Posted 03-26-2012, 10:29pm
by dealsea.com


By anonymous on 04/12/2012, 11:34am
Just received 2 Phones, HTC Titan II in VA

By anonymous on 03/29/2012, 02:44pm
just got back from the store, they will call when the phone is available, out of stock right now, but still swapping phones

By anonymous on 03/29/2012, 12:07pm
Store in Atlanta said they are out of stock, and will call us whenever they will receive phones and give us.
Is this really gonna happen?

By anonymous on 03/29/2012, 11:59am
yes. Just went to tysons corner VA store, out of stock. waste time

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 11:39pm
Not for MS employee, WTF

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 08:52pm
The Tyson's Corner, VA store was out of stock of ALL phones.

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 04:02pm
in oakbrook, il , there wasnt much people yesterday afternoon. total process took about 20 minutes. i think they do not advertise this deal at all. there wasnt much sign outside the store neither inside.

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 03:40pm
I guess you can use prepaid data plan if you don't have regular data plan to participate this challenge.

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 12:20pm
Ohh yeah... expect 3-4 hours delay....
You need free phone.... gotta spend some time baby....hehehe

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 10:44am
Guys... for those of you went to the local MS store, was it a long line waiting outside the store?

By anonymous on 03/28/2012, 02:42am
Microsoft store closes the line by 7 PM. But there is no limit to store. They are giving it to everyone.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 10:31pm
You can use the microsoft store wi-fi to play the game...

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 10:12pm
Do I need data plan to play the game?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 06:16pm
go to your local MS store. Fill out two forms, and play the challenge game. Windows phone is actually quite fast. Your options are:
-If you win, you get the prize
- if you lose, you can either receive a windows phone based on your carrier by exchanging your phone. It is free and no contract. they are out of stock but they will call you once the phone is available (this is what they say)
or you can pay 49$ +2 years but you dont need to give your phone to them. your choice.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 05:34pm
what a crap, no stores in MA

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 04:41pm
Live tiles could be big in a year or two. Sort of like Windows 8 could be a game changer. - Not working for MS

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 04:36pm
Just come back, no contract.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 03:13pm
Can anyone tell me if I do required to sign contract or not to get those free phone?


By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 01:04pm
Played with a windows phone the other day. It's OK, but not as good as an Iphone. The UI is messy and kind of all over the place. All of the fonts are the same so you don't know where you are in the UI. Very easy to get lost. Alot of hidden things in the UI that you would never know were there. I don't find it to be very user friendly, although the UI is smooth and not as choppy as an Android.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:13pm
Beautyful Windows OS on your future phone, will make you shine like a star surrounded by other Galaxies, Droids, Androids and IOS 'till its first handup and crash. So many comments over another worthless phone. We want you to be busy typing, reading, playing, etc. Be distructed from reality!

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:07pm
Who knows whether or not we need to sign a contract.. thanks.. Because some one said yes, but the description above said no.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 11:44am
just went there. if you lose you will get a new windows phone, however you have to sign a two year contract with Verizon, ATT or T-mobile. No Way!

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 11:11am
Will the local store in BRIDGEWATER, NJ open before March 29?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 10:17am
I believe you meant Live Tiles? This would be the case for Android too, if you place 3 or 4 widgets, they would drain your battery in couple of hours, coz it is live update as they keep on checking. You need to prioritize your live tiles that are very important like mails, stocks and weather etc. About the speed, come on.. it is a single core and it still beats every other smart phone without any jailbreak or optimization.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 10:02am
I am a power user and have used PDA smartphones since 2002. I tried a Windows phone for a few weeks. A rooted Android is faster at every task/challenge and will do a lot more.

Most of the applications aren't optimized for the tiles. If you have a lot of live tiles you will run your batter down in half a day. There are some MAJOR problems with the phone such as turning on and off GPS and airplane mode is a PITA unless you give up a tile for a third party app.

For me the lack of and LED notification light was a deal breaker (Verizon Trophy).

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 09:39am
You MS/Window haters have no idea, you just check windows phone and see how amazing it is, that's the reason MS challenging every other smart you claim is superior. Before writing any comment, go and check a windows phone and see how great it is.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 09:23am
They are really desperate huh. By the way anyone every heard the term "you get what you pay for?" I'm sure this applies here.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 07:54am
why non-windows? why windows hate windows? suck

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 07:44am
So I don't get it. How can you recycle your smartphones that are still under contract?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 01:37am
For those who don't want to read the long and boring rules - here is the summary:

- You can visit the Microsoft store to take the challenge, basically you will need to perform some simple tasks using your smartphones (and their staffs will do the same thing using MS phone)

- If you win, you will get the prize (A gaming PC, not phone). Each store has 10 available.

- If you lose, you can recycle your old smartphones and get a new phone from them. I don't see any quota information about the phones.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 01:20am
read this full link

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 01:14am
can I challenge them using my WM6.5 crappy phone?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 01:10am

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:53am
Microsoft is thinking atleast if we give it for free , people will know about their OS. But no use. Its a crap .

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:52am
This brings many questions.
What is the definition for "smartphone"?
Do we need a data plan or we can use the free wifi in the store?
Do we need take the "windows phone smoked my phone" video before we get the windows phone?
How about all my data, photos, contacts in my old phone, do I need back up everything before I go to the store?
Finally, how many "free phone" do they have for each store? I know they have 10 prizes for the ones who won the challenge, so how many phones for the ones didn't?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:43am
do you think they'll allow me to trade in my Kyocera QCP-6035?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:40am
what the .... it is no store in NYC!

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:40am
no contract...if you are eligible for your 2-year upgrade, maybe you can trade your old smartphone for this first, then get your 2-yr upgrade. Finally ebay this WP off to claim some free money?

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:28am
So how do we define smartphone? Any phone with touchscrenn counts

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:24am
post is misleading. you need to challenge the windwos phone with your phone meaning you need a data plan which is 60+ a month. not a simple cheap phone for nice phone upgrade.

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 12:15am
how about Nokia Nuron (5230)

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 11:23pm
Does Nokia N81 qualify for this?

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 11:21pm
"This Contest starts at 9:00 AM, local time, on March 22 2012, and ends at 10:00 PM, local time, on March 29, 2012 or whenever the ten (10) prizes per store have been exhausted, whatever comes first ("Entry Period")."
I don't think there will be any left.

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 11:16pm
how come even no store in NYC?

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 11:15pm
So nothing for Sprint?

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:52pm
Do I need to pay extra money for the exchange?

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:51pm
how about some Nokia S60 smartphone?

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:46pm
my iphone 3 just broke

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:44pm
this sucks...NO Microsoft store in NY.

By dealsea.com on 03/26/2012, 10:44pm
Phones selection at MS Store:
ATT: HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S
T-Mobile: HTC Radar, Nokia 710
Verizon: HTC Trophy

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:40pm
No Stores in CT :-)

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:38pm
Any details on the swap? And what phone do you get in return?

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:37pm
I wish I have an old old blackberry...

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 10:35pm
local store?? It is too far!!

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