64GB Apple iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi Tablet $350

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eBay has select ipad mini 3 on sale. Shipping is free.

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Posted November 25, 2015 at 15:46
by cheetah


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By anonymous on 11/26/2015, 01:40am
what is the difference between ipad mini 3 and 4? I remembered that there is only mini 3 available.

By anonymous on 11/26/2015, 12:10am
I bought brand new sealed ipad air2 128gb for $500 no tax last year. Ebay is the best.

By anonymous on 11/25/2015, 07:04pm
I bought 2 iPad minis from this seller last week. Both new and factory sealed.

By anonymous on 11/25/2015, 04:57pm
mobilepros1 This guy might be apple's ebay re-seller. HE sells a lot of apple products, such as MD101 and MJVE2. Reports are shown that apple clears its inventory through ebay.

By anonymous on 11/25/2015, 04:11pm
Depends who is selling

By anonymous on 11/25/2015, 03:54pm
From my personal experiences, on ebay:

New = like new
Like new = used
Used = garbage

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