Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera with 18-105mm Lens $760

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Overstock has Nikon D90 SLR 12.3 MP Digital SLR Camera with Nikon 18-105mm VR Lens for $760 with free shipping. [amazon]

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Posted 11-24-2012, 11:49pm
by ihunter

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By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:11am
what? I paid 720 for body only two yrs ago!
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:16am
D90 is kind of old, but still nice deal.
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:29am
Cannon T3i and T4i way better than this and around the same price.... Not a deal.
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:46am
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 12:53am
Didn't know that Nikon is still making the D90. Is it something like 5-years old already?
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 02:55am
With that money, you can buy a Sony A57 + 18-135mm lens! As snapsort score, the Sony A57 and Nikon D90 are tied. The Nikon D90 has pentaprism viewfinder and larger Nikkor lens collection. That's why it get high score. If you ever tried the HD viewfinder on Sony A57, you will change your mind! Sony A57 wins at almost everything else! 99.9% of users can live with smaller lens collection like Sony's. The Snapsort score system is outdated!!!
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 03:26am
sony dslr... you must be kidding
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 04:00am
hahaha! well, in SONY's defense, if you are buying a D90, then you are not professional enough to discriminate against SONY DSLR.
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 04:45am
On professional recommended me to buy sony series, because it can mount zeiss lens...

On the same price level, sony dslr has better performance than C and N - C and N are good for lens support

However, if you have zeiss supported, why do you care
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 07:36am
D90 is as old as skydive(jojo)@mitbbs.

by Projective@mitbbs
By anonymous on 11/25/2012, 08:12am
the ones who bash sony do realize that nikon has been using sony sensors in their cameras.

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