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Verizon Wireless: Get 1GB of free data now and get another 1GB free for your next bill cycle. It can only be redeemed one time per account by VZW customers on a qualifying plan.Must have a valid VZW Mobile Telephone Number. Promotional Data will be added to your existing monthly data allowance, and applies to data usage after Promotional Data redemption date.

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Posted November 19, 2015 at 7:02 AM EST


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By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 03:20 PM EST
I got the following error when claiming the free data. Must be a Thanksgiving prank! You Rascal, Verizon!

Uh oh.

Looks like there's a glitch with your enrollment.
We're here to help at 1.800.922.0204

By anonymous on 11/20/2015, 12:02 AM EST
Worked for me. I like Verizon, they are extremely fast. Somewhat more expensive than the bottom of the barrel providers like straight talk... but I've had one of those plans before and I really like the fast data with Verizon. I have a 10 gig plan and generally use around 7 but I'll take the free gig anyway you never know.

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 10:35 PM EST
Thank you!

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 09:28 PM EST
Got it..Thanks

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 08:38 PM EST
quit supporting. Verizon is the worst ;)

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 08:30 PM EST
Quit your whining you baby, Verizon is the best!

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 08:18 PM EST
Verizon rip off. BS. Not all plan qualifies.

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 04:51 PM EST
I'm running out of my data. It's just in time. Thanks.

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 04:48 PM EST
got it. thanks.

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 01:07 PM EST
Got it! Thanks Dealsea.

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 09:49 AM EST
Uh oh.

It looks like your plan doesn't qualify. But no worries, You can change your plan to get your free 1GB.
Or, you can still get in the spirit of getting. Get free movies, music and more.
Get started at

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 09:33 AM EST
Thank you, dealsea.

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 08:36 AM EST
Not All plans Qualifies

By anonymous on 11/19/2015, 07:38 AM EST
Got it. Thanks dealsea!

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