Dell Inspiron 14RN-1227BK i3-2350M 14" Laptop $350 AR

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Back in stock. Staples has Dell Inspiron 14RN-1227BK 14" Laptop (SKU# 423370) + Dell SWITCH by Design Studio Lotus Lid for Dell Inspiron 14R Laptop (Pink or Blue) for $450 - $100 rebate = $350 with free shipping. [amazon]
  • Intel Core i3-2350M 2.3GHz, 14.0" LED 1366x768
  • 6GB/500GB/DVDRW, Webcam, HDMI, Bluetooth, WIN7HP64

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Posted 03-08-2012, 12:05pm
by ihunter


By anonymous on 05/12/2012, 06:40am
The lid was in the store last time. When I picked mine up, the store clerk didn't even know how to formally include the lid in the sale, so he just subtracted the equivalent cost from my total.

By anonymous on 05/12/2012, 01:39am
The lid is $29.99. How can I get it for free? Should I go to the store? There is no ad for it.

By anonymous on 05/11/2012, 04:58pm
anyone remember the last sale???
I am sure that the last time, this laptop was 7200 rpm....this one is 5400.

By anonymous on 05/11/2012, 04:26pm
I got the rebate like 2 weeks ago without problem. I used the easyrebate.

By anonymous on 05/11/2012, 04:23pm
Just a kind reminder. DO PLS KEEP YOUR RECEIPT. I bought this one in March, submitted easyrebate immediately, received rejection in mail saying transaction not recogonized, and so I had to mail in the copy of the receipt...I guess they are expecting you to lose your receipt after quite a few weeks and unable to claim the rebate...The laptop is pretty good though.

By anonymous on 05/11/2012, 04:15pm
I got one of these the last time dealsea posted this (isn't this like the 3rd time?). It's a decent computer for the price.

By anonymous on 04/27/2012, 09:34pm
anybody got the $100 rebate so far? I submitted it via easyrebate but was rejected for reasons:Various laptops-All required products were not submitted. What does this mean?

By anonymous on 04/01/2012, 01:40pm
"Dell laptop have screen issues."
Not true. Don't be a troll.

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 05:35pm
Dell laptop have screen issues. Not made well at all. Their 1 year warranty does not cover screen issues.

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 03:51pm
$50 additional rebate is an error according to the Store Manager's finding. Took him 30 mins to find out.

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 01:18pm
Is anyone find out $50 rebate? The Staple customer service said it is a error. I think it is a marketing trick

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 12:33pm
Just checked in store, Store manager was trying to understand how to apply extra 50 dollars off on my previously bought laptop. couldn't figure it out so called customer support, they said this is a TYPO or rong info on the website and they are trying to fix it WTF !!!!

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 11:21am
It's Quite True!
This happened to me twice before.

03/29/2012, 07:10pm By anonymous

I hate Staples! always show "in stock" online, when you get to the store, they tel you they only have one in display, which is not on sale! So i checked with "live chart", the person told me one store has 3 in stock, when I get there, they told me 2 are damage, the other one on display...WTF!

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 11:07am

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 10:56am
Its OOS online

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 10:28am
I bought one from store and the Harddrive was damaged and had problems with power up, Dell told me they need to replace the hard drive so I returned it next day to staples store.

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 10:13am
i3 ...

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 10:08am
I also see the new Ad. Additional $50. How can we get it? Can we match price?

By anonymous on 03/31/2012, 09:35am
The new Ad says...additional $50 rebate. WTF. so now is $300 is it?

By anonymous on 03/29/2012, 08:10pm
I hate Staples! always show "in stock" online, when you get to the store, they tel you they only have one in display, which is not on sale! So i checked with "live chart", the person told me one store has 3 in stock, when I get there, they told me 2 are damage, the other one on display...WTF!

By anonymous on 03/27/2012, 01:40pm
Got the laptop today. I don't hear any noise from the fun. Very quiet. Individual difference? BTW, I got to understand why they tried to sell other stuff to you. I told the guy I was not interested in buying any other things but he told me it was their rule to go through that voucher to any laptop buyers in the store...

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 07:50pm
Got it in the store today..Very good deal..It has got HDMI as well, some of you were asking..Ordered the Free Lid as well, not in stock in store, however you can place the order with the help of customer rep through Kiosk as prepaid customer and order the lid online with store delivery..It works well..Thanks!

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 03:59pm
True... Fan is too noisy. I would have replaced it. But, i know its usual and for $350, i didn't want to complain.

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 12:38am
to 7:40pm
when submit the rebate online, before submission, there is a place you can change the rebate offer options. There are two other options, check or staples gift card.

By anonymous on 03/26/2012, 12:06am
I got the laptop today. The fan is very noisy.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 08:40pm
to 5:55pm, how to replace the visa gift card with check? thanks for help!

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 07:47pm
In 4 1, with free cover

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 07:00pm
Dell is the worst laptop I ever brought. Never touch it again.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 06:55pm
bought one, with the free lid.
when submitting the rebate, I replace the visa gift card with check.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 06:20pm
got 2
no shenyi shou

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 02:50pm
the cover is listed free with purchase online but the manager told me if it free in-store when I asked him. I got the computer and a pink cover. $450 before tax and $100 rebate, nice deal.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 02:40pm
How to get laptop cover for free? I asked and was told that the deal expired.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 02:12pm
good deal!
and got a extra laptop cover(free)!
and easy rebate$100(visa card)

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 01:48pm
to 03/25/2012, 12:41pm, the sales told me it's a visa prepaid card meaning that you can use it anywhere.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 01:45pm
bought one in store this noon. Very nice! Also picked a free lid. There's no blue one and I took the pink one. But the sales staff told me that I can call back on Wednesday to see if they have blue one in stock and I can switch my pink one with it. Finger crossed!

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 01:41pm
what is the 100 dollars rebate mean? Only can be used to buy another laptop? Thanks.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 12:59pm
can it be to perform the fast fast processor to make fun when i am to play the birds that are being angry?

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 11:46am
just got one in store.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 09:19am
awesome! got it. $350 this configuration is a very hot deal.

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 01:23am
I think it says "In store only special order."

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 01:13am
When will the new weekly ad take effect?

By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 01:04am


By anonymous on 03/25/2012, 12:56am
Why I didn't see this laptop's ad in the attached ad link?? And the price is still 650 now even it's already March 25?

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 09:53am
Is it in-store only? Can I buy online?

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 09:24am
Just received t laptop and its a cool one at this price. Also a overnight delivery. Laptop is bit at heavier side for a 14 inch laptops. But not too heavy like 15 inch. And fan makes too noise sometimes. But very cozy laptop.

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 03:39am
The sale doesn't start until March 25th NumbNuts

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 09:09pm
Price on is $630 with $100 VISA card rebate. So it is net $530, not $350!

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 08:19pm
HDMI, USB 3.0, bluray burner
full loaded.


By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 03:56pm
Guys, Does it have HDMI ?

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 01:51pm
Got one last on March 11,
this one is for Mar 25-31.

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 01:02pm
Price: $629.99
Rebate: See Details
Price before rebate: $629.99

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 11:37am
never had problem with staple easy rebate. Best and easiest rebate ever!
Those who complain shut up! I bet you never filled once!

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 11:04am
got one. pretty good deal for a basic laptop! thanks dealsea!

By on 03/23/2012, 10:36am
weight is marked wrong as 6.75lbs at staples site. Its much lighter than it, read comments above from people who received it.

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 10:15am
6.57 lbs? almost 1.5 gallons of milk!

By anonymous on 03/23/2012, 09:38am
Be careful with Staple's rebate. Not likely to receive it.

By anonymous on 03/13/2012, 11:57am
Got one yesterday.
Do not go by product availability on Staples website. Call the stores near you they might have it back in stock.

By anonymous on 03/12/2012, 10:38am
Got one yesterday. Style, fast and quiet for $370 after tax. Only con is a bit heavy. Not bad for home use.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 10:42pm
I was calling to hold this computer, which they did. But the sale attendent spent 30mins to tell me how terrible DELL was and how necessary it was for me to buy their service. Come on!

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 10:21pm
I want to write a book and I lost my inspiration. Do you think that if I buy this Inspiron my inspiration will come back?

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 09:43pm
Bought one this evening. Very good deal. Nice Laptop. Thanks Dealsea.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 06:37pm
above: that is exactly what happened to me yesterday! somebody also told me that they will hold on to it for me. and to think i drove more than 40 miles just to get to their store!!! grrrr....

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 06:22pm
staples has the worst customer service! Called in to hold a laptop, went to store and was asked to purchase all these different programs and warranty...declined them and was told laptop out of stock!

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 02:22pm
Currently Out of Stock

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 02:19pm
you call staples customer center and ask for cover if the coupon didn't work for you. Within minutes my order was fixed.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 01:42pm
When I bought the laptop in the store, I found a coupon over there saying when you buy DELL 14R or 15R laptop get one interchangeable cover for free.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 01:28pm
how to get the free inter changeable laptop cover? thanks

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 01:14pm
Went to a store that claims 'available' in online store locator, but the clerk there told me it is out of stork...
Does anyone have any idea if the product will go back to be available this week? Thanks.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 12:47pm
when you buy in-store dont forget to pickup a free inter changeable laptop cover for free. That is worth $32+taxes.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 12:28pm
bought one at 6 am and now is out of stock. Thanks dealsea for the Nth time!!!

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 12:08pm
what's wrong with staple rebate? Plus this is an erebate and I used their erebate system many times without any issue.

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 11:51am
shits again Staple, rebate .. beware this is Staple again!!!

By anonymous on 03/11/2012, 09:50am
online out of stock

By anonymous on 03/09/2012, 11:36pm
advertisement says 100 rebate for select windows 7 PCs. I am not sure if this valid on this Laptop???

By anonymous on 03/09/2012, 12:31am

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 11:25pm
spec tab says 6.57 lbs, but it's wrong, I just weighed mine: It's just under 5.2 lbs

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 10:32pm
why it is so heavy ( almost 7 lb)?

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 06:04pm
I had same question when I used Dealsea first time. If we type same number of letters (maybe it takes more), we don't need to hurt someone's feeling. Something so obvious to you may confuse others.

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 05:41pm
Thank you 04:21pm for your input. I thought my problem was ignorance, but it looks like my problem is "not growing up" after all.

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 05:21pm
Above.... Amazon is only for reference or for reviews... grow up please

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 05:09pm
Looks like Staples is selling this. Why it mentions "Amazon"? Please excuse my ignorance.

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 02:28pm
@ 12:27pm
Your conclusion is less apparent than you being a totally jackass. If only loser and rich people buy computer, then who you are? A poor winning person who doesn't need to buy computer?

If you are in arrogance to assume that you are better off than other people just because you get free computer from office, you are hopelessly pathetic.

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 01:33pm

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 01:27pm
who are buying laptop using his own money?apparently, either losers or rich person. who are you?

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 01:05pm
Today is not 3/11 - 3/17

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:47pm
price is not $450

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:44pm
ipad3 sucks too...its a waste

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:42pm
ipad 3 is way better than dell sh*t

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:41pm

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:32pm

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:28pm
i c, it's 100 prepaid card

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:24pm
Price: $629.99
Rebate: See Details
Price before rebate: $629.99 Each

By anonymous on 03/08/2012, 12:20pm
did not see the rebate. where is the rebate link?

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