Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Membership Subscription Card $33

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(9 comments) has Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Membership Subscription Card for $33 with free shipping. [amazon]

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Posted 02-20-2012, 02:45pm


By anonymous on 02/21/2012, 10:57am

By anonymous on 02/21/2012, 08:01am
its available at $36 anytime call customer care agree with first comment

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 10:48pm
Nice..Thanks DealSea

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 05:19pm
This is a steal, in for one

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 05:16pm
someone has to pay for the use and storage on servers. Or would you prefer to pay for your own servers each month?

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 03:46pm
can't agree more with the 1st comment.

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 03:39pm
I think overall, paying is worse. I hate paying for xbox live, because we(consumers) already paid for internet, the xbox, the games, and other accessories, now we have to pay to use the online service? Also, xbox live parties are limited in size, and some games don't even have dedicated servers, though that's not xbox's fault. On the other hand, xbox live never went down like the PSN network, and it might result in a lower price for the xbox for non live users.

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 03:36pm

By anonymous on 02/20/2012, 02:55pm
The whole idea of paying for a user interface and hardly anything beyond that (except advertising) sucks big time and puts off buyers - Microsoft should offer this free and will make more money selling more xboxes. There is a video chat in xbox but google plus is multi party and free and much better... Microsoft are you listening...?

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