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Subscribe To Saveur For $4.99/Year

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Subscribed to Saveur for $4.99/year. Expires 07/23/2014.

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O, The Oprah Magazine For$6.99/Year

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O, The Oprah Magazine, $6.99/year. Expires 07/24/2014.

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Field & Stream For $4.50/Year

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Field & Stream for $4.50/year. Expires 07/24/2014.

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10% Off

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10% off. Expires 10/01/2014.

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20% Off


20% off any Magazine Subscription at Discount Mags. Ends 09/01/2014.

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79% Off Subscription to Two-Years of Saveur Magazine

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79% Off Subscription to Two-Years of Saveur Magazine. Ends 9/15/2017.

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Code doesn't work. Says coupon is invalid or expired.

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Men's Journal Magazine For $4.5/Year

Coupon Code:78837

Men's Journal Magazine for $4.5/year.

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Food Network & Weight Watcher's Bundled Magazine $19.99

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Food Network & Weight Watcher's Bundled Magazine for $19.99.

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Bicycling Magazine For $4.99/Yr

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Bicycling Magazine for $4.99/yr.

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Magzine Bundle For $10


Weight Watchers, Natural Health & Good Housekeeping Bundle for $10. 1 year subscription only.

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O, The Oprah Magazine $6.99/Year

Coupon Code:3621

O, The Oprah Magazine for $6.99/year.

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Good Housekeeping Magazine For $4.99/Year


Good Housekeeping Magazine for $4.99/year.

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Thomas & Friends Magazine $14.99/Year


Thomas & Friends Magazine $14.99/Year .

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Magazine For $4.99/Year

Coupon Code:7199

Esquire Magazine for $4.99/year. Expires 07/22/2014. (Expired)

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Natural Health $4.99/Year

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Natural Health $4.99/year. Expires 07/22/2014. (Expired)

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Popular Photography $4.99/Year

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Popular Photography $4.99/year. Expires 07/22/2014. (Expired)

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18% Off

Coupon Code:XMASJULY

18% off entire purchase. Expires 07/21/2014. (Expired)

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5 for $20 magazine sale

DiscountMags has weekend sale: 5 select magazines for $20.

  • Wired
  • Maxim
  • GQ
  • Elle
  • Shape
  • Scholastic Parent & Child
  • Elle Decor
  • Bon Appetit
  • Golf Digest
  • The Altantic
  • many more...

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Mens Journal $4.50/Year

Coupon Code:4663

Mens Journal $4.50/year. Expires 07/18/2014. (Expired)

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Cosmopolitan $8.99/2 Years

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Cosmopolitan $8.99/2 years. Expires 07/18/2014. (Expired)

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Subscribe To Time Out New York $4.99/Year

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Subscribed to Time Out New York $4.99/year. Expires 07/20/2014. (Expired)

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Subscribe To Dwell $4.99/Year

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Subscribed to Dwell $4.99/year. Expires 07/20/2014. (Expired)

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Road & Track Magazine For $7.49/2 Years

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Road & Track Magazine for $7.49/2 years. Expires 07/18/2014. (Expired)

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Prevention Magazine For $6.99/Year

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Prevention Magazine for $6.99/year. Expires 07/19/2014. (Expired)

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Outdoor Life Magazine For $4.99/Year

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Subscribe to Outdoor Life Magazine for $4.99/year. Ends 07/17/2014. (Expired)

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Disney Princess Magazine For $13.99/Year

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Subscribe to Disney Princess Magazine for $13.99/year. Ends 07/17/2014. (Expired)

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Cosmopolitan Magazine $8.99 For 2 Years

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Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Magazine for $8.99 for 2 years. Expires 07/17/2014. (Expired)

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Men's Journal Magazine For $4.50/Year

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Men's Journal Magazine for $4.50/year. Expires 07/17/2014. (Expired)

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92% Off OK! Magazine

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92% off OK! Magazine. Expires 07/16/2014. (Expired)

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2 Year Subscription To Fine Home Building Magazine For $20

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2 year subscription to Fine Home Building magazine for $20. (Expired)

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Subscribe To Entrepreneur For $4.50/Year

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Subscribe to Entrepreneur for $4.50/year. Ends 07/15/2014. (Expired)

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Subscribe To Shape For $4.50/Year

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Subscribe to Shape for $4.50/year. Ends 07/15/2014. (Expired)

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Weight Watchers And Shape Magazine Bundle For $8.99

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Weight Watchers and Shape Magazine Bundle for $8.99. Expires 07/15/2014. (Expired)

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Motor Trend For $4.50/Year

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Subscribe to Motor Trend $4.50/year. Ends 07/14/2014. (Expired)

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