T-mobile Samsung t139 Renew Prepaid Phone + $25 Refill Card for $30

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T-mobile is offering free $25 refill cards with select phone purchases again. Also available: Nokia 2330 AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Phone (refurbished) $7, or (new) $8.

( Expired )

Posted 03-15-2010, 03:45am
by dealsea.com


By anonymous on 03/15/2010, 04:59am
Errors occur during check out. Tmobile website sucks

By anonymous on 03/15/2010, 10:09am
Even if does not, this phone is junk

By anonymous on 03/15/2010, 11:48am
You guys make me laugh

By anonymous on 03/15/2010, 04:39pm
Have anyone successfully checkout?

By anonymous on 03/15/2010, 06:39pm
Call in to place the order and it will go through lol

By anonymous on 03/15/2010, 08:34pm
They are cheating. This ads posted a couple of weeks ago too. But I could never get other phones except W233. No matter you try it on-line, call their office or go to the store...

By anonymous on 03/16/2010, 03:23am
just ordered w233. and there is 35% bing cash,if u link it from bing.com. so the price would be $20 for a phone and a $25 refill card, sweet.

By anonymous on 03/16/2010, 11:59pm
why does it always show order error? Did it ever work?

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 09:36am
I order W233 a couple weeks ago and never actually got the prepaid card. I contacted T-mobile 7 times. Every time they told me they will make a new request but can not do more to help me. Till now I haven't got the prepaid card and I felt so upset about T-mobile

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 11:03am
Got an error at check out. I have this problem for a year. Am I blocked?
Gave up!

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 12:09pm
I got one phone. You need to chat with someone on Mobile websit.

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 01:53pm
Error during checkout online, no matter using BING or not.

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 04:11pm
I got one via bing cashback, it went smoothly.

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 05:17pm

By anonymous on 04/12/2010, 06:20pm
cannot have more than one prepaid phone with free $25 card in 120 days.

By anonymous on 04/13/2010, 03:08pm
It's actually "On our T-Mobile.com order site, a customer can order up to 2 pre-paid devices every 120 days."

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 04:15pm
For T139, the total you paid is less than $35. You will get $25 refill card plus $10.5 bing cashbach, so it is free.

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 05:07pm
Do I need to activate a new account (get a new number) to be eligible for these promotions? Thanks!

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 05:34pm
Can regular plan sim card work on these prepaid phones?

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 05:35pm
I try to buy a second one in 120 days, it says:

Order Error
We're sorry, but we are currently unable to process your order online. Please visit one of our retail stores to complete your order.

Find a T-Mobile retail store

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 06:26pm
Does this w233 package has SIM card at all? I do not have a working SIM card.

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 07:31pm
if u r already using prepaid phone, then it could be as simple as taking out the SIM card and plug it in the new phone. You will have ur old number and the address book - u should be able to save the existing address book to the SIM card before transfering to the new one.

By anonymous on 04/16/2010, 07:50pm
read from other forum,it has SIM card

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 12:02am
We're sorry, but we are currently unable to process your order online. Please visit one of our retail stores to complete your order.

Find a T-Mobile retail store ›
I never ba able to make order

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 10:56am
Just ordered one.

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 01:41pm
Just got ordered one.

Order Summary on 04/17/2010 at 12:40 PM CT
Item Price Quantity Total
Samsung t139 French Gray

$29.99 1 $29.99
T-Mobile $25 Prepaid Card $0.00 1 $0.00
Shipping and handling $0.00
Tax $1.87
Total due today* 31.86

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 03:34pm
just ordered one online successfully

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 04:05pm
I tyied many time. Always told can not process the order, please find T mobile store. I don't understand how other can really order.

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 04:46pm
Just ordered 10 and shipped. Deal!

By anonymous on 04/17/2010, 05:29pm
Order Error
We're sorry, but we are currently unable to process your order online. Please visit one of our retail stores to complete your order.

I don't know how your guys ordered on-line. But I've never succeeded no matter what methods I used, through Bing or not... Really frustrated

By anonymous on 04/18/2010, 06:04am
try different browser if having problem for online ordering. it may help

By anonymous on 04/18/2010, 09:45am
order shipped, but never saw the BCB

By anonymous on 04/18/2010, 01:49pm
You need to contact Bing and send your purchase proof to get cashback.

By anonymous on 04/18/2010, 03:29pm
How about those crying babies reading the entire comments first? You should see the answers to your "difficulties".

By anonymous on 04/18/2010, 04:13pm
I used both IE and firefox ordered for both phones, none of them worked...

By Piotr on 04/27/2010, 03:26pm
So, I ordered one (Samsung t239). If you use 35% CB, it looks like you get it for free...
Yes, order was not completely processed online, but after 5 minutes online chat with CS, it all went fine. Sat - ordered, Wed - had it at home.
14 CB, 25 refill card - total 39 USD. Paid for phone 40+tax... so actually tax only was from my pocket.

By anonymous on 04/27/2010, 07:28pm
Same to me and got Errors occur during check out. It is sucks!

By anonymous on 04/28/2010, 02:58am
It's weird, I checked out two phone, Samsung T239 and Motorola W233, however, the price for Motorola W233 become 0 when I checked out. anybody knows why?

Item Price Quantity Total
Samsung T239 Prepaid Charcoal $39.99 1 $39.99
Motorola Renew Prepaid $0.00 1 $0.00
Shipping and handling $0.00
Tax $2.85
Total due today* 42.84

By anonymous on 06/02/2010, 10:10am
Make sure your free refill card appears on your order confirm page. I tried just now and the refill card showed in my cart but not on the confirm page. Called the customer service and they told me that if it did not show, you would probably not get it.

By anonymous on 06/10/2010, 03:41pm
Alas, I didn't get the free $25 refill as said right above...

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 06:06pm
in for one for my parents.

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 06:37pm
what's refill meaning? do not need to purchase a prepaid card?

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 06:46pm
Does "prepaid phone" come with a prepaid SIM card?

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 07:33pm

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 08:34pm
ni niu

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 08:53pm
how do you use prepaid phone anyway? what's w233?

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 09:55pm
Just in time for me to switch from a regular plan to prepaid to save for my mortgage.

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 10:25pm
Is that a mortgage for dog house for $10/mo???
True, you can same money with prepaid but you dont get free upgrades discount.

By anonymous on 09/14/2010, 11:15pm
I didn't get the free $25 refill. Does anyone know how to get the 25 refill? Thanks

By anonymous on 09/15/2010, 01:19am
ATT has a better prepaid package, Nokia 2680 with $30 airtime credit for only $29.99. It seems to beat what T-mobile offers.

By anonymous on 09/15/2010, 09:45am
I got an email confirmation for my order. It didn't say anything about the free refill card. But when I called T-Mobile, they said it would come with the prepaid phone together.

By anonymous on 09/15/2010, 09:53am
How are you people getting Bing cashback ? Wasn't that discontinued ? Please help through the bing cashback if possible.

By anonymous on 09/15/2010, 10:03am
I don't understand either. I think the Bing cashback program has already been discontinued.

By anonymous on 09/15/2010, 01:08pm
You guys should notice the comments listing time which is around April. BC is still available at that time.

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