Staples - Trade-in Old Printer and get $50 trade-in savings when you buy a new one

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Staples is offering $50 trade-in savings when you recycle any printer and buy a new one with regular price $199 or more (It means it is eligible as long as the printer price Before (not after) any instant savings and coupon is over $199). Offer is valid 1/31/10 through 4/3/10.
  • For online printer purchases: buy a printer online, then recycle your old printer at any Staples store and receive a $50 credit on the credit/debit card you originally used to purchase the eligible printer. Must have proof of online printer purchase during valid dates and the credit/debit card you originally used to make purchase. Must recycle printer in store by 4/3/10 to receive $50 credit.
  • For in-store printer purchases, save $50 instantly when you recycle any printer in store and buy any new printer for $199 or more, regular price.
Example offers: (The regular prices of following printers are all over $199 thus all are eligible)
  1. HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer $124 - $25 coupon* - $50 trade-in rebate = $49 [Review]
  2. Epson WorkForce 610 All-in-One Printer $99 - $25 coupon* - $50 trade-in rebate = $24 [Review]
  3. HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One Printer $199 - $30 coupon* - $50 trade-in rebate = $119 [Review]
  4. Epson Artisan 810 All-in-One Printer $179 - $30 coupon* - $50 trade-in rebate = $99 [Review]
  5. Samsung CLP-315W Color Laser Printer $179 - $30 coupon* - $50 trade-in rebate = $99 [Review]

* See coupon info via comments below.

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Posted 01-31-2010, 08:01am


By anonymous on 12/04/2010, 01:42pm
I have a HP Photosmart Plus C4795 it is still very good condition.

By anonymous on 02/04/2010, 10:48am
To answer the last comment by myself.
In my opinion, U can not use 25off/75 on this one:HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer,but you can use 20off/50 coupon. That mean I got it in $55. Good deal.

By anonymous on 02/03/2010, 01:56pm
Does anyone have any experience?

By anonymous on 02/03/2010, 12:05am
The $25 coupon can not be used together with the trade-in $50. I went to the store to trade-in. They refused to give me the $50 credit. They just returned the HP printer, recharge it and ring up the $50 trade-in credi and forfeit the $25 coupon. Anybody has a successful story?

By anonymous on 02/02/2010, 02:52pm
If I have a Laser Samsung ML 2010 could I use to trade

By anonymous on 02/02/2010, 02:14pm
the coupon is gone,
if you want to buy, go to the web


By anonymous on 02/02/2010, 09:00am
no, they do not charge recycling fee.

By anonymous on 02/02/2010, 07:58am
Here is my story on this:

I had a old HP printer I got from a school years ago that they were getting rid and I never used it so I thought this would be a great deal. Plus I went on ebay and got a coupon for additional 25.00 off.

I called the local store to make sure I could use the coupon on this deal and they said fine. I went in and picked up the HP photo smart premium. The web site says it is 124.98. They were trying to charge me the full 198.99 saying that the site lists it as a special buy meaning online only. I told him to show me where special but means that and he could not. I then told him to get corporate on the phone to explain it to me and he said never mind he will give it to me for the 124. They ran through the rest of the process and the lady said my total was 105 I was like wow you guys suck at simple math. If the product is 124.98 + tax - minus 50 for my printer - 25 for my coupon total is 49.98 + tax. It took them an additional hour to figure this out. They also tried to charge me the 10.00 recycle fee. This fee is suppose to get returned in the process. So after several more attempts all was well.

The funny thing is on top of that several people I knew were in the store getting printers at the same time and I let them all know about the issues I just had.

By anonymous on 02/01/2010, 04:00pm
what about the $10 recycle fee charged by staples when we do purchase online and recycle instore?

did anyone got charge $10 when recycling old printer?

By anonymous on 02/01/2010, 07:56am
where are the coupons??????

By anonymous on 02/01/2010, 12:47am
The $25 off $75 can only be applied after the $50 trade-in rebate. TESTED!

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 07:08pm
you can buy coupon on ejunkie or some where else

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 06:56pm
where can you find $25 coupon for Epson workForce 610 all in one printer?

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 06:46pm
25 off 75 coupon works fine for online order.

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 06:21pm
Anyone tried the 25/75 coupon? Is it useable in store? Thanks

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 05:01pm
Can we combine the coupons?

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 11:21am
Are these coupons valid if you read them it says can not be used on any instant saving items. According to the staples site you are getting a instant saving of 100 +/- dollars depending what printer you want already. I would think you can not use a an additional coupon.

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 11:09am
It has to be $199 BEFORE any rebates or other discounts, including this one

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 10:15am
I bought a coupon 25 off 100 at3.49. Never used, sell--$3 by paypal.

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 09:29am
Is any printer including small ink or laser printer ok for the trade in? Thanks.

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 09:29am
but is says on the site epson 610 is eligible for the offer.

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 09:28am
Same for the HP Photosmart

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 09:26am
you list the Epson Workforce at $99, but the deal is for printers over $199 original price?

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 08:34am
Can anyone post a coupon code here?

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 08:18am
let me try

By anonymous on 01/31/2010, 08:07am
If you don't have $25 off $75 coupon or $30 off $150 coupon, buy one via, or try your luck at

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