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Posted November 20, 2015 at 1:42
by pacer


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By anonymous on 11/21/2015, 02:47am
this must be one of the funniest comment thread i have seen in dealsea... yes i am also sitting in my bathroom and ordering this online. After all its freeie from Google.. and people can either take it or leave it (beat it?). Why make such fuzz about it? people either like MJ or hate him? to me it doesn't matter because he is dead and this album is free

By anonymous on 11/21/2015, 01:20am
I got this album just because of Beat It. I don't care for the rest.
Reminds me of the Amazon deal: all AC/DC albums for $6. Until I decided that despite the mountain of crap they released in the last decade or so there are a few good older albums, price went back to over $100.

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 11:02pm
Dam people? You mean like beavers?

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 07:49pm
You guys are those type of dam people, who seat in front of tv and believe every thing, that's why people have hate for each other, please don't believe any thing until you see it. He was the first pop star that every single country knows about him, so repect his hard work. And you guys should be proud of him. And stop watching dam tv who makes small things bigger and show you. So sad that people are that dam. God give you brain please use it for good things. Thanks

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 06:27pm
I wished he fondled me so that I would get $20 million but I am so darn ugly, he would not touch me.

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 12:38pm
Maybe those little boys he fondled?

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 12:36pm
Who doesn't like MJ! Thank you dealsea.

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 11:49am
Well then, just beat it.

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 11:49am
Glad to see that album finally doing well...

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 11:13am
They probably already know I am on the toliet right now looking at dealsea

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 10:43am
I am very happy to give my credit card info to anyone. Because its maxed out :-)

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 06:50am
Take it well. They already know everything about you. Even when you go to the toilette.

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 03:58am
Just beat it

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 01:57am
they just want ur credit card info

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