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  2. Make quotations (free) with all your nearby dealers
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Posted November 2, 2009 at 16:54 PM EST


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By anonymous on 10/25/2016, 03:36 AM EDT
Can you please give me the absolute rock bottom price for a Toyota Corolla L 2016, out the door, taxes and license, cash transaction, with all incentives? No dealers please. An actual person, who knows their stuff about buying cars. I live in the SF Bay area, but will travel south for a good deal. Thank you.

By anonymous on 09/14/2016, 02:08 PM EDT
Bought NEW 2016 Honda CRV EX AWD (odometer=3 miles) at St. Louis West County Honda dealer, OTD price = 24645, exclude tax and license fee.

By anonymous on 07/08/2016, 08:32 PM EDT
2016 Honda Crv, 2WD, EX-L Just bought at South Bay Honda Milpitas for $24,500 plus tax and License

By anonymous on 07/08/2016, 06:27 PM EDT
Any idea how much a Honda CRV 2016 price in Dallas, TX Out of the Door? Thank you!!

By anonymous on 06/18/2016, 05:54 PM EDT
I am planning to buy a AWD Acura MDX. The best I can get in VA is 40K+TTL+Destination charge. Please suggest where should I start bargaining and what can be a good price to buy on June 30th

By anonymous on 06/18/2016, 01:56 PM EDT
Just bought CRV EX 2WD in eastbay california, OTD price is 25900.

By anonymous on 06/18/2016, 01:22 PM EDT
at the beginning i wanted to buy Mazda 6. the dealer was rude and arrogant. hurt my feeling badly. then i watched youtube videos and then found 2016 Honda accord with incredible low price! then i walked in a Honda dealer to buy the Accord at that price. they sold me the car at that price immediately! such a great car. quiet, smooth, all high tech, incredible gas mileage: i took a long drive last week. 40 miles per gallon! local is 36 miles per gallon. nothing to complain.

By anonymous on 06/05/2016, 05:27 PM EDT
Can someone told me which north ca dealer will to give Camry ood price for 20600 or lower?

By anonymous on 05/20/2016, 11:05 PM EDT
Camry, SE. OOD $20600. White. North cal.

By anonymous on 05/20/2016, 11:03 PM EDT
Rav 4. 26500OOD AWD. Lift gate. Xle. Negation.

By anonymous on 05/14/2016, 08:57 AM EDT
Anyone bought a Honda CR-V EX-L AWD recently? Can you share price?

By anonymous on 05/13/2016, 11:01 PM EDT
Anyone bought 2016 RAV4 LE AWD in central NJ. Any idea what's the best on the road price.

By anonymous on 05/13/2016, 04:58 PM EDT
Anyone find this for TESLA MODEL 3?

By anonymous on 05/06/2016, 09:40 PM EDT
Does anyone have any info for a Mazda CX-5 AWD Grand Touring 2016.5 base package?

By anonymous on 03/18/2016, 08:59 PM EDT
Invoice price is a scam too. They buy from regional distibututers, and get quantity dependent chargeback... there is no way to know what they pay

By anonymous on 02/27/2016, 02:32 AM EST
Rav4 base model $21,000

By anonymous on 02/05/2016, 04:30 PM EST
hepinizin amina koyayim salak herifler

By anonymous on 01/29/2016, 04:00 PM EST
Anyone bought Toyota Highlander or Rav4 recently. Trying to buy one, any good dealer in NY, any suggestions? Thanks in advance

By anonymous on 01/22/2016, 10:06 PM EST
wait for next economy crisis, you can get new car at 30-40% off MSRP. I got my new Silverado at financial crisis for $12000. Right now gas is cheap, economy is good. There isn't any major incentive from car makers. Let Dow hit 12000, pretty sure a lot more cash back and discount on a new car or truck.

By anonymous on 01/08/2016, 07:14 PM EST
Can you please tell us where is the dealer located for the honda pilot?

By anonymous on 01/04/2016, 05:56 PM EST
Under 21000 drive out Toyota Camry LE @ AutoNation Gulf Freeway before Christmas;

By anonymous on 12/22/2015, 09:12 PM EST
Price out the door for a 2016 Corolla LE with 0% financing: $18,750 (after the college grad rebate of $750)

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 11:26 PM EST
Suggestion: 1st criteria selecting a best price is find .00-1.0 % interest rate or money factor, provided you know the best price for the car. For example, the difference between 0.0 vs. 3% on a 40k car is about $750 per year, for 3 years that's $2950 and that's where they made their money too. So look for Brands offer 0-1% interest rate/Money Factor.

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 10:15 PM EST
$51400 MSRP 2016 Lexus RX350

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 06:21 PM EST
@04:06pm, by "2016 exl" do u mean "2016 pilot exl"? Do u mind share the dealer information here?

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 06:16 PM EST
@05:26pm, what's the MSRP of your RX350?

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 05:26 PM EST
2016 Lexus RX 350 Autumn Shimmer, Front WD, Moonroof, 12" navagation, 20" wheels $48600 + tax.
Keyes Lexus, Van Nuys CA
Quoted on first

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 04:52 PM EST
2016 Mazda 3 HB Isport $17,800 sales price

By anonymous on 12/18/2015, 04:06 PM EST
2016 exl, out of door price $31000, but bought $42500 mdx awd

By anonymous on 12/12/2015, 01:55 PM EST
I'm sure 28K for a 2016 Pilot AW LX model. But still not cheap.

By anonymous on 12/12/2015, 01:26 PM EST
It would be a great deal at this moment if it's true.

By anonymous on 12/12/2015, 01:15 PM EST
@11:42am, 30k for pilot ex AWD seems too good to be true. The best I got is 32k which is the invoice price.

By anonymous on 12/12/2015, 11:42 AM EST
Clarified it, it's all wheel drive Pilot 2016.

By anonymous on 12/12/2015, 11:36 AM EST
Pilot FW, plus tax and fee. 60 months payment. It's still expensive, not buy it yet. If tax included, 30K for EX model would be good.

By anonymous on 12/12/2015, 09:05 AM EST
Are the pilot prices for FWD or AWD?

By anonymous on 12/11/2015, 08:37 PM EST
Get a quote for 2016 Honda Pilot EX at 30K, LX at 28K.

By anonymous on 12/04/2015, 05:26 PM EST
Just go to and figure out what you should pay. End of story.

By anonymous on 11/06/2015, 04:03 PM EST
Has anyone bought Hyundai Santa Fe FWD Limited with ultimate package? What was the OTD?

By anonymous on 10/16/2015, 11:16 PM EDT
Why Sequoia sells for $56000 now, the same option I bought mine $31000 11 years ago.

By anonymous on 09/26/2015, 04:54 PM EDT
When did dealsea comments become craigslist???

By anonymous on 09/25/2015, 08:31 PM EDT
any good deal for vw diesel?

By anonymous on 09/11/2015, 06:23 PM EDT
Anyone who bought the new honda pilot

By anonymous on 09/04/2015, 04:45 PM EDT
Anyone bought honda crv ex 2015 around $25000 otd in NJ recently?

By anonymous on 08/29/2015, 04:53 PM EDT
anyone could share the latest purchase price info on 2015 equinox?
it's on sale, got a quote 21900 (outdoor price), just don't know if it is truely a deal

By anonymous on 08/29/2015, 01:58 AM EDT
How can i let you know if i don't even have your number

By anonymous on 08/28/2015, 09:02 PM EDT
This post makes no sense

By anonymous on 08/28/2015, 03:54 PM EDT
@Poster above, heard of Craigslist, m0r0n!!!

By anonymous on 07/25/2015, 10:29 AM EDT
i am trying to sale my 2000 es350 Lexus. best deal runs very smooth. 180k. asking less then 3000 dollar. if anyone interested in nc let me know

By anonymous on 07/20/2015, 07:00 PM EDT
For the 25K Pathfinder deal, is this a 2WD or 4WD?

By anonymous on 07/18/2015, 09:18 AM EDT
Hey can you post the dealer name and location for Nissan Pathfinder s 25k

By anonymous on 07/17/2015, 04:48 PM EDT
Anyone bought a Toyota LE recently? Appreciated for sharing.

By anonymous on 07/12/2015, 05:22 PM EDT
got 2015 nissan pathfinder (S model) in 25K (including everything)

By anonymous on 07/05/2015, 09:53 PM EDT
Got Nissan Path Finder 'S' model in 24999 Including everything(Tax/Dealer fees/tag/title).

By anonymous on 07/03/2015, 08:50 PM EDT
2015 Honda CRV EX AWD $25650 OTD.

By anonymous on 07/03/2015, 06:31 PM EDT
we are looking for lexus or any other luxury car if anyone have bought it please let me know.

By anonymous on 06/19/2015, 04:41 PM EDT
Anyone bought a Mazda CX-5 recently. I got a quote for 25k for 2016 Touring with moonroof/Bose package. OTD price becomes 28k in San Diego. Kind of expensive!

By anonymous on 06/06/2015, 11:50 AM EDT
2015 Toyota corolla LE, 15,250+249(documentation)+625(registration + tax)

By anonymous on 05/08/2015, 10:04 PM EDT
@8:07, Please email to, pls dont text to the above number i gave, its not working.

By anonymous on 05/08/2015, 09:49 PM EDT
@08:07 text me @ three3zero-nine9nine-73ofive

By anonymous on 05/08/2015, 08:07 PM EDT
I'm interested for "BMW 2010 535i 6 Speed Manual. 62k miles, asking price 23k". How to contact you?

By anonymous on 05/02/2015, 09:02 AM EDT
I have a BMW 2010 535i 6 Speed Manual. 62k miles, asking price 23k. Let me know of you are interested. Yes, i'll come back and check comments.

By anonymous on 05/02/2015, 08:59 AM EDT
@2:29 am, Kia optima LX's are 16500+TTT, total OTD price would be ~18000.00 if you live in North Carolina. If not taxes will be calculated based on your State. Check Hendrick Kia Of Concord North Carolina.

By anonymous on 05/02/2015, 02:29 AM EDT
Can anybody tell me how to locate the location of the rebate ? I am looking at 2015 KIA optima and of the many rebates listed, one of them is finance bonus cash for $5500. This is not listed on KIA'S site or on edmunds. Where is that rebate for ? Anybody knows how best to track the rebate to a particular area ?

By anonymous on 04/25/2015, 02:37 AM EDT
16800 out door price at Tustin. Toyota corrolla LE

By anonymous on 04/10/2015, 08:08 PM EDT

By anonymous on 03/27/2015, 04:28 PM EDT
anyone could share the latest purchase price info on enclave?

By anonymous on 03/13/2015, 05:38 PM EDT
I'll buy it for $30k if it is a Honda Stewardess.... Hahaha

By anonymous on 03/06/2015, 04:05 PM EST
why would anyone spend 30K for an older Honda Pilot? Do you think its a deal spending money on older technology and engineering?

By anonymous on 02/13/2015, 11:19 PM EST
Got a qoute for Ferrari Spider for 200k but wife won't approve.

By anonymous on 02/13/2015, 08:09 PM EST
2015 honda pilots are on sale due to the announcement of 2016 models coming this summer

By anonymous on 02/13/2015, 03:57 PM EST
How much can I get a 2015 Santa Fe GLS FWD with Ultimate package for (OTD - VA Title, Tag and Taxes are around $1600)?

By anonymous on 02/08/2015, 02:26 PM EST
which dealer did you bought the Honda pilot from?

By anonymous on 02/06/2015, 03:27 PM EST
excellent, bought 2015 pilot exl 30500 otd

By anonymous on 01/23/2015, 06:50 PM EST
Pohanka Acura, Chantilly, Virginia

By anonymous on 01/17/2015, 08:46 PM EST
"""01/10/2015 11:24am By Anonymous

Got 2015 acura mdx sh-awd for $42k out the door price""

can you provide the dealer details, i'm also looking for the same but not getting such a great price..

By anonymous on 01/11/2015, 12:51 PM EST
Nissan Altima 2.5S base 20000 OTD/
But someone told me that I can get it as low as 19300

It is possible even down to 19000. If you wait for a great incentive (like August). But on a normal day, 20000 is a great deal

By anonymous on 01/10/2015, 11:24 AM EST
Got 2015 acura mdx sh-awd for $42k out the door price

By anonymous on 01/09/2015, 10:02 PM EST
Nissan Altima 2.5S base 20000 OTD/
But someone told me that I can get it as low as 19300

By anonymous on 01/02/2015, 07:01 PM EST
Got Dodge Durago 2015 limited RWD $35500

By anonymous on 12/28/2014, 09:41 PM EST
Does anyone bought Subaru Legacy 2015, with road noise? Subaru dealer said they received the kit to fix it.

By anonymous on 12/28/2014, 10:29 AM EST
Anyone bought 2015 acura mdx sh-AWD with or without tech pkg recently? What is the price?

By anonymous on 12/27/2014, 02:21 AM EST
Purchased a Honda Odyssey EX on 23rd. Car price is $27500 before TTL.

By anonymous on 12/19/2014, 08:42 PM EST
Hyundai has some great incentives!

By anonymous on 12/15/2014, 12:56 PM EST
anyone know about/purchase the price of Honda Odyssey EX recently? Please share. Thanks!

By anonymous on 12/06/2014, 04:37 PM EST
Anyone know how much it will be for Dodge Durango 2015 limited?

By anonymous on 12/05/2014, 07:40 PM EST
12:21pm is SB!!!

By anonymous on 11/29/2014, 01:16 PM EST
Go to get an average price paid, and most importantly select the options carefully match the same vehicle you are purchasing. Then you go to the dealership and hand to him the print out how much the average priced paid for the vehicle. He will wondering around for a while, because he wonder where else he can make more money ( he already knows the rebate and incentive), such as maintenance fee and insurance / protection, tinted windows extras. Be sure you know the rebate and take that into consideration that's his commission as well.

By anonymous on 11/29/2014, 12:47 PM EST
Anyone have the price for out the door Honda Accord 2015 EX?

By anonymous on 11/17/2014, 06:19 PM EST
Any one know out of door quote for 2015 acura tlx 2.4L with tech ?

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:31 PM EST
One thing sales person will try to get you to test drive. In order to test drive, you have to give up your Driver License to make a copy (and they keep the copy in the end), in other words, we just give up our identity. So make sure you use some sticker to cover up your signature at lease. Be aware of those "attractive" Internet pricing, when you come to the dealership, you will find out it's really not the actual price you will pay, need to add some dealer's ad, whatever. Everyone needs to make money on selling cars, agree 100%, otherwise, who wants to be a car sell's person.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:31 PM EST
One thing sales person will try to get you to test drive. In order to test drive, you have to give up your Driver License to make a copy (and they keep the copy in the end), in other words, we just give up our identity. So make sure you use some sticker to cover up your signature at lease. Be aware of those "attractive" Internet pricing, when you come to the dealership, you will find out it's really not the actual price you will pay, need to add some dealer's ad, whatever. Everyone needs to make money on selling cars, agree 100%, otherwise, who wants to be a car sell's person.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:31 PM EST
One thing sales person will try to get you to test drive. In order to test drive, you have to give up your Driver License to make a copy (and they keep the copy in the end), in other words, we just give up our identity. So make sure you use some sticker to cover up your signature at lease. Be aware of those "attractive" Internet pricing, when you come to the dealership, you will find out it's really not the actual price you will pay, need to add some dealer's ad, whatever. Everyone needs to make money on selling cars, agree 100%, otherwise, who wants to be a car sell's person.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:27 PM EST
One last thing about lease program, your monthly payment goes into the toilet. So the higher the monthly lease, the faster you are burning your month. For example: for a $660 lease $1500 down on $44K (out of door price), it will give me a max $2500 back on tax return but I have to spend $16K(include the payment above and car expenses, gas, repair, etc) for the first year. Play with the numbers on your last year's return tax software first before you lease. Good luck.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:17 PM EST
One catch about a least program, it will not be a $1 to $1 deduct match when you file a tax return, most likely it just cares about how much it cost to lease the car. Gas, repair, etc and mileage use for business purpose are 100% deductible, but when you plug in tax software, ex: 200 car wash will get you back $5 maybe. Be careful, and study the lease program before you commit one. A good way to burn your money if you have ton loads. However if you constantly need a new car to impress clients, then a superb way to lease it. Good luck.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:10 PM EST
And again, lease program has restriction of miles usage after the 2 years term, if you exceed 20K or 24K mileage, you have to pay a quarter per mile if you return the car, and you have significant exceed that mile, you might buy it again, and you wind up have to pay TTL again. What a game.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 03:05 PM EST
The 24 month is for a lease program. You will need to add $1999 down payment, and you need to add TTL (about $2K) + tax. So you will be looking for like $300-$325 monthly. That price is also for a basic model, if you want to add more options, $ up. And at the end of least term, if you want to buy it for the residue price, again you need to pay for TTL again. If you don't want to keep that car after 2 years, lease it, otherwise finance it. Good luck.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 02:59 PM EST
If you have kids under 6, better buy the mini-van, period. SUV is not the one you need, trust me. It's so much better with sliding doors, when you need a hand, there is a automatic sliding door. And buy the EX model, no need for Leather. Good luck.

By anonymous on 11/15/2014, 02:59 PM EST
If you have kids under 6, better buy the mini-van, period. SUV is not the one you need, trust me. It's so much better with sliding doors, when you need a hand, there is a automatic sliding door. And buy the EX model, no need for Leather. Good luck.

By anonymous on 11/02/2014, 11:46 PM EST
Any suggestions on Honda CRV - LX, EX, EX-L, which one preferred for family with kids, and snow conditions?

By anonymous on 11/02/2014, 09:45 PM EST
Is anyone brought 2015 Toyota Highlander? what price?

By anonymous on 10/31/2014, 08:22 PM EDT
2014 Toyota Camry LE $0 Down , $250 / Month for 23 Months. Is it a good deal?

By anonymous on 10/24/2014, 10:10 PM EDT
Planning to buy a Honda CRV - Kindly advise and please share your experience, along with price details - Thank you in advance!

By anonymous on 10/17/2014, 05:11 PM EDT
Could any one please let me know how much to buy a 2014 Camry XLE. Thanks a lot!

By anonymous on 10/11/2014, 07:07 PM EDT
is 2015 Honda Pilot LX or EX?

By anonymous on 10/11/2014, 02:46 PM EDT
2015 Honda Pilot, 4wd, $30,000 out of door.

By anonymous on 10/11/2014, 02:46 PM EDT
2015 Honda Pilot, 4wd, $30,000 out of door.

By anonymous on 10/11/2014, 02:46 PM EDT
2015 Honda Pilot, 4wd, $30,000 out of door.

By anonymous on 10/11/2014, 02:46 PM EDT
2015 Honda Pilot, 4wd, $30,000 out of door.

By anonymous on 10/10/2014, 05:20 PM EDT
How about 2014 honda accord ex ?

By volcomvenom on 10/10/2014, 05:04 PM EDT
You got ripped off!

By anonymous on 10/04/2014, 06:29 PM EDT
Here in South FL prices are usually way high. I payed 24000 today for Honda accord EXL.

By anonymous on 10/04/2014, 12:30 AM EDT
Accord around23000

By anonymous on 10/03/2014, 12:14 AM EDT
Any recent Honda Accord 2014 buyer here. Can you please share how much you payed for it.

By anonymous on 09/26/2014, 09:49 PM EDT
Thinking of buying a Honda polit 2015 Ex model , what is consider good price ?

By anonymous on 09/26/2014, 09:22 PM EDT
2014 BMW X3, very good deal, could you let me know the dealer's location? Thanks

By anonymous on 09/20/2014, 11:36 AM EDT
Looks like a great price brand new 2014 X3. could you tell me the location where it was bought?

By anonymous on 09/19/2014, 12:30 PM EDT
a new 2014 BMW X3 with Tech and Premium package for $40,555. I believe I got a pretty good deal.>>>>>>>after tax and fees ????

By anonymous on 08/29/2014, 07:41 PM EDT
@07/18/2014 05:27pm
2014 Toyota Sienna LE, Irvine, CA, Out door price $23600 at Tustin toyota? I dont believe it is a new car, must be used one.

By anonymous on 08/22/2014, 07:01 PM EDT
Any quote/OTD price on 2014 MINI Cooper S Countryman?

By anonymous on 08/15/2014, 04:28 PM EDT
Got a 2014 Toyota RAV4 for 229$/Month for 24 months lease. Sign & Drive. good deal?

By anonymous on 08/01/2014, 11:05 PM EDT
I Bought 2014 toyota seinna Le for $29800 out of door price.

By anonymous on 08/01/2014, 05:55 PM EDT
What is best deal of GMC Acadia?

By anonymous on 07/26/2014, 11:58 AM EDT
Any idea 328i with premium, driver assistance and heat front seat package ODD price @ North CA

By anonymous on 07/19/2014, 10:31 AM EDT
Any idea how much a BMW X1 or a loaded 328i price in Austin/ Houston TX Out of the Door.

By anonymous on 07/19/2014, 01:08 AM EDT
Tustin toyota, peter

By anonymous on 07/18/2014, 11:49 PM EDT
@07/18/2014 05:27pm
Can you please share dealer's name? That is a hack of a deal!

By anonymous on 07/18/2014, 06:54 PM EDT
Why go new, when almost new saves $$$

By anonymous on 07/18/2014, 05:27 PM EDT
2014 Toyota Sienna LE, Irvine, CA, Out door price $23600.

By anonymous on 07/13/2014, 11:17 AM EDT
Jeep Grand Cherokee, anyone has quote?

By anonymous on 07/11/2014, 06:13 PM EDT
Any one got Jeep Grand Cherokee quote?

By anonymous on 07/11/2014, 04:17 PM EDT
MA 2015 Mazda6 23700 OOD

By anonymous on 07/11/2014, 03:54 PM EDT
Dublin, CA OOD $20500 Toyota camry SE.

By anonymous on 06/21/2014, 12:14 AM EDT
How about Subaru Forester? I got a quote for 24000$-premium. Not the best deal?

By anonymous on 06/20/2014, 08:40 PM EDT


By anonymous on 05/26/2014, 06:51 PM EDT
Hi There,
Where do you do bought 2014 BMW X3 with Tech and Premium package SUV.

By anonymous on 05/24/2014, 03:55 AM EDT
>> a new 2014 BMW X3 with Tech and Premium package for $40,555.
---> $40,555+TTL? What is the MSRP on that, and where?

By anonymous on 05/16/2014, 08:55 PM EDT
Bought a new 2014 BMW X3 with Tech and Premium package for $40,555. I believe I got a pretty good deal.

By anonymous on 05/11/2014, 08:04 AM EDT
>05/10/2014 02:02pm By Anonymous
>Can u please tell which dealer in md

JimColeman in Clarksville

By anonymous on 05/10/2014, 02:02 PM EDT
Can u please tell which dealer in md

By anonymous on 05/09/2014, 05:24 PM EDT
2014 Honda Accord LX 2014 OTD $20,500 MD

By anonymous on 04/26/2014, 03:39 AM EDT
Just got a 2014 Toyota Camry SE at $19999 before tax in CA. Is it a ok deal?

By anonymous on 03/16/2014, 02:29 AM EDT
@01/10/2014 06:02pm
Regular Unleaded

EPA Mileage Ratings[4] / Fuel--> Required Fuel

By anonymous on 03/08/2014, 11:58 AM EST
What about Hond Accord 2014 sports sedan?

By anonymous on 03/07/2014, 05:17 PM EST
I'll buy some one-way tickets for some of our Washington politicians

By anonymous on 02/21/2014, 05:43 PM EST
anyone getting Mazda CX-5?

By anonymous on 02/21/2014, 04:28 PM EST
To 01/10/2014 05:59pm

Can you please share the features of Honda Odyssey you bought, Anything you added to base EXL model. I also wants to buy

By anonymous on 01/24/2014, 08:52 PM EST
Want to buy something similar to toyota camery. Can somebody recommend one? Thanks a lot.

By anonymous on 01/10/2014, 06:02 PM EST
Pls suggest which gas is better for Honda odyssey?

By anonymous on 01/10/2014, 05:59 PM EST
to 01/10/2014 04:49pm.
price=32525+tax+299 doc fee+404 registration fee+7.50 NJ tire fee+830 destination.
dealer name: Autosport Honda Bridgewater,NJ

By anonymous on 01/10/2014, 04:54 PM EST
@01/04/2014 10:42am


By anonymous on 01/10/2014, 04:49 PM EST
@8:19 guy (Hondy Odyssey) is this your OTD price?

By anonymous on 01/04/2014, 10:42 AM EST
@12/28/2013 09:16am,

From which location did you buy it?

By anonymous on 12/28/2013, 09:16 AM EST
Bought 2014 Toyota Corolla LE for $18,000 (OTD Price).

By anonymous on 12/28/2013, 08:31 AM EST
Autosport Honda Bridgewater nj

By anonymous on 12/27/2013, 11:17 PM EST
went to get my 2014 328i as shown, came home in a Yaris, nice deal

By anonymous on 12/27/2013, 05:16 PM EST
I am shopping for 2014 Odyssey EXL with RES, too. 12/20/2013 8:19pm Could you please share from which dealer you purchased it from?

By anonymous on 12/20/2013, 08:19 PM EST
I just purchased Honda Odyssey 2014 EXL with RES and weather floor mats for $32525 in NJ. Did I get better price?

By anonymous on 12/20/2013, 06:08 PM EST
Great Holiday Gift add on for the parents/grandparents thank you!

By anonymous on 11/15/2013, 10:43 PM EST
Where is the deal for FIAT???

By anonymous on 11/08/2013, 11:09 PM EST
if no military or college graduate, then $17,000 is a good price.

By anonymous on 11/08/2013, 06:04 PM EST
Does anybody know the good price for 2014 Toyota Corolla?

By anonymous on 11/02/2013, 12:13 AM EDT
do you mind to tell me where did you buy your altima in maryland? thank you!

By anonymous on 11/01/2013, 08:06 PM EDT
Just got 2014 altima for $18k in Maryland, the best price in the region

By anonymous on 10/26/2013, 11:13 AM EDT
Just jump into the 2013 Sienna market and try to grab one before the manufacturer incentive deadline (11/4, $2000 or 0% APR 60months loan). The dealers suck! The OTD price of a 2013 model is equal or above a 2014 model, and will not accept the special loan (0% APR). The manufacturer $2000 rebate acutally goes to the dealers NOT the buyers. Wait for a better timing (Dec?)to buy a 2014 model.

By anonymous on 10/11/2013, 06:14 PM EDT
to 11:30PM. You may check the used car price at for the same car same mileage but only the year model is different: example, 2008 vs 2009. You may find the price difference is even higher than the intencive that dealer give you on 2013 model. So, unless it is a huge incentive for 2013 model, go for 2014 model.

By anonymous on 10/05/2013, 11:30 PM EDT
I would like to buy 2013 hyundai sontata hybrid limited with navigation and moon roof. i got the quote for 26,299 from one dealer. Is it good,to buy now or can I wait for 2014 jan. what is the difference? Anyone can pls let me know ...thanks

By anonymous on 10/04/2013, 09:10 PM EDT
It was before tax and registration price but others included.

By anonymous on 09/28/2013, 04:51 PM EDT
to 08:59PM, is $32200 outdoor price or need add tax and registration?

By anonymous on 09/22/2013, 08:59 PM EDT
I'd say thank you for this tip, because I got a really great price using this method. Honda Odyssey 2014 EX-L in $32,200, which is lower than a invoice price.

By anonymous on 09/20/2013, 10:31 AM EDT
I got final price of $22961 (before $750 rebate with 0% APR, tax-6%, tag/title-$299, processing -$200) for 2013 Camry SE 4 Cyl with Moonroof and Navigation which has MSRP 26,825. On the road price is $24,100. Is it a good price?
Please let me know your suggestions or your price for the same model car.

By anonymous on 08/30/2013, 10:11 PM EDT
anyone bought a 2014 Honda Odyssey LX recently? what price can be considered good? Thanks!

By anonymous on 08/16/2013, 04:10 PM EDT
I only commute on my personal Hyperloop. Cars are so old fashioned.

By anonymous on 08/03/2013, 06:50 AM EDT
Dealsea, could you pls delete comments from 3+ years ago - anything beyond this year is useless. Re. quotes - any experience with Infinity JX model?

By anonymous on 07/20/2013, 04:35 PM EDT
You have to contact dozens of dealers to get a good deal.

By anonymous on 07/20/2013, 01:44 AM EDT
dealers are sucks. Recently I want to buy a new car. Online quotes are useless. Dealers are greedy and bulky.

By anonymous on 07/19/2013, 09:02 PM EDT
Definitely Escape is better. CR-V is made in Mexico and the quality went down.

By anonymous on 07/19/2013, 04:31 PM EDT
I cried in pain after reading this story. Dealer folks are nothing but a bunch of pit bulls

By anonymous on 06/29/2013, 05:26 PM EDT
Can you help to reduce the car lease price? ~ sent by iPhone app Dealsea 3.1 ~

By anonymous on 06/28/2013, 04:38 PM EDT
Honda CR-V and Ford Escape, which one is better? Any suggestions? Thanks

By anonymous on 06/22/2013, 12:13 AM EDT
Prius 3 blk with moonroof - 25500. I m in sf. ~ sent by iPhone app Dealsea 3.1 ~

By anonymous on 06/15/2013, 01:54 AM EDT
I am getting Honda Accord EX for $5800 below MSRP. Is that considered a good deal?

By anonymous on 05/31/2013, 09:40 PM EDT
so the dealership that your friend bought his/her car from no longer honor for the price?

By anonymous on 05/31/2013, 09:36 PM EDT
friend bought 2013 accord lx in Feb. $19k, drive out price in Fairfax Honda, VA, the cheapest I can find right now is $21k (before tax and other fees)

By anonymous on 05/31/2013, 09:31 PM EDT
23k was out the door price. I got it for 20.600

By anonymous on 05/31/2013, 07:40 PM EDT
My friend just purchased a Honda Accord from L.A. California for $20,400.

By anonymous on 05/26/2013, 01:59 PM EDT
I just got a quote of 23k for the 2013 accord ls in California. I am still thinking to go for it.

By anonymous on 05/26/2013, 07:35 AM EDT
what is OUT THE DOOR price of honda accord LX in florida?

By anonymous on 05/25/2013, 11:36 AM EDT
to 05/03/2013, 11:52pm By anonymous:

You bought Odyssey for $29,303. Is this a driveout price?

By anonymous on 05/18/2013, 09:48 PM EDT
try to score a used new car (current model year). You get to keep all the warranty and at least $3000 off the sticker price. i.e. a 3 months old Evoque I saw last week was going for 9K less than a brand new car.

By anonymous on 05/04/2013, 11:43 PM EDT
Does anyone have experience with Subaru? I am thinking to buy one. Thanks

By anonymous on 05/03/2013, 11:52 PM EDT
I bought a 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L couple days ago. Sticker price (MSRP) is $36,055, and invoice is just below or above $33,000. I bought it for 29,383. That is $3600 below invoice and $6700 below MSRP.

By anonymous on 04/28/2013, 05:18 PM EDT
It is an easy way to buy a car with reasonable price. We biught a car next day after we got the quotes.

By anonymous on 04/27/2013, 04:46 AM EDT
My own story:
I can't read more than 40 words, or I will fall asleep.

By anonymous on 04/05/2013, 09:16 PM EDT
north korea is coming dude

By anonymous on 03/31/2013, 06:54 PM EDT
pearl harbor?

learn history. USA needed pearl harbor to get involved into WWII, which was a big money maker for the USA economy. War is a big business, always was - always will be.

By anonymous on 03/30/2013, 06:52 PM EDT
Pearl Harbor!

By anonymous on 03/30/2013, 09:07 AM EDT
Japanese junk? lol

Heads of following states chose Lexus as an official state car: Denmark, Iceland, Norway (no love for Saab ? lol i know its swedish, or used to be ..), Japan, Hong Kong, Monaco, Morocco, Chile, Singapore, Thailand.

If you cant beat them - buy them.

By anonymous on 03/09/2013, 06:47 PM EST
Must be an American car no doubt.

By anonymous on 10/27/2012, 09:49 PM EDT
$6680 off invoice. It's definitely possible. I had my car 5 years ago. The MSRP was $26,800. I called the dealer and negotiated over the phone. I finally paid $22,000 even, included tax document fee etc, plus 5 years 0% finance. I paid only $500 while I drove out off the door. 60 months to pay the rest which was $21500. Considering the 5% tax and certain amount of document fee, the car was about $20,400. In other words, $6,400 off MSRP for a $20,000~$26,000.

By anonymous on 10/13/2012, 12:48 PM EDT
anyone buy a Nissan Rogue recently with good price? Thanks!

By anonymous on 09/22/2012, 10:23 PM EDT
I posted that initial message you are referring to. What to brag about? That you are driving old cars? What did you gain buying the old junk? Not having monthly debts? Ha-ha-ha. I bought that new car and didn't have any monthly payments too. Just paid that amount. I can imagine what hotels you are staying when traveling if you are happy with buying old junk. Buy and drive old cars, stay in cheap hotels, eat at McDonald's ... have happiest days in your life.

By anonymous on 09/22/2012, 11:15 AM EDT
"I'm signing a deal tomorrow morning on car deal. Nissan Rogue SV 2011 new for 23K. It's a 5K off 28K off the sticker price. Never understood people who buy a second hand car because of a couple lousy grands and they still think that it's better then a fresh smell of a new car. How many years are you going to live? 500, 1000? Drive a car that somebody was farting in? Ha, ha, ha. Get the smell of your life today, not tomorrow, not in 10 years from today. It might never happen. Money are just a paper."

so far i have not paid more than 5K for a car in cash. Im on my second used car in 10 years. could not be happier, not having debt and monthly payments - rocks! using saved money to travel around the world - priceless.

By anonymous on 09/16/2012, 05:44 PM EDT
It makes sense not to buy Japanese cars. If everyone drives Japanese ones auto repair shop would idle because Japanese much more reliable cars then any other ones. It's very good idea to keep auto mechanics busy. ID=711

By anonymous on 09/16/2012, 11:58 AM EDT
do not buy japanese car!

By anonymous on 06/10/2012, 08:28 PM EDT
You would never get the best price. First, automakers offer promotion time by time. Second, the dealer may offer promotion on top of automakers. Third, interest rate may vary. Fourth, location, with same model, it can be sold for $2,000 difference. Fifth, negotiation skill. Personally, I would use Edmund, it would give you the basic idea about the about, the actual price should be 10% within their True Market Value, try to negotiation it with dealer at 85%.

By anonymous on 05/27/2012, 09:26 AM EDT
What was the actual price? $2600? Or you got $2600 off some imaginary number? How do you know that you got a good deal. I can sell you the same care with $100,000 off of my price any time. That should make you feel better.

By anonymous on 05/20/2012, 09:12 AM EDT
Bought 2012 camry hybrid LE in April 2012 for over $2600 off the sticker price. It is not the best but just to get the idea how much they can go. Your mileage may be different. This is actual price that I paid. No kidding.

By anonymous on 05/20/2012, 04:30 AM EDT
I sent quote request from to different dealerships and pretty much use the lowest quote to price match/beat with the dealership of my choice. So far it worked half way as I'm just getting a compact size sedan.

By anonymous on 05/05/2012, 08:31 PM EDT
Murano might be larger but the handling sucks. And the lack of power makes it a joke.

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 12:33 PM EDT
Looking for 0% apr on Rav4 (2011 or 2012) for 60 months is it possible?

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 10:30 AM EDT
Honda CRV vs Mazda CX5 vs Kia Sorento vs Nissan Murano, if you have to get one out of the four, I would pick Nissn Murano, it's one size larger than the rest.

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 03:09 AM EDT
I am confused which car to buy. Looking for a small/mid size SUV. Confused between Honda CRV, Mazda CX5, Kia Sorento, or Nissan Murano. Any help?

By anonymous on 03/24/2012, 01:23 AM EDT
I bought 2009 camry LE in March 2009. I finally got $21500 price for the "out of the door". However, I spent 5 hours. After we were out of the door. It was already 8 pm. This time I tried this strategy to buy 2012 camry hybrid LE and wanted to save some time. At this moment, it does not work yet.

By anonymous on 03/10/2012, 11:45 AM EST
Couple of weeks back I bought a car(2012, CRV LX, AWD) using the above guidence, atleast I think it worked for me. I do not know if I got the best deal or not, but I did not paid the top dollor. More over I did not spend lot of time at dealership (2 h max).
Here is what I paid, 22,500 for the car including the destination fee and I paid the tax and 125 for tags. is way off on the price target. Below cast 22,485, great price 22,909, good price 24,165 and traget price 24,056.
Hope this help

By anonymous on 02/18/2012, 11:33 PM EST
I'm signing a deal tomorrow morning on car deal. Nissan Rogue SV 2011 new for 23K. It's a 5K off 28K off the sticker price. Never understood people who buy a second hand car because of a couple lousy grands and they still think that it's better then a fresh smell of a new car. How many years are you going to live? 500, 1000? Drive a car that somebody was farting in? Ha, ha, ha. Get the smell of your life today, not tomorrow, not in 10 years from today. It might never happen. Money are just a paper.

By anonymous on 02/12/2012, 07:32 AM EST
Fake story makes nowhere to go ...........

By on 10/09/2011, 12:47 PM EDT
Click any car maker link, and then check left column for car deal tips.

By phaye02 on 10/02/2011, 10:04 AM EDT
please show me the link "purchased a car using the method on our website"

By anonymous on 09/18/2011, 10:03 AM EDT
Some nice cars and some new technologies like automatic manual transmission, .... yum ...
But no money to buy hmmmmmmmmmm

By anonymous on 07/17/2011, 04:50 PM EDT
new cars? how many can afford to buy a new car for cash without taking out a loan and seriously depleting your savings? Buy only what you can afford! If you have to look 100's miles around to save a few hundred bucks then you probably cant afford to buy a car right now and should not buy brand new car in the first place!! Get used to being poor America!

By anonymous on 06/25/2011, 12:35 PM EDT
I am a car dealer. Some of your guys comments are disgusting. Many of you earn more than 10W/year while I only make a few hundreds dollars out of every deal to feed my family. Shame on you.

By anonymous on 06/18/2011, 02:00 PM EDT
If you bought an SUV thinking you were getting a VW Rabbit for free and didn't figure out before hand that they were giving you an actual rabbit then you are very likely the dumbest person on earth.

By anonymous on 06/05/2011, 05:42 AM EDT
The price quote really works

By anonymous on 06/04/2011, 05:37 PM EDT
Dont fall for these 08 I too saw a deal buy a VW SUV and get Rabbit for free so I jumped at it and brought SUV at MSRP..they gave me a real rabbit instead of Rabbit VW..lesson is read the fine print :(..times are hard dealers can trick you with the words

By anonymous on 06/04/2011, 01:39 PM EDT
Well, you are only seeing half glass full. They will inflat misc. items such as flight charge etc and the invoice price so you can see that's the baseline. But the insiders are laughing including sales manager that they are getting rebate from manufacture, $2K - 3K each car. So they are making a decent profits with just a little different programming.

By anonymous on 05/14/2011, 06:34 PM EDT
The story could easily be true. Some of the large Ford Trucks are outrageously priced. Also some vehicles with lots of added features are overpriced and if it is a New prior year they want to get rid of the vehicles. I would imagine it was an American car as they can add a lot to the sticker than foreign cars can.

By anonymous on 05/14/2011, 02:54 PM EDT
Using you can find out the real transaction price for the dealers around you. It was really helpful.

By anonymous on 04/30/2011, 02:30 PM EDT
How about a deal on gold or silver bullion, dealsea?? Instead of that 40-50K car i'd get a nice brick of silver and some gold coins.

By anonymous on 03/26/2011, 04:52 PM EDT
How do I get "total 24,831 auto Bonus Cash & Incentives", I do not so what is the purpose of this BOLD statement?

By anonymous on 03/26/2011, 04:11 PM EDT
Hello, above,
So what your OTD price for your Venza?
Which model? option?
I think I can use your deal for my deal.

By anonymous on 03/18/2011, 08:03 PM EDT
Turds turds turds, I like to say the word turd.

By anonymous on 03/18/2011, 04:37 PM EDT
Few years ago, I tried the internet option and it worked. Basically, you quote your price and be firm. Wait till someone within the 100-200mile radius repond. The dealer will try to sell a whole lot of other stuff. You just be firm. Also, make sure that your quote includes Tax and Tags. It will be a bummer if you travel 200 miles to a dealership who add another 1k for tax and tags.

By anonymous on 03/18/2011, 02:16 PM EDT
Having a potential strategy against dealers is better than having nothing.
Proposing a potential strategy is better than complaining about others' proposal not working.
Pure complaints without any improvements contribute nothing but a negative affect on overall morale, which discouraging people from proposing good strategies in the future.
It's always easy to criticize other people for those who doing nothing themselves. If anyone thinks Dealsea is providing "trash" only, why are you still visiting this site? Please leave us alone.

By anonymous on 03/18/2011, 10:33 AM EDT
i guess its a good deal if all you want is a good running car. Ive purchased a good running car for 100 bucks....i guess my deal is better than yours

By anonymous on 10/25/2010, 12:49 PM EDT
I bought a good running car for $1,260 on Craigslist. I guess my deal is a way better than this.

By anonymous on 10/21/2010, 07:00 PM EDT
Hey, dealsea, do you buy a car every month?

ps, in general, this trick doesn't work - dealers know exactly what your plan is, and they are not going to give you the price whatsoever.

By Chips on 09/18/2010, 01:11 PM EDT
if the story is true, then he/she should write the date, model and make. I believe the dealer sold you the test drive car (not really new but some miles on it from GM, Ford or C...)

By anonymous on 09/05/2010, 11:29 AM EDT
$6680 off invoice, $11175 off MSRP! The invoice is $4496 below MSRP. Is that possible on a $25000 car? It must be a huge SUV. Usually invoice is about 10% below MSRP. When I purchase my new Silverado, it was about $3000 off MSRP. The MSRP was $25995 included all the options. It was 11.5% off MSRP. GM had $8000 rebate plus my $1500 GM CC cash. I was able to buy the truck for $13500. Cheaper than any economy seden. I would say the rebate is the major reason I purchase the truck.

By anonymous on 08/29/2010, 04:26 PM EDT
there's already a site for this... carbuyingtips (.com) I have used their strategy (very similar to this one), and I assure you, it works in many situations. It worked for me on a Chevy Malibu in 2008. Of course, your success will depend on many things such as vehicle demand, vehicle availability, number of dealerships in your area etc. A.K.A. - Y.M.M.V.

By anonymous on 08/28/2010, 01:53 PM EDT
I agree that buying a pre-owned vehicle is a better deal. However, for someone who wants to buy a car without paying over retail the author has provided a good insight into the "haggling" process. I know several people who have done this in the past and it definitely works for new cars. Especially for people who are buying a BMW or Mercedes. I think the "lame" story guys should save their commentary for some other site. Thanks guys!

By anonymous on 08/01/2010, 11:50 AM EDT
this idea always works.. just a commonsense.. i have tried and always got the lowest price, all the 3 times i bought new car in past 10 years.

By anonymous on 07/26/2010, 11:45 AM EDT
This story definitely is not a good example as it lacks information like others have posted above.
To the above angry comments to the "negative comments," your exaggeration is over the top. There is nothing wrong with "negative comments," as long as the comments have some legitimate points. Plus, the site operators do not need to shut down the site completely just to prevent these comments (at most, they can just take off the message board). So quit whining about other people's comments and examine yours first before hitting that submit button.

By anonymous on 07/26/2010, 09:48 AM EDT
Go ahead - keep being negative and posting nasty comments. This FREE site is a gift, a courtesy. If they get pissed and shut it down, where will your broke a** go to save $$? Fatwallet? Ha-ha. Good luck navigating that mess. Ungrateful SOBs.

By anonymous on 07/26/2010, 09:41 AM EDT
Lame? Are you kidding me? The story gives you tips on how to save a bundle of cash! If that's lame, you're on the wrong website.

By anonymous on 07/24/2010, 12:12 PM EDT
can you explain step by step how can i get discount ??

By anonymous on 07/18/2010, 11:04 PM EDT
this was a stupid story. do you have terms in your contract that you can't tell the car you bought and through which dealer?

By anonymous on 07/17/2010, 12:05 PM EDT
during 08, i saw buy one vw suv get rabbit for free. Man, i pay msrp for suv, and the retail price is 10k below msrp, another thing is why i need two car at same time

By anonymous on 07/17/2010, 10:15 AM EDT
it would have been helpful for the author to state the vehicle make and model. $11k off a Saab would be expected. $11k off a Civic would be unbelievable.

By anonymous on 07/17/2010, 09:31 AM EDT
Nicely written car buying strategy. Is it a good deal or not is a different story but I like the fact that you are sharing a money saving "strategy" not just retailer deals. Pls share more of these ones. May be even a separate section of your website - StrategySea. :)

By anonymous on 07/15/2010, 09:50 PM EDT
toyota Venza

By anonymous on 07/13/2010, 10:57 PM EDT
"$11,175 off Manufactuer's price" The car was free!!! LOL!

By anonymous on 07/13/2010, 08:34 PM EDT
Would like to know which car you are buying? The reason is that I don't think you can get $6,000 off if you are buying a $20,000 car ...

By anonymous on 07/12/2010, 04:07 PM EDT
I thought invoice price is what dealer paid, you can actually buy cars below their invoice price? What's the make and model of the car you get, would you mind sharing that?


By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 09:17 PM EDT
lame story lame story lame sotry male sotry leam stroy

basically ...lame story

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 08:44 PM EDT
I agree the story is not too excited, but that was exactly how I bought my car last year. Quote within 300 miles, but I didn't choose the lowest, because it is too far. I got $10000 off MSRP, but I've read some other people in CA got the same model, $11000 off. It's good deal, and less painful when you deal using email.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 08:36 PM EDT
If everyone feels good about the prices they are asked to pay, why are they still checking out this deal site? save your lecture somewhere else please.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 07:39 PM EDT
Why can't everyone feel good about themselves without belittling someone else? If you got an extra $500 off the "lowest" internet price, then congrats! Everyone should feel good when they drive home in their new car, knowing their extra work led to a lower price, than what they would have paid otherwise. No one can claim to have paid the lowest possible price (gifts or prizes not included); someone else might have got an extra $1,000 or more, depending on makes and models. How much lower you can negotiate also differs depending on the dealers (some dealers will accept smaller profit margins in exchange for higher sales; while high-volume dealers often get higher kickbacks per car, because of the extra revenue they generate, which enable them to cut prices even more aggressively.)

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 07:36 PM EDT
Just be aware that some nasty dealer won't honor their price over the phone, especially after they know you are not living nearby. Some would say, sorry, I add the rebate you are not qualified. Some would simply say my manager told me to give you the lower price to get you in. My personal experience. Some dealers have no honesty at all.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 07:32 PM EDT
The story is misleading because you can negotiate the internet price. I got mine $800 under the internet price ($2000 under invoice, plus the sweet tax return). Try end of the month. Be ready to leave the dealership.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 07:29 PM EDT
Buying a new car is a total loss as it depreciates the value fast during first few years. The car quality is unchanged during first 2-3 years. So buying a 2-3 year old car with low mileage is the smart way to go.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 07:00 PM EDT
You actually believed the car sales man when he told you the internet price is the lowest?! I got mine 500 dollar below the internet quoted price, and i am sure if you are good at negotiating and have done your research, you can go further down.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 05:56 PM EDT
I agree, the story is too lame...

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 05:54 PM EDT
Car Salesmen are the most annoying people to deal with. Blabing over and over again to talk you into upgrading features.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 05:20 PM EDT
What the shit is that "It worked!" story?

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 03:38 PM EDT
No you cannot apply it on used cars.

By anonymous on 07/11/2010, 03:27 PM EDT
This only works for new cars right? Can I use get quotes on 2nd hand cars?


By on 01/16/2010, 12:21 PM EST
Our own story:
Last month we purchased a car using the method on our website - make quotations from all nearby dealers, and negotiated with them. Its simple and easy. After we made the quotations and got all responses back (prices on our selected model and configurations) from all nearby dealers, we found one is much lower than all others. A call to this dealer turned out to be a very pleasant communication with a nice sales guy. We used this price and asked other dealers to beat, they responded with either "no" or "impossible". When we finally showed up in this dealer's office, we asked him if it is possible to go lower. He said "No. When you made quotations through the internet, we know you will only buy at the lowest price. And this is our lowest!". We signed the contract, on a price $2500 lower than any other can offer. (Update: The price we got in our story is $6,680 off the invoice price, or $11,175 off Manufactuer's price, definitely a good deal IMHO!)

Leave your own comments