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Posted 03-12-2013, 05:25pm
by cpn21


By anonymous on 01/27/2014, 10:45pm
a great store, always have deals and coupons for loyal shoppers!
By anonymous on 04/03/2014, 07:03pm
At your buy one get 1 free offer on 4/1/14, you charged the full price for pomegranate, $16.49, even though I a "card-carrying member and due the discount . I should have been charged $12.99 with the next bottle free. This is not "buy one, get one free"!
By anonymous on 04/17/2014, 06:49pm
I tried to take the survey, for the 20% off could not take the survey. It said I had 7 days, my code was Q1752T. You should not asked if you don't want it.
Richard C.Bishop
By anonymous on 05/15/2014, 09:08pm
the 20%off survey does not work.
By anonymous on 06/24/2014, 11:46am
very pleased with the store and for the associate person Andrew who has knowledge on the products sold at the store.Very nice kid.
By anonymous on 10/18/2014, 08:48pm
I never saw the survey.
By anonymous on 10/29/2014, 08:13pm
Unable to find survey,so tired of gimmicks, such a turn-off.
By anonymous on 03/03/2015, 01:28pm
I shopped at the Bellport, NY store on 2/24. I tried to take the survey, but it would not accommodate that date. The Associate, Barbara, was very pleasant and helpful. Survey code 02749V.
By anonymous on 03/17/2015, 07:43pm
I like many others, to no avail, tried for 30 minutes to locate and take the 20% off survey. Due to my waste of time I feel I should be offered the discount during my next visit to the store.
By anonymous on 03/17/2015, 07:51pm
By anonymous on 03/17/2015, 07:59pm
By anonymous on 03/24/2015, 06:51am
survey has expired, but on receipt it said I had 7 days to get my extra 20% off.
By anonymous on 03/29/2015, 11:59am
3/28/2015 20% coupon gimmick expired......... more retail b.s.
By anonymous on 04/25/2015, 07:07pm
Where is the survey. Too much stuff to look through!
By anonymous on 04/26/2015, 08:17pm
The survey is a gimmick. could not take survey, could not find it False ads.

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